15 Indian Wedding Guest Dresses for that Perfect Look

Attending Indian weddings as a Guest is always fun to attend! You get to dress up in your Indian attires, you get to meet many old friends or relatives and you also get to eat a lot of good food. But what dress to wear at an Indian wedding as a guest ?

There are a lot of fabrics and dresses to choose from as Indian outfits not are glittery and gorgeous but its also has tons of options to choose from.

If it’s a summer wedding then wearing something heavy and synthetic will make matters extremely uncomfortable for you. And at the same time if its winter time then wearing something too light is not recommended. If you are not wearing the right cloths then you won’t be able to enjoy the company of people or the food nor will you look good. Let’s walk through Indian wedding guest dresses that you can opt for!

Since the wedding season of summer is on, we thought we should give you a few suggestions as to what kind of outfits you should choose as a guest for the summer wedding. But first of all, let us get the fundamentals in place. Even before you plan the colour and type of your outfit you should know which fabrics you can count on for summer and which fabrics you should avoid.

We know that wedding fashion does not come in cotton. But you need to choose fabrics that are breathable.

There are so many Indian wedding Guest Dresses to choose from and we have listed them for women, men and couples. Also we have listed the preferable fabrics and the fabrics to avoid as a Guest in Indian Wedding.


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Perfect Outfits to wear as a Guest in Indian Wedding

You can always contact elite designer’s of to get you the most Stunning and Georgeous looking custom made Indian ethnic Wear! Below are the choices that you should opt when it comes to attending Indian Weddings:

  1. Saree – Graceful & Evergreen

Yes, you read it right! Sarees are perfect as outfits for summer weddings as they allow a lot of ventilation and are light-weight provided you stay away from heavily embellished ones. Choose a silk saree for that royal look.

Saree - Guest indian Wedding Dressescredit: apollofotografie | Get Bridesmaid Outfits

You may also go for a chiffon saree that has elegant embellishment just at the borders and the pallu for that classic look. Pair it with diamond jewellery for a statement of class.

You may also go for a handloom silk saree and pair them up with chunky silver jewellery to create a bohemian look which is an ‘in’-thing nowadays.

Indian Wedding Guest Dresses - Saree

You have many options in sarees as you can go for Banarasi silk Saree or opt for Kanjivaram saree but you as a guest in Indian wedding you need to make sure that you are not wearing too heavy jewelry as that would over power the saree elegance.


Indian Wedding Guest Dresses - Designer Saree

Also, if you are high on budget and wants to make a statement as a guest in Indian wedding then go for the designer sarees. They are on a higher price range but worth the cost of you are planning to impress. Checkout more about Manish Malhotra Saree and Sabyasachi wedding saare.

For western attending an Indian wedding you could never go wrong with a Saare, as it’s not only Indian tradition wear but also looks graceful and elegant for any wedding function.


  1. Lehenga – Skirt & blouse paired with Dupatta 

If you love fusion fashion, then dressing up for a wedding invitation is exactly your cup of tea. Flared maxi skirts that have some traditional elements like zari weaves or embroidery are lightweight, allow air to pass and at the same time are perfect for occasions. Pair the skirt with a blouse or crop top that again has some desi element.

You can also give a bohemian twist to this look by choosing a pair of lehenga skirt and blouse that have mirror work or tribal motifs. Skip the necklace and wear suitable but large earrings with this look.

Yellow Lehenga for Guest


Get yourself tailored a light lehenga and pair it will a plain blouse. Instead of a dupatta put on a sheer cape with embellishments only at the borders.

Such a sheer cape has no extra weight yet it will make you look extremely elegant and different. This outfit will also save you from the hassle of carrying a dupatta around.

You can opt for Banarasi lehenga since it’s traditional yet trendy at the same time!

