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55 Yellow Bridal Lehengas for Every Indian Bride

A yellow bridal lehenga might be a great choice for Indian brides if styled in the correct way. Yellow as a color choice should work wonderfully. This is because, yellow comes in a myriad shades and as it is a warm color it suits, rather complements, every Indian skin tone. If you want to flaunt an unconventional color at your wedding, a yellow bridal lehenga is a great choice. Moreover, it is a great option for a morning wedding.

55 Stunning Yellow Bridal Lehengas for grand Indian Wedding

1. Tuscan Yellow Silk Yellow Lehenga

Tuscan Yellow Silk Yellow Bridal Lehengawedmeinspire | Custom Made Wedding Dresses

Mahira Khan dazzles in this tuscan yellow bridal lehenga! This yellow is perfect for both night and day time wedding functions. The flared silk is detailed with silver sequin and zari floral embroidery. The choli has three-quarter sleeves and showcases dense sequin embroidery.

2. Grey and Yellow Bridal Lehenga

Grey and Yellow Bridal Lehengashaadisaga | Get Wedding lehenga

A very sophisticated and unconventional choice – this yellow bridal lehenga uses silver zari and sequin in the most matte shade, making it look almost like a combination of grey and yellow.

3. A Tinge of Orange

Punjabi Bridal outfits for morning weddings are often inspired by the color of marigolds. This yellow bridal lehenga is in a shade which is a cross between orange and yellow. The floral zari work is enhanced by the use of flowers in red and blue threads bringing out a beautiful contrast.

4. Adding a Dash of Red Yellow Bridal Lehenga Saree

Adding a Dash of Red Yellow Bridal Lehenga Saree

This yellow bridal lehenga is unique because it is one of those very few ones that combine a deeper yellow fabric with gold zari embellishments. The designer has cleverly paired the golden embroidery with red thread work, creating a unique style.

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5. Floral Enigma yellow bridal lehenga

Floral Enigma yellow bridal lehenga

This bridal yellow lehenga is meant for the bride who likes bling! The ornate floral details in silver zari bring out the glam potential of the outfit and makes it perfect for the big fat Indian wedding! Even the choli is full-sleeve and covered with detailed embroidery in silver.

6. Pastel Pink Net Dupatta

Pastel Pink Net Dupatta

Another beautiful piece showcasing contrast color combination. While the embroidered details on the lehenga skirt and choli have elements of pink, the dupatta is in a pastel pink shade with a yellow border.

7. Vintage Yet Contemporary yellow bridal lehenga

Vintage Yet Contemporary yellow bridal lehenga

This bright ochre yellow bridal lehenga has a bit of a vintage vibe as well as a contemporary charm. While the unique vertical panel style design is stunning, the use of a contrast dupatta makes it striking!

8. Mirror Embroidery yellow bridal Lehenga

Mirror Embroidery yellow bridal Lehenga

This exquisite bridal yellow lehenga combines traditional mirror embroidery with the unconventional color choice for a wedding outfit. The fabric is crepe and the mirror hand embroidery looks beautiful on it.

9. Pale Yellow Panache


The word “yellow” prompts one to think of bright, golden toned hues. But, rarer shades of yellow sometimes work wonders on the ethnic bridal scenario. This pale lime yellow bridal lehenga is in crepe material with exquisite golden zari embroidery and stone work.

10. Pink and Yellow Floral Lehenga


This beautiful yellow bridal lehenga is completely traditional and truly appropriate for the wedding day. The dupatta is in a peachy pink contrasting shade. The outfit showcases floral embroidery in pink and gold zari threads.

11. The Mood Lifting Yellow Lehenga


This yellow lehenga is sure to lift spirits and ensure awesome clicks! On a paler tone of golden yellow, floral patterns are embroidered in shades like peach, pink, orange, dark green, pista green etc. The choli flaunts tie up fastening mechanism at the back. What gives a hint of “quirky” to this outfit are the big mirrors studded along with the floral embroidery.

