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Gorgeous and Stylish Lehenga Saree Styles

Ever wondered whether to wear a lehenga or a saree for an Indian wedding function but then why not a lehenga saree! We bring you various Lehenga Saree Style that you can choose from while option for this fabulous combination.

Lehenga - saree for wedding

Weddings have started and so the wedding season is in full bloom. With ladies shopping for the best ensemble for the next wedding and showing their A fashion game, choosing the most stylish, event appropriate and easy to carry outfit becomes a task. And for that Instagram, Pinterest and loads of online wedding platforms prove to be a great helping friend.

Now in today’s contemporary era, there are a lot of traditional options to go for to look your best, but a lehenga and a saree prove to be the most preferred choices for the major part of the wedding season as they look equally regal, traditional and imperial. But if you are torn between whether to don a lehenga or a saree, then a lehenga saree (aka a lehenga styled saree) is the one for you. It’s like lehenga and saree had a baby and there it was born.


Lehenga styled Saree for Wedding Want this custom made?

But what is amazing to notice is that how more and more ladies are opting for it rather more than a traditional lehenga only or saree only look for a wedding. You don’t need to know how to drape a saree, make pleats or know pinning it the right way to not make holes or worst, tear it apart.

“It’s all about draping the dupatta to make it look as if you’re wearing a saree, even though it is a lehenga saree. Also it can be seen as a saree”

What is a Lehenga Saree?

But still if you aren’t clear much about what a lehenga saree is, let us school you a bit about the same.

The lehenga style saree is a semi-stiched garment that is split into different components. The skirt is the part that actually can help one identify that it as a lehenga saree, so this is arguably the most important piece in the whole ensemble. A lehenga saree can be crafted into a mermaid style, A-line cut, or a flared silhouette. However, no matter what style it is, there’s one thing that cannot be missed – the pleats stitched onto the skirt.

Another factor that can help you differentiate between a lehenga style saree and a lehenga is that the pallu (aka the duppata only) of the garment is also stitched onto the skirt on one side. The other side is left free so that women can drape it easily over a shoulder.

Finally, the blouse is often stitched as a choli and not a saree blouse.

Lehenga styled Saree for Wedding Want this custom made?

But don’t confuse it with a half saree because lehenga style saree or lehenga saree means that you have a lehenga which looks like a saree when worn with the the pallu and all. But a half saree is one wherein you drape a saree such that it seems a sif it’s a lehenga. The latter way is very useful to reuse a saree in a more modern and girlish way, rather than investing in an all new lehenga whatsoever.

What we are going to talk about here is the first part. So let’s get started now.

Tip: If you don’t want to even invest in a lehenga saree also, you can simply use the dupatta also to tuck it and turn around in such a way that it looks like a saree. You can see this in a number of videos. Komal Pandey, one of the most loved and hot fashion influencers has even shot a video on how to wear a saree like a lehenga. Click here to check that video out.

30 styles of Lehenga Saree

1. Floral Printed Lehenga Saree

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

If you would like to sport a lehenga saree on a pre-wedding morning occasion or on your pre-wedding photo shoot, something like this one would be a good choice! It comes in a rich color and fabric with printed floral designs and an ornate border. It’s lightweight yet not bland-looking!

2. Ruffled Fusion Lehenga Saree

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

This one is perfect for pre-wedding functions like bachelorette parties, engagement parties etc. This is also a trendy outfit for the bridesmaids. The lehenga part has an A-line fall with ruffled edges and the pallu too has similar detailing. The blouse comes in a printed fabric and the lehenga saree in taffeta silk.

3. The Perfect Red Wedding Lehenga Saree

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

What is even more gorgeous than a red lehenga? A red lehenga saree! Just look at this gorgeous bride! The lehenga saree has a more graceful cut compared to a lehenga. The presence of the pallu adds more layers and dimensions to the look. This beautiful lehenga saree comes with exquisite gold zari embroidery which will make any other red lehenga look drab in front of this one!