Draped Lehenga: Another way of looking gorgeous in a lehenga on the occasion of a summer wedding is wearing a draped lehenga. A draped lehenga is one which is not in the conventional flowing skirt shape.

drapped lehenga

You can always go for a high end designer lehenga like Sabyasachi lehenga or Manish Malhotra lehengas or even shyamal Bhumika lehenga but it would cost you a lot of money or instead you can get it custom made by as that would be a must reasonable option with amazing quality and complete customization.

A draped lehenga is either pleated or fold in such a way that it becomes compact yet gives the look of fancy attire.

It goes without saying that draped lehengas are easy to carry and they generally come in lightweight fabrics as it is difficult to drape and sew together heavy or embellished fabrics. You can easily invest in a draped lehenga this summer wedding season to create a statement look.


  1. Salwar kameez or Punjabi suit or Patiala Suit

The salwar kurta is perhaps the most comfortable desi attire. But to avoid looking too plain in a salwar suit at a wedding, give it a special twist with some heavy embroidery with dupatta. If the suit is heavy, do with a lighter dupatta and vice verse.

Patiala Suit - GetEthnic Clients

Instead, opt for a dhoti-style bottom or a Patiala or a sharara. These bottoms will instantly make the look fancier. Choose a fabric like raw silk or tussar for your attire to feel comfortable while looking completely out-of-the-box.

Chudidar suit -

You may or may not use a dupatta with this look as the main focus of this look is the bottom-wear.

Custom made Punjabi Suit


  1. Lightweight Gowns

You can close your eyes and purchase an ethnic gown to dress up for a summer wedding invitation. Like we said earlier, fusion clothing is what will save us this summer wedding season. Such gowns are easily available online and at stores.

Indian Wedding Gown

However, choose the fabric wisely. Silk and chiffon are great for such gowns but avoid something that is embellished all over or has brocade or velvet on it. Gowns are one-piece outfits that are easy to move about in. Go for an elegant hairdo, some classy stone or pearl jewellery and an embellished clutch. You are sure to turn heads at the wedding function!!


  1. Floor length Anarkali dress

If you want to wear a gown yet have more ethnic elements in the look, the floor-length Anarkali dress is best for you.

Floor Length Anarkali

An Anarkali floor length dress will save you the trouble of carrying around a flared gown as Anarkali dresses have a wide A-line cut but are not overly flared. The Anarkali dress will also have embellishments only on the yoke and the border.

Thus it will not be very heavy. Pair such a dress with jarao jewellery to flaunt that royal demeanour.


  1. Lehenga Saree

Lehenga Saree is a combination of lehenga and saree! Its totally unique but likeliness of lehenga Saree has been on a raise.

It’s a beautiful blend of pallu of a saree with flares of a lehenga.  You are pair it with a full sleeve or half sleeves blouse but sleeve less blouse usually look a bit odd with lehenga Saree. Is is one of the unique Indian Wedding Guest Dress that you can chose to wear in the wedding or reception function.


  1. Churidar and kurta with dupatta

Now, this is a hack in the true sense of the term. Wear a lightweight kurta and churidar. You can even go for cotton and silk mixed fabrics for this look as the main highlight of the look will be the dupatta.

With a simple solid colour pair of kurta-churidar, wear a dupatta which is heavily embellished or embroidered. The dupatta will steal the show and distract people away from your simple pair of kurta-churidar.

Churidar and kurta with dupatta

No, the dupatta does not have to be too heavy. You can choose a dupatta in a sheer fabric like net, georgette, chanderi etc. It just needs to have embellishments or zari work or embroidery on it.


  1. Skirt & Kurta

The ethnic maxi skirt is a blessing to have in the summer wedding season. Unlike other forms of bottom wear like salwar or churidar, skirts will make you feel lighter and airier.

Skirt, Kurta and Dupatta

For this look, you will need an ethnic flared maxi skirt with a nice embellished lower border. The rest of the skirt may be plain as it will save weight and remain hidden under a straight cut kurta with high slits. You can go about attending a wedding function just like this or wear a matching dupatta with it, the choice is yours.