12. The Poetic Yellow Lehenga


This bridal yellow lehenga has an appeal and charm of the yesteryears along with being unique in its own way. Instead of traditional gold zari, dark toned antique gold zari and sequins have been used on the choli, the borders and the skirt. The choli has a unique design. The skirt showcases floral motifs from Persian art. The use of hexagonal shapes enclosing a floral motif is reminiscent of Mughal art.

13. Yellow Lehenga with Silver Embroidery


It is an unsaid rule that with yellow bridal lehengas only gold zari goes, as both colors are usually warm toned. But this outfit defies the tradition! It is in a paler shade of yellow and the silver zari work in geometric shapes looks nothing short of stunning!

14. Marigold and Gold Bridal Lehenga

Marigold yellow with slight orange undertones looks exquisite in morning weddings. Plus it goes really well with golden embroidery. The color also enhances Indian complexions.

15. Red Ombre Effect Lehenga

red Effect Lehenga

Gold embroidery and ornate gold borders look beautiful with the addition of an extra color other than yellow. This yellow bridal lehenga skirt has the yellow to red transition effect that makes it one-of-a-kind.

16. Panelled Design

Panelled Design

Light baby pink, bright pink and yellow – all three colors have been used in this yellow lehenga but what stands out is the yellow. In fact, pink is such a color that enhances the brightness of yellow. The lehenga skirt also flaunts a unique panelled design.

17. Wedding Morning Goals


This yellow lehenga with floral embroidery all over is setting goals for wedding morning bridal fashion. The lehenga looks exotic because of the colorful embroidery. Red camellias and azaleas have been embroidered with green vines and leaves creating an attractive color palette.

18. Multi-color on Golden Yellow Bridal Lehenga

Multi-color on Golden Yellow Bridal Lehenga

This deep golden yellow bridal lehenga is made more exquisite by the use of vintage floral embroidery in a variety of shades such as dark green, pastel blue, white, silver, pink and red.

19. Summer Bridal Look


Summer weddings are all about light base tones with poppy colors on top and minimal glitter or bling. This yellow bridal lehenga is a unique yet perfect choice for that summer wedding day. Or even for a mehendi or sangeet function! The flared lehenga skirt boasts floral embroidery in poppy shades of pink and green as well as pale zari work. The peach toned dupatta flaunts zari cut work border.

20. Yellow and Peach

Yellow and Peach

Did you know that a matte yellow pastel shade and a pastel peach shade can go so well together? This double dupatta style lehenga showcases just that. Checkout more of Wedding Wedding Dresses.


Yellow Bridal Lehenga Mehendi & Sangeet

Here are yellow bridal lehengas a bride can wear in other wedding functions like Mehendi and Sangeet.

21. Let It Be Light

Let It Be Light - Yellow Lehenga

Brides who like it simple and light can go for this kind of bridal yellow lehenga. It comes with a halter neck choli, a net dupatta and the skirt is adorned with embossed silver designs.

22. Marigold Is The New Color of Love

Marigold Is The New Color of Love

This exotic yellow lehenga looks like it’s meant for the fairy tale wedding. The sequin choli is simple but the gorgeous marigold yellow lehenga skirt, flared like a dream and flaunting a wide silver border takes this outfit to another level.

23. Light & Glamorous

fabwedding | Get Custom Made Bridal Lehenga

This yellow bridal lehenga uses a lot of light-weight fabrics like organza and chiffon to create a look which is glamorous and elegant! The lehenga dupatta draping style is unique too. Placement of sequin work brings out the glamour.

24. With a Contrast Choli

With a Contrast Choli

This yellow lehenga is unique for reasons more than one! The color is a cross between lemon and golden yellow. In the floral designs on the lehenga skirt, in the latkan details there is a prominent use of bright pink. The choli too is in a contrast bright and pastel pink combination making the outfit look different.

25. Golden Yellow Peplum Choli


While the combination of a golden yellow fabric and gold embroidery is common when it comes to yellow bridal lehengas, this one is unique because of the cut of the choli. While the lehenga skirt has an A-line cut the choli has angarakha neckline and a peplum cut.