4. Go Neutral on the Wedding Morning!

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

Sporting a lehenga saree on the wedding morning is a great idea! Go for something which has a neutral base color combined with a colorful border, pallu and blouse. The one in the picture is ideal! Such a color combination ensures great photography in natural light for the haldi ceremony!

5. Inspired by Gujarati Embroidery

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

This lehenga saree is one-of-a-kind! Though not ideal for bridal looks it can be sported by brides on pre and post wedding functions. It is also perfect for the bride’s sister or a wedding guest. It comes in a unique shade of green and is exceptionally light weight owing to the fact that the Gujarati stitch inspired designs or embellishment are actually digitally printed on the fabric.

6. Teal Green Reception Lehenga

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

This piece of gorgeousness is made out of fluffy, ruffled georgette and net fabrics with a layered gown-like fall and a ruffled pallu draped cross-body, in the traditional style! A thin gold sequin border and motifs of rosettes adorn this lehenga saree. It is paired with a sleeveless crop top in a dark blue shade with gold zari embroidery. The teal green color of the outfit looks amazing!

7. Bottle Green and Gold Lehenga Saree

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

Call it a lehenga saree or a lehenga draped like a saree, the outcome is indeed graceful and elegant. This bottle green lehenga saree with gold thread work, sequin work and an embellished blouse with latkan details is ideal for a wedding guest as well as the elder sister of the bride or the groom.

8. Pink Your Bridal Lehenga Saree

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

If you are planning to sport a lehenga saree on your wedding and are pretty sure about skipping red, go for a pink and gold one like the one in this picture. The pallu has been draped the Gujarati saree way and the pleats have been fastened with a gold ornamental belt or kamarbandh.

9. The Power of Contrast Coloring

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

This bride is wearing a unique lehenga saree on her haldi morning function! The skirt comes in a bright mustard yellow and the blouse is in a contrasting light blue color. What brings the two colors together is the red ruffled pallu!

10. The Combination of Red and Beige

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

This bride has skipped all the glitter and gold on her wedding outfit. She wears a red lehenga saree with embellishment in tussar or light beige color and a blouse in the same neutral hue with three-quarter sleeves. The floral embellishment and embroidery on her lehenga saree look amazingly intricate and prominent being in the light beige or matte gold thread it is in.

11. Reception Night Pink

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

This gorgeous pink and gold lehenga saree is perfect for bridal wear! The pleated flare of the skirt is excellent. The pallu has gold zari work. The skirt border too is unique and consists of two thick bands of golden zari. Though the lehenga skirt has no other embellishment, the richness of the fabric makes up for it.

12. Peacock Motif Lehenga Saree

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

The bride wears the most exquisite wedding outfit in the form of this multi-color lehenga saree. The flared skirt is in a henna green color and embroidered with traditional motifs like peacocks, flowers etc in zardozi and aari work. The choli is in a pastel orange shade and boasts similar embroidery. The pallu is in a pink and gold chequered pattern and has an embellished henna green border.

13. Neon Green, Gold and Red

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

The uncommon color combination of the neon green flared skirt and the red pallu, though difficult to carry, is entirely out-of-the-box! The gold embellished blouse and floral motifs on the skirt add the perfect amount of glitter. The outfit is young and vibrant and just perfect for bridesmaids, bride’s or groom’s sister or best friend.

14. White and Gold Contemporary Lehenga Saree

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

If you are a bride who wishes to wear something contemporary, unique and different on her reception night or if you are attending a close friend’s wedding and want to sport something which is the perfect fusion of modern and ethnic, opt for such a lehenga saree. The white pleated flared skirt has colourful floral motifs; the tiny sleeveless blouse is in a rich bottle green fabric; the pallu has red and green motifs. However, the broad gold sequin border of the skirt steals the show and the glamour quotient to this outfit.

