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30 The Golden Sherwani – Stylish yet Sporty – Go Golden

Gold is the color of richness, affluence, abundance and opulence. Gold speaks of class! Gold signifies a regal and royal demeanor. Indian Groom wearing Gold Sherwani goes perfectly complements the aura of a big fat Indian wedding! Gold is one color that comes devoid of a gender identity. It is as masculine as it is feminine.

While it is true that women get the opportunity to flaunt the shade a lot through expensive jewelry or exotic embellishments on their Golden lehengas or sarees, it would be wrong to say that men can’t do the same. Indian grooms can use the color on their wedding attire and look like a million dollars! Apprehensive?

Imagine yourself in a regal golden sherwani decked up from top to bottom. As you come out of your room, one final time before tying the nuptial bond, every eye gets glued on you. Your majesty, charm and elegance increase manifolds in that golden-hued wedding sherwani. The Barat looks all the more glamorous and plusher because you are the center of attraction, adorned in a shining golden sherwani.

As you enter the wedding venue, all the guests turn awestruck with your golden aura. Your saalis go crazy over your royal outfit while your bride admires and adores you no less than her knight in shining armor.

If you want to witness the same grandeur and opulence on your D-day, then you should definitely go for a majestic golden sherwani. In case you are unsure about the latest design and trending styles in golden wedding sherwani, we have curated a detailed list of sherwanis for you. Scroll down and have a look at all of them!

Take a look at these 30 grooms in golden sherwani and be impressed!

1. Gold Thread Work

Gold Thread Work

This sherwani is perhaps one attire that is at once glamorous, classy and speaks of Indian traditional craftsmanship! The groom wears a simple beige kurta and churidar and tops it with a sherwani jacket densely packed with gold embroidery or thread work. There are no glittery stones, ‘bling-y’ sequins but sheer craftsmanship and handiwork!

2. Bandhgala Style Sherwani

Bandhgala Style Golden Sherwani

This golden sherwani defines subtlety at its best. The fabric of the sherwani jacket comes in a very subtle tone of gold with textured brocade look. The buttons are embellished so is the bandhgala-style collar. While the jacket is paired with simple off-white churidar trousers, the jootis are traditional and embellished in gold.

3. Gold on Sand Sherwani

Gold on Sand Sherwani

You can never go wrong with this kind of a golden sherwani! The outfit is in a shade of beige which is almost like a golden sand hue! The embellishments that are densely arranged on the jacket are in gold – giving the outfit a perfect balance of matte and glitter! The design at the yoke is reminiscent of erstwhile ethnic fashion.

4. Beige and Gold Masterpiece

Beige and Gold Masterpiece

A well-tailored sherwani jacket with embellished collar, buttons and pocket square has been paired with tapering trousers and black boots. This outfit boasts a perfect balance of the East and the West. Though the fabric color is in a neutral beige shade, the detailed and intricate sequin and gold thread embroidery is exquisite!

5. Think Ivory, Think Gold

Think Ivory, Think Gold - Golden Sherwani

When we say ‘golden sherwani’, we don’t mean the entire outfit needs to be in a golden shade. The color gold is such a versatile shade that it compliments even neutral colors like white and ivory. Look at this sherwani which flaunts golden zari work on an ivory base and you would know what we are talking about.

6. About Layers and Textures in Golden Sherwani

About Layers and Textures in Golden Sherwani

A golden sherwani jacket gets a good partner in an inner kurta which is in a pink or peach tone. Apart from the unique color combination, this outfit also flaunts the ‘pleated stole fastened with a belt’ style.

7. The Jacquard Look gold sherwani

The Jacquard Look gold sherwani

The jacquard pattern looks best on metallic colors and when we are talking about golden sherwanis, how can we give it a miss? This simple yet attractive sherwani speaks of style, elegance and class! It is neither over-the-top nor simple! Jacquard patterns also give out a masculine vibe.

8. Think Mughal

Think Mughal

This angarakha style golden sherwani promotes a period look. The flared and pleated anarkali cut, the combination of dark maroon velvet and gold, the big golden motifs all over, the side-fastening mechanism – all speak of an era gone by! The multi-string moti mala goes really well with the whole look!

9. Golden Sherwani with Sharara Bottoms

Golden Sherwani with Sharara Bottoms

Kartik Aryan looks exotic in this unique sherwani jacket which boasts all-over gold thread embroidery. The sharara bottoms are also embellished. Heavy kundan and emerald necklaces amplify the royal elegance of this look. Though difficult to carry, this look is one-of-its-kind.

