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40 Floral Mehendi Designs for the Indian Bride

Floral mehendi designs are a constant with mehendi lovers. On the bride’s hands, floral motifs like floral bootas, buds, lotus motifs, rose motifs, geometrical floral images etc look stunning. With floral motifs, we also get to see a lot of other complementing imagery consisting of leaves, vines, birds etc. Floral motifs do not always have to be associated with nature.

Henna art is also inspired from architecture and there is no dearth of pietra dura inspired floral motifs when it comes to bridal henna. Mandala floral motifs are also very common.

40 Stunning and Gorgeous floral mehendi designs

1. Floral Mehendi with Human Motifs

Floral Mehendi with Human Motifs

Human motifs or figures of the queen and king or bride and groom are trending these days! Combining those with floral designs looks exquisite! This bride is flaunting this kind of henna art on her palms.

2. Rose Henna

Rose Henna - Floral Design

The rose is the primary motif in this henna art. We can also see other floral motifs like the mandala flower, leaves, flowers with spirals in the centre etc.

3. Mandala Floral Mehendi

Mandala Floral Mehendi

Floral designs form an integral part of mandala art. Petals of different shapes and sizes are placed on the borders or the circumference of the mandala circles. Similar, smaller floral motifs are used in this henna art.

4. The Lotus Pond Henna Art

The palms have been sectioned in two with the help of a long line of leaves. On the inner part, we see lotus motifs which give the impression of a lotus pond. Spirals, petalled circles etc make up the rest.

5. Floral and Paisley Motifs

Floral and Paisley Motifs

There is a lot going on in the case of this particular henna art. We can see leaf jaal work, petal motifs etc. We can also spot an elephant and an auto rickshaw motif. But what really steals the show is the central floral half circle bordered with vine motifs and ornate paisleys.

6. Geometric Floral Shapes

This beautifully complex henna art showcases floral motifs with angles and straight lines. This is reminiscent of the use of floral shapes in mediaeval Mughal architecture. With the leaf motifs these look stunning on the hands of the bride.

7. Another Lotus Pond Henna Art

Another Lotus Pond Henna Art

This floral mehendi design is very popular among brides. The lotus pond is the main focus of the art. Most of the palm is covered with the pond imagery which makes it an easy design to draw. In this case, miniscule motifs have been juxtaposed with the lotus art and even on the fingers, making it a complex design.

8. The Rose Guldasta

On half of the palm we see a rose guldasta art. The neatly drawn rose motifs against the dark background look stunning. Bordering the rose art we see half paisleys neatly arranged. Intricate jaal design looks exquisite along with the paisleys and roses.

9. Paisleys with Flowers

We see a mix of floral motifs here. Traditional floral motifs, lotuses, spiral flowers, leaves etc have been combined with intricately designed paisleys. The pairing of paisleys and floral motifs is a very popular design language when it comes to bridal henna.

10. Floral Motifs with Raja Rani

The ever-popular Raja Rani henna art here has been combined with floral theme designs like line of leaves, flowers, mandala art flowers etc.

11. Mandala Floral Henna Art

This may look like a complex henna art but the whole design is a play of straight line designs and mandala art. In the centre we see a huge floral motif surrounding which there is a complex network of mandala art motifs. Spirals and paisleys can also be seen.

12. Petals and Paisleys

While part of the palm is filled in a jaal pattern and straight line design, on the border we see floral motifs and paisleys. The rest of the palms along with the fingers are covered in petal patterns and spirals creating a unique design.

13. Raja Rani Floral Art

The Raja and the Rani take up most space on the palm. Around them we see a complex design language using jaal art, tiny floral bootas, floral motifs, petal patterns, wave patterns etc.

14. Bridal Floral and Paisley Art

This henna art is the typical example of non-complex, neat and ominous bridal floral mehendi. We can see paisley and floral motifs within which more intricate motifs have been drawn. The fingers are adorned in neat leaf lines.

15. Peacock-Paisleys with Florals

Peacock-Paisleys with Florals

This is a unique henna art. Two paisleys have been modified to look like a peacocks on each palm. Though this is the main design, the rest of the palms are adorned in floral art like leaf lines, petal patterns, alpana flowers and even jaal art.

16. Spiral Flower Henna

Spiral Flower Henna

Though the Raja Rani motifs have been used here, they take up little space on the palms. The rest is adorned with spiral floral motifs and an ornate paisley. The design language is inspired from mandala art.

17. Petal Pattern Art

Mandala art used petal patterns and petal borders along the circumference of its circles. This particular pattern has been used in the case of this henna art. Along with a central jaal art, we see a lot of petal patterns used in all directions.

18. Spiral Heart and Stone Work

Spiral Heart and Stone Work

This is a one-of-a-kind henna art for the bride using one half of a heart on each palm. The heart is filled with spirals and when the two palms are brought together they form the shape of the heart. It is further adorned with stone stick-ons. The rest of the palm is filled with floral motifs.

19. Simple Spaced Out Floral Motifs

Simple Spaced Out Floral Motifs

This henna art is not dense when it comes to the placement of the motifs. We can see traditional floral motifs, jaal art, paisley motifs etc. But nothing looks complex as the drawing is neat and spaced out.

20. The Floral Heart

The henna art here is so unique! An intricately drawn floral heart comes alive when the two palms are placed together. The heart is surrounded by an ornate wavy line. Floral motifs, leaf patterns etc are used on the rest of the palm.

