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40 Velvet Lehengas – Perfect for a Winter Bride

If you are having a winter wedding and love the grand and glamorous look give the silks a miss and give the velvet lehenga a try! Rich, luscious and extravagant – velvet is all this and much more.

When a velvet lehenga is highlighted with hand work then the overlook of this gorgeous Indian wedding attire is a sure shot head turner. Velvet is mostly used in winter season, as it’s warm and gives you a rich winter look.

What is Velvet fabric as used in a Lehenga?

Velvet is basically a dense pile of yarns of silk or cotton that has been clipped to form a smooth, soft and downy texture. Nowadays synthetic fibers are also being used to make velvet. Velvet is generally resistant to water or moisture. They can’t be crushed. The clipping pattern may be changed to create textured or embossed designs and patterns on the fabric.

Against this luxurious fabric all kinds of embellishments especially zari work, zardozi and sequin embroidery, mirror or crystal work etc look really good! Moreover, velvet is a strong fabric and can hold the weight of heavy embellishments well!

We present to you 40 velvet lehengas that is perfect for the elegant Indian bride.

1. Blossoming Big Velvet lehenga

Get Custom Made Lehenga

This velvet bridal lehenga is quite different from the others! The rich and luscious wine tone velvet fabric of the lehenga skirt is adorned with huge blossoms in gold zari and pink threads. The skirt also has a wavy hemline adorned in gold gota patti work. The blouse showcases gold sequin work.

2. Velvets for that Winter Wedding

A perfect color for the winter wedding – this dark marsala or reddish maroon color velvet lehenga would look gorgeous on any Indian bride!

3. Juxtaposition of Designs

uxtaposition of Designs in a velvet lehengashaadimagic

This red velvet lehenga is unique as numerous different colors, textures and embellishment styles have been juxtaposed together! Multi-color temples adorn the border of the skirt followed upwards by rows of floral designs! Checkout more of Red Lehengas.

4. Yellow and Red in Velvet lehenga


The beautiful dark red and gold velvet bridal lehenga is made extraordinary with the addition of a yellow dupatta with floral prints.

5. Floral Velvet Lehenga

Pink and gold bunches of flowers are embroidered on the dark red velvet of this bridal lehenga. The flared skirt border also showcases traditional embroidery.

6. Turkish Style Velvet Lehenga


Not only is this a gorgeous wedding red velvet lehenga, it boasts Turkish designs on the flared lehenga skirt. Dome shaped motifs adorn the skirt. The choli is also unconventional!

7. The Elephant Motifs


This dark maroon velvet bridal lehenga is otherwise not very high on the embellishment scale except for the train of royal elephants near the skirt hemline. This lehenga gives out a regal, vintage vibe. Checkout more of Maroon lehenga.

8. The Rainbow Lehenga


The lehenga takes the patchwork style to an all new level. Several velvet patches have been used in this bridal lehenga along with patches showcasing floral motifs and chevron patterns.

9. Dark Red Splendor Velvet Lehenga

Dark Red Splendor Velvet Lehenga

This lehenga is in a dark red shade, resembling maroon. The design is traditional yet the gold zari work on the lehenga skirt makes it look unique and special!

10. Royal Maroon Lehenga


This regal velvet maroon lehenga showcases sequin and thread embroidery. The details feature floral, leaf and other vintage motifs. The embroidery resembles jaal work at certain places too. A net dupatta with an ornate border is added.

11. Velvet Blues


This bright teal blue velvet lehenga boasts intricate floral zardozi embroidery in gold. An ornate gold border makes the outfit even more glamorous!

12. Navy Blue Velvet Lehenga

This flared navy velvet skirt is embroidered with big rosette motifs in a matte gold shade. The dupatta comes in a sheer neutral tone. Checkout more of Blue Lehengas.

13. Pink Splendour Velvet Lehenga

Pink Splendour Velvet Lehenga

This unique pink shade can be compared to that of the inner peels of an onion! On the luxurious velvet fabric the color looks regal! The gold embroidered details, the double dupatta style, all look amazing together! Checkout more of Pink Lehenga.