10. Solid Gold Jacket

Solid Gold Jacket

An out-of-the-box golden sherwani look for the groom who likes it fashionable! This sherwani combines an embellished kurta underneath a solid gold silk jacket which is much shorter than the kurta. The off-white churidar is paired well. The red pashmina shawl instead of an ordinary stole is a clever way to give the look a royal attitude!

11. The Ornate Stole with Gold Sherwani

The Ornate Stole with Gold Sherwani

This golden sherwani is replete with intricate Minakari-style floral zari embroidery and paired with a pair of solid gold churidar bottoms. But what really steals the show is the navy blue and red ornate stole. The stole echoes similar zari embroidery on its wide border and is drapes in an unconventional way that breathes masculinity!

12. If Not Gold, then Rose Gold

If Not Gold, then Rose Gold

Some grooms may shy away from sporting bright and dazzling golden sherwanis. In that case, you can go for an outfit that is in a different shade of gold like copper-toned gold, bronze-toned gold, sandy golden or rose gold like this one! It is a rather simple yet exquisite textured rose gold sherwani paired with pure gold churidar bottoms and turban!

13. Go Matte in Golden Sherwani

Go Matte in Golden Sherwani

This matte, almost beige-toned, golden sherwani is sure to make heads turn! The sherwani jacket boats the most intricate leaf-patterned embroidery over a delicate brocade fabric. Underneath the straight and tailored sherwani jacket the groom wears a flared and pleated beige long kurta over churidar bottoms.

14. Gold with Light Pink and Mustard

Gold with Light Pink and Mustard

Men have nothing to complain if there are outfits like these made for them! This gorgeous matte gold brocade sherwani with embellished buttons and collar is paired with an embellished light pink stole! Did you ever think pink could look so good on men? The color combination is brilliant with the addition of mustard gold churidar as bottom wear.

15. Golden Sherwani with Dhoti Bottoms

Golden Sherwani with Dhoti Bottoms

This outfit is a masterpiece if you want to sport a slightly ‘boho’ or unconventional look! The heavily embellished long sherwani jacket has been coupled with solid gold dhoti bottoms, a mustard yellow waistcoat and heavy gold turban!

16. The Classic Red and Gold Combination Sherwani

The Classic Red and Gold Combination Sherwani

Want an outfit that makes your bride’s attire look bland? Go for something like this! Fit for the kings, this golden sherwani comes in numerous layers – a long solid gold inner kurta, an embellished gold sherwani jacket which is short in the middle and longer at the sides and a belt. The outfit also uses a classic color combination – the long stole and churidar bottoms are in a shade of warm red.

17. Bronze Toned Golden Sherwani

Bronze Toned Golden Sherwani

This exquisite sherwani comes in a textured brocade fabric and in a powerful shade of golden bronze which gets perfectly complimented with the dark ruby coloured inner anarkali kurta and churidar bottoms. The sherwani jacket is slit down the middle and the cut is traced with an ornate zari embroidered border. The collar also boasts similar embroidery. The two-toned stole looks very glamorous!

18. Sherwani Inspired from the Galabandh

Sherwani Inspired from the Galabandh

Raghavendra Rathore is known for his classy and royal galabandhs! Though it is doubtful if golden as a color would work on a bandhgala or Jodhpuri Suit, in this case it is creating magic. Rathore blends the galabandh style with that of the sherwani and creates this perfect balance of western tailoring and ethnic cuts. This golden sherwani has a straight cut and flaunts subtle yet detailed embellishment.

19. With a Colorful Stole & Golden Sherwani

With a Colorful Stole - Golden Sherwani

Gold is a neutral color. So you can easily create an attractive contrast look with accessories in any bright color. Moreover, if you are keen on wearing a plain, ‘not so embellished’ sherwani, a multi-colored or colourful stole will do the job of adding a new dimension to your look.

20. The Rajwadi Look

The Rajwadi Look with golden sherwani

Create a regal Rajwadi look with an embellished golden sherwani accessorized with a rich velvet maroon stole and headgear. This groom wears his sherwani in a unique cut with a frock-like drop of traditional Indian motifs like roses, elephants etc, embellished all over.

21. Complex Zari Embellishments

Complex Zari Embellishments

Wear a traditional anarkali style sherwani with a flared kurta in a darker hue under the sherwani jacket. This golden sherwani flaunts sectional arrangement of embellishments. While there is zari and sequin work in floral motifs in one part, another section flaunts jaali embroidery. Gold mala and kamarbandh is added to amplify the royalty of the look.

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22. Golden Achkan Sherwani

Golden Achkan Sherwani

This style is perfect for the reception day. A slightly flared dark maroon short kurta is topped with a rich gold achkan jacket. Gold silk trousers and traditional maroon nagrai chappals – the look is smart, trendy and classy!