  1. Ethnic crop top over Lehenga

If you want to accentuate the ethnic skirt and blouse look that we just mentioned, wear an ethnic crop over a lehenga skirt. A lehenga skirt will be a bit heavier than an ethnic flared maxi skirt but if you choose something in a light and breathable fabric, it should not be much of a problem.

Ethnic crop top over Lehenga


Just make sure the lehenga bottom is not an over-flared or a flowing one as it will restrict movement. In case you want to sport this look, keep in mind that the crop top needs to be a bit understated because the lehenga skirt is the star of the show.

Dhoti pants with short top and jacket: If you are the kind who does not like extremely ethnic clothing or feminine clothing yet have to attend a wedding in Indian attire, we have the best solution for you.


Indian Wedding Guest Dresses for Men

  1. Kurta pajama

When it comes to attending the traditional Indian wedding as a Guest then kurta pajama is your best bet. You can always go with a kurta with little embroidery on chest and on the arms.

Kurta comes in many shapes and sizes, either you can opt for bright colors if the wedding function is in the day time or can go with darker shades with you are attending an evening event.

Kurta Pajama

Also you can choose which type of pajama (bottom) you want to go as there are many variants to it like chudidaar or a straight fit or regular fit. Also keep in mind the footwear that you wear along with it as kurta pajama looks the best with a Punjabi Jutti or you can wear your ever green leather black sandals.

To give your kurta pajama more flare, go with a stole and tie it around the neck. Just make sure the stole is in contract with your kurta color.


  1. Lightly embroidered Sherwani

As a guest in an Indian wedding you would see a lot of men wearing Sherwani in the wedding. Sherwani is a very traditional and heavy outfit which is supposed to be worn by the close members of the family in the main wedding function but as a guest you can always go with a light embroidered sherwani.

Lightly embroidered Guest Sherwani

With Sherwani you can experiment with a lot of different designing and colors but keep it simple with good pair of leather shoes (no sandals).


  1. Nehru jacket paired with trousers

Nehru jacket is back in the fashion when it comes to attending Indian wedding. The beauty of Nehru jacket is you can get that Indian ethnic look just by wearing this half sleeves jacket. Also it would go well even with a jeans but if it match it with a kurta pajama then you are bound to get some compliments.

Nehru jacket paired with trousers

Nehru jacket comes in various fabrics but go with a silk or raw silk one as that would give an little shinny look which is perfect for attending an Indian Wedding.


  1. Achkan – Royal Indian Wedding Attire

Galaband simply means closed neck. If you are really looking to impress someone then go with galaband traditional suit. It is a combination of western and traditional look with so many options to choose from. You would never go wrong with this type of attire in an Indian wedding and if you are tall then this is for you.

Achkan - Royal Indian Wedding Attire

Match it with plain leather shoes or you can opt for band embroidered shoes which is Custom Made as per attire.


Indian Wedding Guest Dresses for Couple – Match it up

  1. Indian Couple Guest dresses with color match up

If you are a couple coming to an Indian wedding then going for matching colors with your partner is too cool and too hot at the same time!

GetEthnic - Indian wedding Guest DressesGetEthnic Clients 

For Indian wedding guest dresses as a couple you have so many options as lehenga for girls goes very well with kurta pajama for boys, saree could be paired with a sherwani and a lot more.

Mostly you would need to get this custom made as a designer would help both the couple to achieve the right look and that’s why we are here for, contact us to get started!

  1. Indian Couple Guest dresses with Fabric and Pattern match up

GetEthnic - Indian wedding Guest DressesGetEthnic Clients 

Trust us! A couple is bound to get a lot of attention when they get the dresses made of the same fabric or patterns.


Preferable Fabrics for Wedding Guests

Preferable Fabrics for Wedding Guests


  • Hand-woven chanderi cotton: Though this is cotton, it is a fabric that is meant to be worn in occasions. Chanderi cotton comes in the sheer form and has elegant golden motifs on it. You can get a salwar kameez or Anarkali kurta stitched with this fabric and you can also buy a beautiful chanderi cotton saree. Just tell your tailor to use a good quality, thin and breathable lining while tailoring your attire in chanderi cotton.


