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40 Simple & Easy Mehendi Designs for Brides

Mehendi – an integral part of the solah shringar – is the pride of every newly married woman! The darker the color of her mehendi, they say, the more she is loved by her husband. The dark red from the henna leaves burn bright in the form of intricate patterns on the hands of the bride on the wedding day. Or the fading orangish-red color as she settles down in her new life – mehendi always has a story to tell.

Though you can hire professionals for the bridal mehendi, it can also be done by friends or relatives in a cosy and homely function. Here are 40 simple and easy mehendi designs for brides that look beautiful but are totally easy to create

1. Juxtaposing Various Motifs

Simple & Easy Mehendi Designs

Complicated mehendi designs looks very beautiful! But they are also very difficult to create. To give a sense of a complicated design you can simply juxtapose various different types of motifs – flowers, leaves, mandala motifs, jaali etc – in panels on the hands.

2. Geometrical Shapes

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Geometrical shapes are very easy to draw! Like mandala art, they form a natural symmetry and look beautiful together – criss-cross motifs, petal motifs, scales etc. This henna design looks very complex but it’s basically using geometric mandala motifs with some floral ones.

3. Central Floral Motif

This looks simply stunning! It’s perhaps the most traditional type of mehendi design where the top part of the fingers are completely covered in henna, some intricate designs are given on the fingers and a large floral motif is placed at the centre of the palm.

4. Dense Designs

In this case, one part of the palm has been given densely packed mandala motifs. Other parts have been left with loosely placed tiny motifs. The two design languages together look beautiful. This is another way of creating a complex mehendi design without using too many complicated motifs.

5. Paisley Rules

The easiest way to create a traditional and beautiful henna design is by using paisley motifs. The palm, here, has been divided in two parts by a line of petals. The inner half flaunts a complex floral paisley motif while the rest just follows the style.

6. The Rule of Division

Another way of doing a simple and enigmatic henna art is by dividing the whole palm in parts and then placing tiny detailed motifs in them. In this case, mandala borders have been used for the same purpose. We see floral motifs in one quarter, jaal in another, mandala motifs in one etc.

7. Straight Lines & Half Circles

Did you realise that most intricate mehendi designs are just an amalgamation of straight lines and half circles adorned with floral patterns and boota motifs? These are not difficult to draw yet together look beautifully complex creating a rich design language!

8. Mandala Circles

Simple & Easy Mehendi Design

Imagine the palms to be part of a mandala design and use wavy or straight patterns for the motifs. In this case, mandala flower motifs have been used and the fingers are densely designed with the same.

9. Floral Jaal Work

Not all henna designs need to be dense or closely packed. In this henna art, we see lots of floral and leaf motifs. Most of the palm is covered in floral bootas which have been networked together to look like the traditional jaal pattern.

10. Central Motif with Floral Jaal Work

Simple & Easy Mehendi Design

Like the previous design, this too flaunts a lot of floral jaal design. With that we see a central large floral motif. This henna art is another example of non-dense yet beautiful simple and easy mehendi design.

11. The Maharani Motif

This design might look really difficult to make or seem very complex. But it only looks like that. Using rani or raja motifs for mehendi design is a way of minimising detailing. Here, the maharani motif takes up a lot of space on the palm and around her the motifs have been placed so that it looks like she is standing at a jharokha or window. So you see, the intricate detailing work is limited only to the periphery!

12. Raja Rani Motifs

This is another way of doing the same. In an ornate square human motifs have been created – that of a king on one hand and queen on the other. These motifs take up a lot of space – the central position on the palm. Hence, all the intricate detailing work, which is actually difficult to draw, is limited to the periphery of the palm.

13. Barfi Motifs with Raja-Rani

Simple & Easy Mehendi Design

This is another variation in the raja-rani mehendi design. Instead of mandala borders or a jharokha, floral motifs like the lotus and barfi motifs have been used to adorn the rest of the palm.

14. Bigger Floral Motifs with Jaal

This is a really simplistic design but nonetheless looks gorgeous! Big floral motifs have been used at the junctures of the jaal work. This takes up most of the space on the palm and on the rest intricate floral motifs have been used.

15. Just the Raja-Rani

You can simply have raja-rani on your palms and so, the focus lies only on that. Here, the bride does not care for unnecessary detailing. Only little vines and garlands surround the main design have been used.

16. Elephant Motifs

Elephant motifs are comparatively easy to draw and in this case they have been coupled up with jaal work and floral motifs. Such henna designs look royal and are quite easy to create.

17. Rani Motif in the Centre

An intricate rani motif in the centre is all you need to glam up the henna design. The queen motif might be a bit complex but that’s the only thing you need to give the effort for. The rani has been given a mandala border with not-so-complex floral designs around.

18. Straight Lines and Dots

This looks like a very complex design but in reality, it must have been very easy to create. Most of the designs – except the central bride-groom or king-queen motifs – are a play of straight lines and dots. These either intersect or run parallelly. The dots create borders or join with each other to create half loops. The technique used is much similar to mandala designs.