15. Multi-color Saree Dress

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

Call it a South Indian saree dress or a lehenga saree, the beauty of this paiece lies in two things – the combination of bright vibrant colors like red, green and purple with gold and the richness of the high quality silk. Fastened with a belt it looks even more unique!

16. Darkest Hue of Navy

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

If you can then carry it! This truly boutique piece is in a fluffy dark navy blue fabric with a layered gown-like fall. The pallu and off-shoulder blouse boast cut work and floral embroidery. It is difficult to carry but will surely give out a style statement!

17. Neon Green and Pink Bridal Lehenga

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

This South Indian lehenga saree would not suit all skin tones due to the fluorescent or neon green color. But if you can carry it, it is definitely a piece worth flaunting. First, the combination of neon green and bright pink is attractive. The gold thread weave on the silk adds dimension. But the show-stopper is the heavily embellished cold shouldered and full-sleeve choli.

18. Lace Bordered Grace

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

This lovely saree lehenga in a vibrant combination of orange and pink is perfect for the sister of the bride or groom. It can also work for the bride on a morning function. The uniqueness of this piece lies in the lace and zari floral border. The skirt has gold zari detailing and the pallu flaunts thread embroidered floral motifs near the border. The dark blue choli too boasts floral embroidery in golden thread.

19. Off-White Floral Lehenga Saree with Pompoms

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

Another one-of-its-kind lehenga saree for the bride who likes it different! First, the beauty of this piece lies in the timeless combination of pastel hues and matte gold floral embroidery on an off-white surface. Second, the pallu bordered with pompoms in pink pastel shade makes the outfit extremely unique.

20. Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

Call it an ethnic dress or gown but the silhouette of the outfit classifies it as a lehenga saree for sure! The drape is unique and so is the color. It’s in a light blush pink shade. The fall of the gown in divided into different layers. The part in net is embroidered in sequins and thread of the same color. The pallu is pleated, pre-draped and attached to the full-sleeve blouse.

21. Gujarati inspired lehenga Saree Style

Gujarat inspired Lehenga SareeSource: ethnic-rack | want this custom made?

Now if you have seen a Gujarati bride, then the pallu is in the front of the bride rather than a back pallu (as can be inferred from above image). So this style of Gujarati style lehenga saree is one which you too can adorn anytime.

Just take one side of the dupatta of your lehenga and spread it over your front as the pallu while making pleats at the shoulder and pinning it there. Now let the dupatta fall at your back and your Gujarati lehenga saree is ready!

Gujarat inspired Lehenga SareeSource: | want this custom made?

22. Border lehenga Saree style

Border lehenga saree stylelooking for custom made bridal & Groom wear?

Now this style of lehenga saree works well if you have a lehenga which has a heavily bordered dupatta, with all the zari work and embellishments. How to do this style?

Start making pleats with your dupatta in a way that your border shows up in the end and pin them so they don’t get disorganised. Now wear the drape on your left shoulder (because traditionally it is on the left side only that the pallu sits on the shoulder) and tuck the back end inside your lehenga. Tadaa! Your work is done and this lehenga saree style is very popular when it comes to Punjabi Weddings. Check out our Punjabi wedding dresses that are very popular and loved by Punjabi brides.

23. Loose pallu lehenga style saree

Loose pallu lehenga style saree

Now this is something really cool and easy to do with no pleating and no worrying about the border or even pinning (yes, you can let the pallu drop freely on your shoulder or just pin it also). Simply take one end of your lehenga dupatta and tuck it in the back of your waist. Now you can wear the whole dupatta on your shoulder in any way you like and leave it loose while moving freely.

Now you must be thinking that it is the easiest style to don a lehenga cum saree for this wedding season but there’s one to go which we’ll tell you later. Wait for it!

24. One shoulder drape style

One shoulder drape style - Dia Mirza

As the name suggests, it just contains a dupatta over your shoulder. Pin it up if you feel like and make pleats either before draping or let it loose. You have no actual pallu but still you have it kind of and there’s no tucking also as well or you can tuck also like the way Dia Mirza is doing. This style is very popular when it comes to Haldi Function or Roka Ceremony.