  • Viscose Rayon: Viscose Rayon is made up of semi-synthetic fibres that are extremely light-weight and do not trap heat at all. It has a somewhat glossy texture and is, therefore, a great choice for a person who is a wedding guest. Rayon clothing meant to worn on occasions is easily available everywhere and even online. But those who tend to perspire a lot can skip this fabric.
  • Natural, unblended, hand-woven silk: Silk is considered to be a winter fabric but there are some varieties of hand-woven or handloom silk that are extremely lightweight and airy. For example, natural silks like Eri, tussar, muga, Kanchipuram silk, chanderi silk etc are appropriate for a wedding function and at the same time extremely light and breathable.
  • Chiffon: Good quality chiffon is one of the most breathable fabrics one can go for. Chiffon is used in lehengas, salwar-suits etc. Chiffon sarees make up one of the most timeless and classic looks one can sport at a wedding.
  • Some types of cotton, linen and chambray: Though cotton, linen and chambray are fabrics for daily wear, designers are now experimenting by combining cotton threads with silk to come up with fusion fabrics that may be textured or a bit fancy looking. If you can get access to attires made up of such fabrics, don’t miss the chance and grab them. They may be embellished or just gorgeous on their own.


Fabrics to Avoid wear at an Indian Wedding

FABRICS to avoid in Indian wedding


  • Polyester: No matter who tries to convince you that 100% polyester is a breathable fabric, don’t get fooled and trapped into buying polyester dresses for a summer wedding. Polyester is made up of synthetic fibres which will not even soak a speck of sweat from your skin.
  • Nylon: Nylon is another completely synthetic fibre that traps heat and does not absorb sweat.
  • 100% Rayon: Though viscose rayon may be good for dry summer evenings, 100% rayon is another synthetic fabric which, though lightweight, gives its wearer the toughest time on a hot and humid day.
  • Heavy silks and brocades: Skip your Banarasi saree if you are dressing up to attend a summer wedding. Silks that have heavy zari work on them or even premium quality silk brocades are not at all ideal for a wedding function in summer. They are heavy and make the wearer feel extremely uncomfortable.
  • Velvet: Now that you know which fabrics you would pick up for your wedding guest outfit of summer 2019, we will give you some ideas and inspirations to efficiently plan the outfit.

Choose ethnic colors and a suitable fabric like raw silk and ask your tailor to stitch you a dhoti pant paired with a short top. To make the look, even more, desi tell your designer or tailor to add ethnic embellishments at the borders or at other suitable places. Don’t like carrying the dupatta? Wear an ethnic jacket over your top which may end at your waist or go all the way down to your knees. This fusion outfit is not only elegant but fun and has a tad bit of quirkiness to it.

Final Word – Indian Wedding Guest Dresses

Attending an Indian wedding is so too much fun but you need dress it right for the occasion. You need to make sure that what you wear must be comfortable as in a big fat Indian wedding you would be dancing and will be open the move, so choose something which is very comfortable.

In Hindu wedding or Punjabi wedding, you would see a lot of dances, music, drinks and flare. So go for bright and vibrant colors which represents your personality. Weddings in most of the Bollywood movies show the cultures and traditions in a beautiful way but you would see a lot more when you attend an Indian wedding in person.

Muslim wedding and most of the South Indian weddings are more traditional and it’s a great event to know the cultures and traditions up and close.


If you need help with accessing any of the mentioned wedding guest outfit ideas, you can bank on us! Click to get started. We specialize in ethnic wedding couture – be it the outfit for the bride or groom, for the bridesmaid or the guests.

If you want to get a customized outfit made, you can get in touch with us. Our designers and stylists will reach out to you with a host of options from which you can customize your outfit. So get going and be ready to rock that wedding party with an outfit as gorgeous as it can get.

So, what do you think which outfit would you like to wear in upcoming Indian Wedding?




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