14. The Velvet Dupatta

This dark maroon lehenga with regal gold embroidery is made all the more special with the addition of a velvet dupatta!

15. Darkest Hues

Darkest Hues

It goes without saying that reds or maroons or wine shades on velvet is pretty common! Instead go for something like the darkest hue of navy which resembles black! Even the groom has co-ordinated his turban and stole with the color of the Punjabi bride’s lehenga. Also nothing can match up to the elegance of a black velvet lehenga, provided you sport it on a non-wedding function, like a cocktail party. Checkout matching lehenga and Sherwani designs which you can opt for in your wedding.

16. Mughal Motifs

This dark maroon velvet lehenga is densely embroidered in gold zari. The motifs of parrots, flowers, birds etc are strongly reminiscent of Mughal art.

17. A Scene from the Woods

 A Scene from the Woods - velvet lehenga

Taking inspiration from the woods and forests of India this bridal maroon velvet lehenga depicts flowers, birds and vines all over the skirt.

18. An Embellished Dupatta

Showcasing the double dupatta style, this lehenga is gorgeous in a larger-than-life way! While the dupatta draped around the head of the bride is in a sheer georgette fabric with gold bootis and an ornate border, the one draped on the body is in a rich velvet fabric, like the rest of the lehenga, and is exquisitely embroidered in gold. Checkout more of Sabyasachi Lehengas.

19. Maroon Floral Velvet Lehenga

Maroon Floral Velvet bridal lehengashaadisagafashion

This maroon lehenga is out-of-this-world gorgeous! The rich shiny velvet material is topped with exotic floral embellishments using sequins, zari and beads. The floral choli has three-quarter sleeves and the double dupatta style is also showcased in this outfit.

20. More Maroon Velvet Lehengas

This lehenga is in a dark shiny maroon color. Apart from the dupatta, the rest of the lehenga is densely embroidered in silver zari.

21. The Motifs on Her Skirt


The attractiveness of this dark red velvet bridal lehenga lies in the details and motifs on the lehenga skirt. From trees, to animals to humans – the skirt has it all! The designs give it a very unique and regal look.

22. Lehenga Perfect for the Reception

This lehenga is beautifully sophisticated and apt for the reception night or any cocktail party. The dark red lehenga skirt showcases antique gold zari and sequin designs. The charcoal grey choli is full sleeve and showcases similar embroidery.

23. The Teal Treasure – Velvet Lehenga

The Teal Treasure - Velvet Lehenga

This is one rare example of a velvet lehenga in a light shade. This light teal blue velvet fabric is embroidered in gold zari and sequin. The choli boasts floral motifs and the dupatta is in a sheer neutral shade.

24. The Baraat on Her Lehenga

Velvet lehengas are all about elaborate zari embroidery like this lehenga showing baraat. As the velvet is a strong fabric it can hold and maintain the work of intricate craftsmanship.

For instance, this dark wine tone velvet lehenga is densely embroidered in zari. Apart from different types of motifs, the skirt also showcases scenes from a wedding procession.

25. The Solid Velvet Lehenga Skirt


The pleated velvet skirt is devoid of embellishments which is exactly why the richness and splendour of the dark wine shade fabric gets more prominence. The sleeveless choli boasts floral embroidery in pink and gold. The dupatta is in a contrast light pink hue.

26. Velvet and Rust

Velvet and Rust

Another rare color-fabric combination is showcased in this lehenga. A brownish rust color velvet fabric is embroidered in beige threads. The motifs used are light floral.

27. Puffy Sleeves


A dark maroon velvet bridal lehenga is adorned in golden zardozi work. The embellishment structure on the skirt is vertical and boasts traditional motifs. The choli has full, puffed sleeves.

28. Blue Grey Velvet Lehenga

Amidst an array of reds and maroons, this unique blue grey lehenga is like a breath of fresh air. The embellishment is minimalistic with gold bootis placed closely on the choli and sparsely on the skirt. The lehenga skirt and georgette dupatta have gold ornate borders.