26. Simple Yet Stylish

Simple Yet Stylish

However cliché that might sound, this yellow bridal lehenga is an embodiment of the same. It is simple with floral gold and peach embroidery yet has an element of fun!

27. Seashells and Sand Yellow lehenga

Seashells and Sand Yellow lehenga

Though not in a sand yellow color, this yellow bridal lehenga uses sea shells as embellishments! It’s a unique choice. The contrasting dupatta is draped like a cape.

28. Peplum Love

Peplum Love yellow lehenga

A mix of traditional and experimental styles, this yellow lehenga uses a peplum top instead of a traditional choli as the blouse. The lower hem of the lehenga skirt has frill details.

29. Contemporary Lehenga Saree

Contemporary Lehenga Saree

Call it a lehenga or a lehenga saree, this yellow bridal lehenga is contemporary fashion at its best. A gold sequin choli is paired with a skirt that flaunts a tiered and pleated design and extends into the pallu and is held gracefully!

30. The Tiered Look Yellow lehenga

The Tiered Look Yellow lehenga

Like western gowns, this yellow lehenga comes with a skirt that has a horizontal tiered design structure. The embellishment is kept on a low scale and the attraction quotient of this outfit is in the cut of the skirt and the lightness of the lemon yellow fabric.

31. Gold and Yellow Floral Lehenga


The bride dazzles in a stunning golden yellow lehenga with intricate zari floral detailing all over. The flared pleated skirt bears mainly floral motifs. Metallic thread embroidery, stone and sequin work have been used in ornate borders that adorn the skirt’s upper and lower hems, the borders of the choli sleeves as well as the dupatta border.

32. Bold Back Embellished Blouse


It is a myth that yellow and bold don’t go together! Sensuousness is woven in the lush georgette fabric of this yellow lehenga. But the real highlight of this look is the bold back halter neck blouse. Apart from having a unique cut at the back, the blouse showcases exquisite embroidery in zari, thread, stones and sequins. Similar craftsmanship can be witnessed in the lehenga border.

33. The Queen of Pearls


This Tuscan yellow lehenga is one-of-a-kind! Not only is the color soothing but the use of pearls as embellishments is also rare. Tiny pearls and stones are studded on the skirt in floral patterns and on the choli. The neckline of the choli, its lower hemline, sleeve borders and dupatta border flaunt pearl embroidery. The lower hemline of the choli and the dupatta border also have hanging pearl details. The hem of the lehenga skirt is wavy cut with ornate cut work border.

34. Lemon Yellow Lehenga with Unique Skirt

Lemon Yellow Lehenga with Unique Skirt

This lehenga is perfect for a morning wedding or any other wedding related function! Small floral motifs have been used all over the skirt and the choli is pink! The floral embroidery is concentrated near the waist! It’s a contemporary piece as the skirt is unique with a shorter upper part and a pleated lower part!

35. Greener Undertones

Greener Undertones

This lemon yellow bridal lehenga is ornate with silver zari work on the skirt and choli. While the zari design runs in horizontal circles on the skirt, the fabric there has lime green undertones in alternate panels.

36. Mirror and Zari Yellow bridal lehenga

Mirror and Zari Yellow bridal lehenga

Another exquisite marigold yellow lehenga with mirror and zari work! In this case, the work has been concentrated on the border of the lehenga!

37. Borders and Belts

Borders and Belts

There are two things unique about this yellow bridal lehenga – the use of a green thin borders on the dupatta and a wide gold border on the skirt, and, the use of a green belt!

38. Simple in Yellow

If you are wanting to flaunt a yellow lehenga in your court wedding or you simply want to keep it simple, go for something as elegant as this one! This lehenga has tiny mirror motifs bordered in gold, all over and the only heavily embellished part is the dupatta border.

39. Gold and Golden Yellow


A very basic lehenga with a straight cut skirt looks striking because of the unique color combination. The lehenga is in golden yellow fabric and gold embellishments have been used to adorn it.

