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22 Matching Lehenga & Sherwani Ideas for This Season’s Brides & Grooms

A wedding represents a bond that lasts forever. Your marriage will bond you together as one being! You will take every step in life together, face every obstacle in unity and rejoice every success in unison.

Henceforth, the both of you will represent oneness! So why not start from the wedding day itself? Co-ordinated wedding outfits or matching lehenga and sherwani on the wedding day, not only encourages the feeling of conjugal union, it also establish a theme in the wedding. Not only do photographs come out well, your love and association comes across as indivisible!

Let us today look at 22 couples who have dealt really well with the idea of matching lehenga and sherwani!

1. Marooned on the Island of Love

Matching Lehenga and Sherwani
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We start off with a gorgeous pair in a layered lehenga skirt and a jacketed sherwani! This maroon customized matching lehenga and sherwani set is in one word “royal”. The rich texture is to die for! The lehenga skirt and the blouse are replete with sequin, gota patti and zardozi work in silver. The same kind of work is seen in the jacket of the groom. Maroon is a great choice as, unlike red, it is a completely bridal color yet looks great even on men!

2. The Groom in a Pink Pagdi

Matching Lehenga and Sherwani
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This bride and groom have cleverly co-ordinated their outfits! The bride is dressed in an exquisite pink lehenga with gold zari work all over! If you thought a groom in pink would look quite funny, then you were right! This is why this groom is flaunting a sherwani in a color – light blue – which complements and pairs well with the pink of the bridal outfit. To make the outfit match even better, he has accessorized with a pink pagdi and a pink dupatta. Smart, isn’t it?

3. The Patterns of Conjugal Bliss

Matching Lehenga and Sherwani in white color

This bride and groom have kept it simple with cream color matching lehenga and sherwani for their wedding. But this isn’t why we call this outfit well-co-ordinated. The bride wears a beautiful lehenga with golden zari work and embroidery all over. Her lehenga skirt has a rich thick border and golden motifs on top of that. The same golden motifs have been used on the sherwani kurta of the groom. Not a bad idea!

4. Because Love Never Grows Old

Matching Lehenga and Sherwani for mature Indian Couple

This vintage matching lehenga and sherwani set is a masterpiece in itself! Look at the dense and fine craftsmanship on the outfits. The matte gold of the outfits is complemented by the embroidery, jaali work, aari work and stone work. Such outfits are prized possessions and owing to the unique and versatile color, can be worn by all age groups. This elderly couple looks like a dream in this outfit! May their love live forever!

5. In the Gardens of Elysium

Matching Lehenga and Sherwani in green color
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This floral pink and green co-ordinated lehenga and sherwani set is extremely pretty to look at! Who though floral pinks and a dark green would look so good together? The color combination reminds one of the gardens of celestial Elysium! The bride looks beautiful in the sleeveless green blouse and pink dupatta. Her lehenga skirt is adorned in embroidered floral motifs. The groom wears a dark green sherwani accessorized with a pink floral jacket! Such an outfit can also be worn at a pre-wedding function.

6. The King and Her Queen

Matching Lehenga and Sherwani - Maharaja Style
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When it comes to non-bridal colors, dark or bottle green is a good choice as it uplifts the intricacies of gold zari or sequin embroidery. Look at the lehenga skirt of this bride which is dense with detailed zari work. The gold and pink work comes out well on the dark green surface. The groom wears a sherwani also dense with similar zari work. The dupattas of both the bride and the groom are solid with minimal motifs marking a break in the density of the embroidery. This matching lehenga and sherwani wedding set is fit for the royals!

7. The Subtle Fun of Love

Matching Lehenga and Sherwani

This couple, dressed in a well-co-ordinated matching lehenga and sherwani set seems to have a lot of fun. Subtle hues like peach go a long way in glamourizing morning weddings like these! Moreover, peach is a feminine color that also sophisticates masculine looks. The bride wears a peach lehenga with white and bright peach floral work! The groom looks great in a plain peach sherwani with a beige headgear. Checkout more Golden Lehengas.

8. Red and Gold – The Perfect Pair

Matching Lehenga and Sherwani

You can’t think outside red when it comes to bridal fashion? At the same time, you want your groom to co-ordinate his outfit with yours! Please don’t ask him to wear a red sherwani! Instead, do something like this! If you are flaunting a red lehenga ask your groom to wear a gold sherwani with few red elements. The bride here wears a dark red lehenga with gold zari and sequin work. Her groom flaunts a sherwani with intricate gold aari and zardozi work. Red and gold are permanent companions so your outfits will look co-ordinated as it is. Still, if you want to take it one step further add a red dupatta and headgear like this groom has done.

9. Trendy in Turquoise

Matching Lehenga and Sherwani

What can be the ideal non-bridal yet bright color for wedding fashion? Why not turquoise? Turquoise blue has a unique subtle femininity about it! Moreover it goes really well with gold or diamonds. And any shade of blue looks great for men! This Punjabi bride and groom wear a turquoise and gold matching lehenga and sherwani set. While the bride’s lehenga has gold and stone sequin work with a pink and stone sequin border, the groom wears a cream sherwani accessorized with a turquoise pagdi and dupatta. His sherwani dupatta has a gold border.

10. Fifty Shades of Pink

Lehenga and Sherwani

If you thought, you can’t wear a pink lehenga on your wedding because it is too feminine a color to match your groom’s outfit, think again! If you lower down the brightness and density of any color, it can work just as well as any other non-bridal color! This couple seems to have a pink themed wedding! While their outfits flaunt shades like blush pink, baby pink, powder pink, rosewood pink, magenta etc, their garlands are also made up of pink blossoms. The blush pink lehenga of the bride, adorned in silver and magenta work looks celestial. The groom wears a baby pink sherwani and a rosewood-to-magenta dupatta.