25. Just tuck in and drape Lehenga Saree style

Last but surely not the least, this is what most of us actually do in a way when we have to style our dupatta in a different way rather than just throwing it off like that. Simple make pleats of your dupatta, tuck at the back at one end and pin on the shoulder at opposite end.

This is an easy way to drape the dupatta and all you need to do is make the perfect pleats to wear on your shoulder and to let loose around your waist. If you are running out of time, then go for this and style perfectly with some accessories and a nice hairdo.

Above were some of the ways of making the dupatta look like it is the pallu of the saree. But as we have told you earlier in the starting only, there are semi-stitched lehenga sarees as well wherein the pleats are stitched into the skirt for the actual pallu like look and feel, you just need to take it over your shoulder like any other saree. Wanna see how real life brides have managed to steal the wedding day with their version of lehenga saree? Read more and know more.

26. Contrast color Lehenga Saree

want this custom made?

This South Indian bride chose to wear this really vibrant magenta coloured lehenga and a contrasting colored golden dupatta like a lehehnga saree for one of her functions with her hair tied in a messy bun and choker necklace coupled with a long necklace and matching earrings. The little golden work on the lehenga skirt is perfect to break the overall monotony of the outfit. But if you wish to go for an outift like this, then it can also be worn for a sangeet, engagement or even reception party as well.

27. Heavily embroidered Blouse in a Lehenga Saree

source: weddingwire.inwant this custom made?

This bride who chose to go an unconventional path with a bottle green and pastel blue outfit, that has gold sequins and heavy embroidered work all over the lehenga. Take inspiration from this fierce bride if you don’t want to make any compromise but still look flamboyant and like a dream come true to all the unmarried and single ladies out there. A special kudos to the bride here!

28. Go Neon! Vibrant Lehenga Saree

want this custom made?

This ecstatic outfit with green, yellow and fuchsia going all over it is perfect for a day event and that golden belt adds an edge to the otherwise overall traditional look. It is perfect for a mehndi function as the green henna will just go so well with the colors of the overall outfit. We are all stolen with the choice of this bride. Are you too?

29. A-Shape lehenga Saree

want this custom made?

Awww, we are in awe of this bride and her choice of color for her sangeet outfit as the maroon lehenga and with a yellow golden dupatta draped like a saree pallu is so gorgeous to take eyes off. The little bling, the light golden work, open loose hair and kamarbandh seem to complete the look like everything.

If you need some sangeet, mehndi or even reception, this is our pick for you. From us to you!

30. Sober yet gorgeous as ever

want this custom made?

Isn’t India’s Dhak Dhak girl, Madhuri Dixit Nene not giving us some major fashion goals for a lehenga saree like the one below in white with thin red borders and golden and red work all along the lehenga saree? The tightly pulled hair back into a bun and some heavy earrings with naked neck is proving to be a true style and fashion statement.


How to use a Saree as a dupatta Lehenga Saree 

Yes, you read that right. You can even use a complete saree as a dupatta by making pleats the way you do for a saree and tucking them with even making pleats of the pallu as well. You can drape the pleated pallu like a dupatta or can form V shape with it in the saree. The pallu is a nice way to finish your unique draping, especially if your pallu is heavily embroidered or studded with the stones.

Source: | want this custom made?

So now you have a deep rooted knowledge as to how you can wear a lehenga as a saree without even investing in one. It might seem tricky at once but when once practiced and grabbed hands on, it looks the most graceful and gives fashion vibes one can not even expect it to be. Don’t forget to tell us your version of lehenga saree either in the comments section below or on Instagram by tagging @getethnic.

Also we have just talked about anarkali suits as well for brides this wedding season and more to come. Don’t forget to check that out. One of our happy customer who fell in love with her outfit:



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