19. Filling Up

To add dimension to your mehendi design, ask the artist to use the fill-up technique! Instead of just creating different kinds of motifs, filling up the backgrounds or shading create a multi-dimensional look and appeal.

20. Simple Floral Designs

Simple & Easy Mehendi Design

Floral designs never fail to impress! This bride has gone for a typical lotus motif in the centre of the palm along with floral details all around. The designs are simple just like the ones used for rangolis or alpanas. They look beautiful!

21. Art of Shading

If you look closely, this henna art or mehendi design uses very common motifs or design language. We see a lot of leaves, small mandala circles, jaal design etc. But what makes it unique is the subtle shading technique. This technique turns this simple and easy mehendi design into something exotic and exquisite!

22. Less is More

This saying goes well even for henna designs. For example, in this case, traditional alpana motifs have been used to create not-to-complex designs. The motifs don’t even fill up the whole palm. It’s an example of the beauty in simplicity!

23. Floral Mandala Circles

Mandala circles with floral touches have been drawn on the centres of the hands. The fingers are adorned in line and dot motifs. The design is simple, traditional and gorgeous!

24. The Rule of Circles


A very easy way to create an attractive yet simple mehendi design is by using the rule of circles. In this case a larger circle is drawn around a tiny one in the centre of the palm. Then another is drawn around the second circle. In this way, one after the other, the circles fill up the palm. Within these circles different motifs like leaves, buds, paisleys etc are drawn.

25. Temple Top Motif


Sparsely placed motifs, if drawn accurately and intricately, look exceptionally gorgeous! This bridal henna is not so complex yet the temple top motifs with alpana art around them look so elegant.

26. Simple Flowers


With mandala-style circular structures in the centre and alpana flowers around them, this simple yet beautiful motif has been created. Only three floral motifs of this type complete the look. Similar elements have been used on part of the fingers too.

27. Scale and Floral Motifs

Simple & Easy Mehendi Designooh.artistry

This bridal mehendi art might look too complicated but if observed closely, you can see that it is not! The motifs are simple – floral bootas, scales, straight lines, petal motifs etc. But they are neatly done, symmetrically placed and the magic of shading does the job!

28. Joining the Flowers


A simple yet innovative mehendi art! Here, floral motifs are placed all over the palms and they are joined together artistically. The design portrays vines with leaves and blooming buds.

29. Roses and Lines


Beautifully and neatly painted – this henna design uses rose motifs and other floral motifs done mostly with lines. The blooming flower motifs have petals made from joining the top part of short parallel lines. This technique is often seen in mandala art too.

30. Unique Central Motif


Though very simple and easy to draw, this large motif – made up of mostly geometric and floral elements and placed on the centre of the palm – is unique in its own way!

31. Floral Alpana Style Simple Mehendi Design


If you want to go for a simple yet elegant mehendi design for your wedding, go for something like this one! A big alpana motif is placed at the centre of the palm and similar elements are used to adorn the fingers and wrist. A touch of the Arabic style of henna is also present.

32. A Floral Vine


Another elegant and very simple and easy mehendi design! Here, on an imaginary vine that runs from the wrist to the fingers, floral motifs are drawn!

33. Mixed Motifs

Simple & Easy Mehendi Designthesoulart00

Here is yet another henna art that looks complicated but in reality, is very easy to create. Here, different types of motifs have been brought together! A large part of the palm shows the jaal work. We see floral motifs, leaves, vines, spirals etc. The shading technique has also been used.

34. Large Floral Motifs


Using the technique of shading, big floral motifs have been created along with jaal work with detailing. The work is neat and beautiful but also simple and easy.

35. Alpana Themed Henna Art


Go for a simple alpana motif! Alpana is traditionally a form of design Hindus make with pasted rice on their thresholds or courtyards on auspicious occasions. They are not very different from rangolis. But rangolis use more colors. Similar motifs and elements have been used for this henna. It resembles alpana or rangoli.

36. Floral Circles


Another simplistic, non-dense mehendi design is seen here! We see mandala art inspired floral circles, spirals, straight lines, double lines and jaali work etc brought together

37. Floral Arabic Style Henna Art

Simple & Easy Mehendi Designaccidental_henna_artist

Arabic floral motifs, rose motifs, mandala floral motifs etc have been used to create a vine-like structure on a single line on the palm. We see paisley and barfi motifs as well.

38. Lotus and Peacock Henna Art


Saying it like that might make it sound very difficult. But, the peacock and lotus motifs are very easy to draw. Moreover, it takes up a lot of space on the palm. Hence, simpler motifs like flowers, jaal etc can be used to fill up the rest.

39. Roses in Henna

A very unusual but impressive style is portrayed in this henna design. Just roses have been drawn with henna all over the palm. There are no other motifs. The roses are neat and intricate. It’s another way of creating a simple, easy yet unique mehendi design.

40. A Simple Traditional Henna Art


We have saved the most simple one for the last. There is nothing complicated or extraordinary in this henna art but henna being such a beautiful thing in itself, it can make even the most simple of designs look extraordinary, romantic and beautiful!

For more inspiration on henna and mehendi designs of various types, check out our other blogs!

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