29. Details in the Border

With bridal lehengas, all you need to do is showcase the richness of the fabric. This lehenga does just that. The color is the darkest hue of maroon and the tiny, sparsely placed bootis and the intricately embroidered border in matte gold does justice to the fabric.

30. Unique Greens Velvet Lehenga

Unique Greens Velvet Lehenga

This unique color may be described as dark moss green. The velvet lehenga looks beautiful and unconventional! The combination of this unique green shade with the silver zari, stone and sequin embroidery makes all the difference.

31. Teal the Gold


Some combinations just create magic on velvet. Like this teal blue and gold lehenga. A train of elephant motifs run all along the lehenga skirt border.

32. Keeping it Simple


Velvet is already a heavy fabric. So if you want to keep the embellishment at bay, it should prove to be a good idea! Look at this beautiful lehenga with a kurti-style choli. The splendor of the velvet is fully at display as the gold zari embroidery is concentrated only at the borders. The deep dark red and the dark bottle green color also go really well with each other.

33. Choose Wine over Maroon

Choose Wine over Maroon in velvet

The richness and luxuriousness of velvet goes really well with dark shades like this one. The ornate gold borders of the lehenga skirt, the dupatta and the zari embroidery on the choli look beautiful.

34. Zari Details Velvet Lehenga


This pinkish red velvet lehenga is adorned with heavy gold zari detailing. Plus, it comes with a kurta instead of a traditional choli.

35. As Grand As It Can Get

As Grand As It Can Get in a velvet bridal lehenga

This larger-than-life dark midnight blue lehenga showcases heavy embroidery depicting flowers, birds and other traditional motifs. It is very heavy and also flaunts the double dupatta style.

36. Elegance in Wine Lehenga

Elegance in Wine Velvet Lehengariccoindia

This wine color velvet lehenga is handcrafted with Swarovski chains, blue and silver feathers, Swarovski crystals etc. It depicts swans and flowers. The blouse also showcases blue sequin work.

37. Multi Colors on Maroon

Multi Colors on Maroon

This maroon lehenga has a unique bodice with full sleeves. The choli flaunts scale-like patterns in multi colors. The same colors and pattern are used on temples near the skirt hemline. If you love traditional bridal colors, you will be torn between choosing a red velvet lehenga or a maroon velvet lehenga. We suggest that you go for both. This lehenga has shades of colors from both fabrics. The beautiful lehenga skirt has a two tiered cut.

38. With a Crop Top

With a Crop Top

If you are dressing up for a pre-wedding function, you might want to go for something simple in velvet. Choose a plain flared lehenga skirt and pair it with a sequined crop top. You can easily skip a dupatta with this look.

39. Tradition in Velvet

Tradition in Velvet<

A traditional Rajasthani ghagra-choli has been created using velvet. While the dupatta is in sheer georgette, the kurti-choli and skirt are in a royal blue velvet fabric.

40. Floral Paradise in Velvet

Floral Paradise in Velvet

A dark navy lehenga has been adorned with floral details in multiple hues. The dupatta is in a light pink shade forming a contrast. The boat neck choli also looks well paired with the rest of the outfit.


Some Points to Consider Before You Choose a Velvet Lehenga

Velvet is a heavy fabric and therefore suitable for cold weather. While in cold season, a velvet lehenga would make the bride comfortable, in tropical or hot weather it does just the opposite!

Velvet has a very rich and classy look. Dark hues like red, maroon, wine, navy etc complement the texture and the mood of the fabric.

As velvet is pretty heavy on its own, be careful while choosing the kind of embellishment you want with it. If you are generally uncomfortable in heavy clothes and still want a velvet lehenga, make sure that you don’t go for heavy embellishments!

Velvet is a mark of class and looks very elegant if styled in the right way. GetEthnic boasts a huge collection of bridal velvet lehengas that are gorgeous, regal and match up to the grandeur of the big fat Indian weddings. If you want something specially designed for you, reach out! Our team of stylists and craftsmen lead by our ace designer will create a velvet lehenga specially customized for you!


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