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40 Back Hand Mehendi Designs for this Bridal Season 

While the focus of any wedding mehendi design lies on the palms of the bride, the back of the hand should never be ignored. You will be surprised to see the number of back hand pictures that are taken during the wedding rituals! If the design on the back of the hand is dull and unimpressive, you can be sure that it will be noticed!

So tell your mehendi artist to pay special attention to the back hand henna art. For ideas and inspiration, here are 40 different back hand mehendi designs on real brides.

40 Back Hand Mehendi Designs for Brides

1. Mandala Flowers with Leaves

Mandala Flowers with Leaves

The back hand of this bride showcases mandala flowers used in different ways. These flowers are placed within networked squares as well as with leaf patterns on the fingers.

2. Floral Patterns

Floral Patterns Back hand Mehendi

While half of this bride’s back hand showcases a network of ornate lines with half mandala circles, the other part is adorned in a wide column with intricate and neatly drawn floral patterns and motifs.

3. Elephant Motifs

These artistic elephant motifs not only look good but are also considered auspicious! Each square of the ornate network has one elephant motif while the background is filled up! The intricacy and detailing of the mehendi art is showcased on the fingers.

4. Paisleys with Peacock Face

In an ornate and floral chamber a special motif has been drawn! In this case, we see a paisley transformed into a graceful peacock. This motif is often seen in bridal henna art and looks striking on the back hand.

5. Intricate Detailing

Intricate Detailing

Like the front part of her palm, this bride’s back hand is also filled with intricately detailed imagery. The motifs, though densely packed, are artistically decipherable. It goes without saying that it looks gorgeous and stunning!

6. Roses with Panelled Motifs

We see numerous different types of floral motifs in this back hand mehendi design. The fingers are adorned in leaves, a large part of the hand is covered in panels with floral motifs placed within. We see rose motifs too, outside the panels.

7. Alpana Floral Art

Though this is an easy-to-draw henna design, it looks very beautiful on the back hand of the bride. The alpana floral motif is intricate. The fingers showcase minimalistic designs. The alpana motifs are also considered auspicious!

8. Arm Length Intricate Design

Arm Length Intricate Design

Another bride with a stunning back hand intricate detailed henna design. The motifs here are closely packed in some places and spread out in others which makes the design even more beautiful.

9. Two Types of Jaal Art

Sometimes the simplest of designs look the most beautiful! This back hand mehendi design is an example of that. Two types of jaal art can be seen here. On the fingers we can see that the usual straight line network has been drawn and on the back hand a network of intricate leaf lines can be seen. Together they look extremely symmetrical.

10. Mandala Circle on Back of the hand

Mandala Circle on Back of the hand

A floral mandala circle constitutes the imagery in this case! Elements from mandala art, like spiral centred flowers, petal lines etc can be seen on the fingers as well.

11. Big Floral Motifs with Leaf Networks

Big Floral Motifs with Leaf Networks

A part of the backhand is covered in large neat floral and leaf motifs with a shaded background. The rest is showcasing a leaf line jaal art or network. Within each compartment of the jaal art, a tiny floral motif has been placed.

12. Leaf and Petal Patterns

The design structure here is dense and detailed. Meticulously drawn lines of petals and leaves make up most of the design. We can also see alpana floral elements.

13. Peacock with Floral Motifs

A beautiful and ornate peacock motif is drawn on the back of the hand. Around that we have floral patterns joined by dots, petal motifs, leaf lines etc which look extremely well-coordinated with the central peacock motif.

14. Simple Alpana Motifs

At times, the simplest of motifs and the sleekest of the designs look the most glamorous. This bride has opted for such a design for the back hand henna art. We can see simple, intricate strokes. Alpana motifs have been used with floral elements.

15. Square Alpana Motif

Square Alpana Motif

When alpana motifs are used for henna designs, we see mostly floral elements and round shapes. But these square or barfi shaped motifs are also pretty common in alpana art. That has been used in this case with petal and bud patterns, spiral florals etc.

16. Central Lotus Motif


The lotus motif plays an important role in many cultures and religions and is considered auspicious. This is why we see the use of lotus motifs a lot in bridal henna! Here it is used centrally and the geometric designs surrounding it are inspired from Mughal architecture. They draw the focus on the central lotus image.

17. Networked Leaf Lines

Networked Leaf Lines

Keep it simple! Draw a network of intricate leaf lines. The criss-cross design language will not only be striking but will also give the impression of jaal art. The detailing on the leaves should be good to make the design look even better!

18. Lotus Pond Motif

While we see elaborate variations of the lotus pond henna art on the palms on brides, here the same imagery is used in a simplistic form on the back hand. The dark background with the prominent lotus image looks mesmerising!

19. Heart Imagery & Domes

Heart Imagery & Domes

The design here follows a dome-shaped structure which is pretty much common in bridal henna art. We often see the placement of unique images like that of a queen or bride or an ornate peacock inside these dome-shaped designs inspired from Mughal architecture. In this case, simple floral motifs have been used. What is unique about this back hand mehendi design is the use of the line of hearts on some of the fingers.

20. Floral Motifs Inside Panels

Here too the dome shaped imagery has been used. But the structures here use straight lines instead of ornate borders. A panel-line structure has been created bordered by a line of leaves within which we see the placement of spiral floral motifs.