21. Diagonal Paisley and Floral Motif

Diagonal Paisley and Floral Motif

Neatly and precisely drawn, the floral motifs in this henna art look striking! The central imagery is of a paisley and floral line running diagonal on the palms. We also see the petal pattern motif and leaf lines.

22. More Florals with Paisleys

The paisley motif and the floral motif is a match made in heaven. They look beautiful together and the combination is perfect for bridal mehendi designs. We can see vine motifs, paisleys and floral imagery juxtaposed with each other. The back side of the hand also bears an intricate floral motif.

23. Floral Mehendi Design with Name

Floral Mehendi Design with Name

This henna art is a hit with brides! Floral motifs are used in plenty all over the palms but the central motif is that of an ornate heart with the name of the groom written on it, decorated and bordered with more floral motifs.

24. Vine and Floral Design


Very simple and elegant mehendi design, this henna art is also extremely easy to create! With an ornate motif in the centre, a network of tiny vines, leaves and flowers have been drawn all around it.

25. Guldasta Motifs

Guldasta Motifslishaartistry

Though this henna art is minimalistic and simple, the motifs showcasing bunches of flowers or guldastas are so neat and intricate, it creates a beauty of its own. The fingers are adorned in jaal pattern.

26. Light Complex Floral Henna Art

Light Complex Floral Henna Art

This mehendi design is a mix of numerous types of floral motifs. We can see petals of different shapes and sizes. We can also spot leaf imagery. This makes the motifs complex but the motifs do not crowd on the palms. They look spaced out and light.

27. Three Spiral Flower Motifs

Such simple and easy mehendi designs are reminiscent of the days when the bride’s henna would be done by her mother and aunts. It’s easy to draw yet so significantly traditional. We have three spiral floral motifs and some designs on the fingers and that is all!

28. Floral Bridal Henna

loral Bridal Henna

Yet another complex bridal floral mehendi design. We can see lotus motifs, spiral flowers, floral wall, leaf lines, petal pattern, jaal art etc. The names of the bride and the groom are also written intricately!

29. Floral Bootas

This looks like a complex design but it’s not that difficult to create. We have a slanted floral line in the centre of the palm. The rest is adorned in jaal patterns and floral bootas of different shapes and sizes. From spirals to geometrical bootas to floral imprints – you have it all!

30. Repeating the Lotus Pond Imagery

Repeating the Lotus Pond Imagerymehendi_by_enzee

One of the most complex designs we have seen on this list so far – here we see the lotus pond imagery being repeated several times on the palm as well as the arm. That is juxtaposed with numerous different types of motifs like roses, jaal art, floral bootas, droplet motifs, alpana flowers, mandala circles etc.

31. Joined by Vines


This rather simplistic yet stunning mehendi art is truly one-of-a-kind! Rose motifs, placed all over the palms, have been connected together by ornate vines. Tiny leaf imagery has also been added.

32. Big Floral Motifs

Big Floral Motifstanzil_mehndi_art

A beautifully done floral mehendi design does not necessitate the use of too many tiny elements put together or the crowding of complex detailed motifs! This henna art proves this statement! We have big floral motifs drawn neatly and intricately! There is detailing but only in a few places.

33. Segmented Floral Mehendi Design

Segmented Floral Mehendi Design

A line of flowers divides the palm into two. Using leaf lines the palms have been further divided into segments showcasing one type of floral motif or the other. These include mandala flowers, flowers with spirals in the centre, floral bootas etc.

34. Roses with Elephant Motif


This very complex and rather confusing henna art is one-of-a-kind! We see prominent and intricate rose motifs all over. There is an important elephant motif in the centre of the palm. Jaal art is present. Lotus motifs have also been used. Along with all this, sceneries as well as Mickey Mouse motifs can be spotted! This is a personalised henna art!

35. Roses All The Way

Roses All The Way - Floral Designsaba_zareen12

When it comes to henna art, rose motifs of various kinds can be seen. However, this one is the most complex and difficult to draw! The roses are perfectly placed along with ornate vines and leaf motifs.

36. Floral Clusters


Clusters of floral motifs drawn on the palms look extremely elegant! These have been paired with leaf patterns, ornate vines and also a little bit of jaal art. This creates a traditional and gorgeous look for bridal henna!

37. Mandala Floral Mehendi Design


Floral henna can be of various types! Mandala art uses circles to create ornate alpana-like designs along the circumference of each circle! The space between the circles can be filled with floral motifs. If the petal pattern is used to border the circles, it creates the look of a floral design. This is exactly what has been done in this case!

38. Juxtaposing Big and Small Floral Motifs

Juxtaposing Big and Small Floral Motifselegante.henna

It’s one of the complex and difficult designs we have seen in this list so far! Big shaded floral motifs have been drawn alongside tiny floral motifs like bootas, spirals, petals etc. This is how it creates a unique design language.

39. More Segmented Floral Henna Designs


The segmented design style is very popular and is often seen but with slightly different motifs or different types of floral patterns. Here is yet another segmented floral design with slightly different motifs.

40. Elegant Cut Wave Pattern

Elegant Cut Wave Patternhennabyimanx

This floral henna art is as elegant as it can get! Motifs have not been crowded on the palm. Intricacy and detailing has been maintained. The elegant cut wave pattern forms a style unlike any other we have seen in this list.

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