23. With Peachy Orange Dhoti

With Peachy Orange Dhoti and sherwani

This is a highly embellished golden sherwani that comes with an erstwhile Mughal style belt, a flared kurta underneath and tapered dhoti pants. While all this might sound a bit too much, the clever color arrangement does the job. Like dark hues look good with gold so does light bright ones. The peach-toned orange dhoti pants look great with the heavy gold work!

24. The Orange Stole with Golden Sherwani

The Orange Stole with Golden Sherwani

This look too exemplifies the use of bright colors with gold, though the use here is not subtle. The sherwani has homogeneous motif arrangement and therefore does not look too ‘bling-y’! But the orange turban and stole make up for it! This look should suit a morning wedding wonderfully!

25. Sequin and Stone Work Sherwani

Sequin and Stone Work Sherwani

Is gold embellishment on a rich gold fabric too much for you? Go for a golden sherwani that flaunts sequin and stone work. Sequin in neutral shades like beige and silver may also be used. This trick brings down the ‘over-the-top’ factor in the attire. Moreover, if motif arrangement is as structured as in the case of this sherwani, it creates a classy textured look. Pair it with beige tapered trousers and an elaborate headgear, just like this groom!

26. Combination of Beige, Off-White and Gold

Combination of Beige, Off-White and Gold Sherwani

You can also create the illusion of a golden sherwani without actually using too much gold on your attire. Combine some golden embellishment – like a few sequin motifs or a zari border – on rich fabrics in neutral tones like beige, cream, off-white, ivory and even matte gold! Take it a step forward, like this groom, by using an accessory is in a completely contrasting shade – an emerald green mala!

27. Let the Cuts Do the Speaking – Classy Gold Sherwani

Let the Cuts Do the Speaking - Classy Gold Sherwani

If you like Indian wear and also want something more tailored and well-fitted, opt for something like this Anita Dongre golden sherwani. This outfit is not cut like the erstwhile flared sherwanis. Instead, it consists of a straight kurta in a neutral shade underneath a straight sherwani jacket in gold brocade work. The collar and shoulder gives the galabandh vibe and the slit down the middle is perfectly ethnic.

28. The Maharaja Style Golden Sherwani

The Maharaja Style Golden Sherwani

If you want to give good competition to your bride by looking like a maharaja beside your queen, opt for this kind of a sherwani. This Tarun Tahiliani outfit consists of numerous layers and textures. The inner kurta and churidar bottom is in a light fabric of rose gold color. The kurta has a networked pattern. The golden sherwani jacket is embellished with gold embroidery in floral and traditional motifs. A belt is fastened along with the pleated stole that boasts an embellished border. The headgear is elaborate and royal.

29. The Minakari Motif Golden Sherwani Jacket

The Minakari Motif Golden Sherwani Jacket

You can simply invest in this kind of a sherwani jacket in a rich fabric and flaunting floral embroidery in colors like maroon and emerald green. As gold is a neutral color, you can pair this sherwani jacket with a kurta and churidar bottoms in any tone.

30. The Classic Three Layer Golden Sherwani

In the end, one should know that nothing can beat the appeal of the classic three layered golden sherwani boasting intricate floral zari, sequin and zardozi embroidery paired with churidars.


Conclusion – Golden Sherwani

If these designs inspire you and you have made up your mind to flaunt a golden sherwani on your wedding day, you have come to the right place! Get in touch with us and with the help of our ace designer and talented craftsmen, we will give you the golden sherwani customized just for you. If any other piece inspires you, share the photo with us and get it customized to suit your body type. Moreover, you can also browse through our endless collection of ethnic and Indo-western menswear to arrive at the wedding outfit of your dreams.

Gold is the hue that exudes a royal vibe whenever you adorn it. The color is synonymous to opulence and sophistication. It is the color of richness, glamour, celebration and royalty. An evergreen color for parties and festivities, golden is one of the top picks for bridegrooms.

If you are going to get hitched this year, and are looking for some marvelous wedding sherwani options, then you should definitely try golden sherwani on your special day. What’s so special about a golden wedding sherwani, you ask? Let us tell you!

Whether you want something sober and simple or extremely dazzling and over the top, we have got you covered with all types of designs and styles. Our aim is to help you select a golden sherwani of your choice that matches your personality and style. Gold is an eternal color that will never ever go out of trend. And if you are someone who loves opulence, grandeur, royalty, then my friend, choose any of the above-mentioned sherwanis and flaunt your good looks and swag on your special day.

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