21. Jaal Art On the Fingers

We see jaal art mostly on the palm or the back of it. This henna art is especially unique because here the entire jaal art design has been placed on the back of the fingers. This creates a unique sense of detailing. On the back of the palm an alpana motif showcasing tiny details has been drawn.

22. Juxtaposing Imagery Types

In this unique back hand design we see a juxtaposition of different types of imagery. You have the lotus pond imagery next to floral jaal art, separated only by a line of buds. We can also see a part of a mandala circle and closely packed spirals.

23. Floral Bootas

Though this back hand mehendi design might seem extremely complex from far, if you observe closely you can see that it’s just a network of different types of bootas joined together by short straight lines. A dome-structure has been added bordered by a line of buds and on the fingers spiral flowers have been drawn.

24. Jaal and Mandala Art

Jaal and Mandala Art

The combination of a detailed and intricate mandala circle and jaal art is fabulous. The mandala circle on the back side of the palm has a leaf border. The jaal art on the fingers are connected to the mandala circle by ornate chains. The design is precise with meticulously drawn details.

25. Curved Designs

This back hand mehendi design follows a curved line structure. The motifs are arranged around curved wavy lines or half circles. The fingers showcase tiny detailed motifs on curved surfaces.

26. Jaal Art Variation

This unique back hand henna art is stunning! Half of the back hand is covered in simple jaal art. That is bordered by a wavy curved line with leaf motifs within. The rest is covered in mandala half circles with petal lines. Though the motifs are not ornate or floral, they create a beautiful symmetry.

27. Rose Motifs Within Jaal Art

Rose Motifs Within Jaal Art

This is another variation of the jaal art. The compartments are big and within each compartment a rose motif is placed. The lines forming the jaal art are ornate.

28. Lotus Pond with Jaal Art

Lotus Pond with Jaal Art

The lotus pond and jaal art design language is very common in bridal henna art. But in this case, they have been used in a unique way. On one part of the back hand, the lotus pond imagery is placed along with jaal art, creating a detailed and dense look. The other side showcases just an ornate alpana motif. The rest is empty. The juxtaposition of the detailing and the minimalistic alpana motif creates a unique design language.

29. The Play or Shades

Why does this back hand henna design look so different and stunning? It’s true that the perfection in each motif – be it the flowers inside the jaal art compartments or the petals and leaves on the fingers – is unparalleled. But the approach of filling up the backgrounds or spaces around the motifs with henna, makes this design truly unique. It creates an almost multi-dimensional look and so the motifs come alive even more.

30. Mandala Motifs

Mandala art uses different kinds of geometrical shapes to create unique designs. Among these, this particular type of floral image is pretty common. Straight lines and petal or scale-like shapes are used in rows to create this motif. It is repeated all over the back hand and makes up a unique yet beautiful look.

31. Simple Alpana Motifs

Simple Alpana Motifs

There are numerous common elements in mandala and alpana arts. Just like the previous back hand henna art, here too we see the use of petal or scale-like floral imagery. Along with it are typical alpana art elements. While in mandala art we see geometric shapes mostly, alpana uses many curved elements and dots as well!

32. Simple Peacock Motif

This rather simple, minimalistic yet stunning back hand mehendi design uses motifs and elements from different styles of henna art. The fingers showcase typical alpana elements with curved, wavy lines and leaf motifs. The back of the palm showcases an ornate dome with a peacock within. The peacock is filled with spirals reminiscent of mandala art.

33. More Floral Alpana Imagery

More Floral Alpana Imagery

There is nothing unique about this beautiful floral motif in the middle of the back hand. But the neatly drawn alpana flower is so traditional tha it strikes a chord. The simplicity, the traditional look, the uncomplicated strokes make it extremely elegant!

34. Leaf and Jaal Imagery

This beautifully detailed back hand mehendi design uses a lot of leaf motifs and imagery along with jaal art. While the pairing of floral motifs and jaal art is very common in bridal henna art, this particular design language is not!

35. Central Floral Alpana Motif

The most common type of back hand henna art is a central ornate, elaborate and detailed floral motif with alpana elements. In this case that has been done with neatness, finesse and perfection!

36. Roses, Paisleys and Lotus Ponds

For the first time in this list we have a back hand henna design that is not similar for both hands. That being said, it’s not the only thing about this particular bridal henna which makes it so stunning. To say the least, the meticulous detailing is breathtaking! On one hand we have an ornate paisley motif with lotus pond imagery within it. On the other hand there is a big complex rose motif surrounded by other flowers, veins and leaves.

37. Contrast of Detail and Emptiness

Contrast of Detail and Emptiness

Another unique design language is seen in this case! We have jaal art on the larger part of the back of the palm. Big floral motifs have been placed at every juncture! The rest of the hand as well as the wrist area displays extreme detailing along with shading, creating a huge contrast.

38. Arms Do The Talking

This back hand mehendi design focuses more on the arms. The designs there are traditional and detailed. On the back of the palm we see an alpana flower.

39. Two Types of Jaal Art

On the back of the palm, we can see ornate lines criss-crossing each other to form a unique type of jaal art. On the fingers simple straight line jaal art has been done with a boota at every cross. The two types of imagery look great together.

40. Simple Mandala Imagery

Simple Mandala Imagery

A simple mandala art round floral motif is placed in the centre of the back hand. Multiple lines of petals surround it. The fingers too showcase mostly straight line designs with a dome shaped floral motif at the base.

For more such blogs on the art of henna and mehendi designs, follow us!

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