40. Floral Prints

This cool, lightweight and contemporary pastel yellow lehenga is perfect for a haldi ceremony or a beach side wedding.

41. Yellow Bridal Paradise

This bridal yellow lehenga is magical! It’s perfectly traditional but does not qualify as bling. The bride wears a longer choli which enhances the beauty of the outfit. This is a perfect muslim wedding lehenga.

42. Flaxen and Golden Yellow Panels lehenga


The beauty of this yellow lehenga is the arrangement of panels on the skirt, showcasing two shades of yellow – flaxen and golden! The silver embellishments go equally well with both the colors.

43. Beige Gold Yellow

Quite a unique yellow bridal lehenga! The skirt has two wide horizontal tiers. The upper one is in beige and the lower one is in yellow. A frilly border separates the two! The skirt hemline has a thick gold band. The gold belt keeps the pleated dupatta is place. Gold embellishments are used both with the beige and the yellow parts of the lehenga.

44. More Mirror Work

The use of mirror work is really tricky as it can easily look over-the-top. But in this case, the designer has nailed it. There is a thin border on the skirt and also at the waistline. Tiny mirrors have been used as bootas all over.

45. Frilly and Floral

This sunshine yellow lehenga has a cut-out skirt hemline, frilly and fluffy sleeves and is embroidered in multi-color floral motifs.

46. Silver Zari Work in Yellow Bridal Lehenga

Yellow bridal lehengas with zari embroidery are common enough but this lehenga comes with silver zari work using cut-out pieces of fabric. A similarly styled belt detail has also been added.

47. Self Color Embroidery


This yellow lehenga uses gold sequin work on the choli and the skirt border. But what makes it different are the big self color floral embroidered motifs on the net skirt! Mirrors have also been used.

48. Mirror Work Motifs Lehenga

This dandelion yellow silk lehenga uses mirror work to form big and small floral motifs all over. The borders have single line mirror detailing.

49. Silver on Gold

Silver on Goldshaadisagafashion

This golden yellow lehenga is adorned with silver zari cut out in small shapes and put together to form floral patterns and motifs. This unique styling sets this yellow bridal lehenga apart.

50. Sunset Yellow Bridal lehenga Saree

Sunset Yellow Bridal lehenga Saree

This romantic sunset yellow lehenga has tiny bootis all over giving it an almost textured look. The only embellishment is the ornate border. Checkout more of half Saree.

51. Tradition Meets Style

Tradition Meets Style yellow bridal lehenga

This mustard yellow lehenga flaunts the double dupatta style. While everything about this lehenga is traditional, the second dupatta is draped like a cape and showcases unique silver detailing, resembling scales, for the border. Yellow lehenga would go perfectly on a plus size bride.

52. Vertical Lines on Yellow Bridal Lehenga

Vertical Lines on Yellow Bridal Lehenga

Apart from the unique shade of yellow and the intricate sequin embroidery, this lehenga is different because of the vertical lines design on the lehenga skirt.

53. Fusion Embroidery at its Best

Fusion Embroidery at its Bestalkagiladaofficial

This bridal yellow lehenga flaunts fusion embroidery using sequins, pearls and red and orange thread work along with silver zari work.

54. Silver Embellishments

Silver Embellishments in yellow lehenga

Like red and gold, silver and yellow is a pair made in heaven! If you want to flaunt a yellow bridal lehenga for a night time wedding function ensure that there is a lot of silver glitter in the form of sequins, zari or even stones.

55. Peppy Yellow Lehenga

Peppy Yellow Lehenga

We end with a perfect choice for a mehendi or haldi event. This one comes with a one-sided off-shoulder choli and embossed silver patterns on the skirt.

These 50 yellow lehengas can never fail to impress you or inspire you. But if you are looking for expertise, we are here to help. Get in touch and we will customize the perfect yellow bridal lehenga for you. We follow are very simple yet unique process to make Indian wedding dresses as explained below and we have happy brides across the globe.


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