11. The Unconventional Duo

Lehenga and Sherwani

If you are thinking that by the “unconventional duo” we mean the Caucasian groom and his South Asian bride, you are not entirely wrong! While the couple is definitely unconventional, the color combination of their matching sherwani and lehenga too is far above stereotypes.

The bride wears a lehenga in a rich maroon color with which gold would have been the commonest partner. Yet, in this case, the designer has used a matte gold, almost tussar color for the adornments. This color has been majorly used on the outfit of the groom who carries a maroon dupatta. The maroon may represent the vibrancy of India while the beige-based matte gold may represent sombre western wedding fashion.

12. Same But Different

Lehenga and Sherwani

Look closely at these wedding outfits and you will wonder why they look so similar to each other yet do not have color or design elements in common. The designer has cleverly used elements that make the outfits look well-co-ordinated or matching. First of all, both outfits use colors from the same palette. The bride wears an outfit in light lavender and ivory and the groom wears a sherwani in cream, ivory and light mint green. All these colors are light pastel hues. Second, the bride has bright flowers in light peach and baby pink as adornments on her outfit. Silver sequins have also been used. The groom too has silver thread work on his outfit. The designs on both outfits creates the illusion of embossed patterns. For both the outfits, subtlety is the theme!

13. The Groom in Pink and Red

Breaking all conventions, this groom has gone all the way to take up a fashion challenge for his bride! The bride wears a beautiful red, pink and gold lehenga and the groom complements her immensely in his pink, red, gold and beige sherwani set. While many grooms are seen in red or maroon pagdis and dupattas on their wedding day, a pink sherwani is a rare sight. This groom does justice to the look. He has cleverly paired his pink sherwani with a beige salwar. Beige complements pink and tones down the look.

14. Coral Combinations

Lehenga and Sherwani
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This couple flaunts such a unique and beautiful shade on their wedding day. The outfits are a combination of numerous shades of coral and pink. The bride wears a light coral lehenga with matte silver work all over that complements her diamond jewellery perfectly. The groom’s outfit is in a shade that is a mix of coral and beige. His head gear and dupatta, in a mellow coral, adds a dash of brightness. The highlight of his look is the jacket he wears over his bottom-flared sherwani kurta. The exquisite work on the back of his jacket makes his outfit as glamorous as his bride’s. This outfit combination is one of the best examples of a matching lehenga and sherwani set for the wedding day.

15. Dreams in Beige and Gold

Matching Lehenga and Sherwani
Get Custom Made Matching Lehenga & Sherwani

This beautiful bride proposes to her handsome groom at their beige and gold themed wedding! Does this photo not look gorgeous with the warmly lit background of a sandstone fort or palace? The golden beige color of the sandstone reflects on the matching lehenga and sherwani set of the bride and the groom. Her beige lehenga is densely packed with gold sequin embroidery and he wears a blush beige sherwani kurta with a pleated asymmetrical hem. The highlight of the look is the jacket in sandstone color flaunting traditional Indian artwork.

16. Together in the Pistachio Orchard

Lehenga and Sherwani

In a completely offbeat color for an Indian wedding this couple looks exquisite! They wear matching lehenga and sherwani in a combination of pistachio, silver and ivory. The extensive stone and sequin work on the bride’s lehengacomplements her diamond jewellery! The couple has gone to the extent of color co-ordinating their accessories as well. The bright peach of the groom’s pagdi is reflected in the bride’s traditional kaleere.

17. All About the Blushes

Matching Lehenga and Sherwani for brie and Groom

This couple takes subtle wedding fashion to the next level! All the soothing shades like lavender, light mauve, powder pink, blush pink etc are present on their outfits. What sets this matching lehenga and sherwani apart is the intricate silver and gold sequin embroidery on the outfits. The grey shawl the groom carries, instead of a dupatta, adds a touch of masculinity and elegance to his look.

18. To Walk Along the Pathway of Love

Lehenga and Sherwani

This outfit combination is as elegant as it can get! This co-ordinated lehenga and sherwani uses the elegance of colors like ivory, lavender and cream with the vibrancy of dark green to create a unique look. The design is themed after traditional Mughal and Kashmiri works. Instead of a dupatta, the groom uses a shawl with an intricate border in Kashmiri embroidery. His sherwani too has jamawar work. The lehenga of the bride uses Mughal motifs to create a royal look.

19. Going Well Together

Matching Lehenga and Sherwani

Did you ever imagine that orange and mint would go so well together? Wait, we are not talking about the flavours here! We mean the colors that adorn the matching outfits of this bride and groom. The mint green sherwani with gold work has been adorned by a cream dupatta and a bright orange pagdi. His bride wears a mint green lehenga with double dupatta style. One of the dupattas are in a bright tangerine shade and the other is in a more transparent shade of orange. The lehenga has intricate golden zari work with small orange motifs too. It flaunts a unique mint green to dark green ombre effect towards the bottom part. This matching lehenga and sherwani set is as vibrant as it can get!

Matching Lehenga & Sherwani Sets for Pre & Post Wedding Functions

Why just the wedding day? If you are really keen on co-ordinating your outfits you can use the idea for pre and post wedding functions as well! We give you one suggestion each for the three major pre and post wedding functions in which both the bride and the groom are usually present!

20. Go Yellow for Haldi

Lehenga and Sherwani in Haldi Color

If you are going to have a destination wedding, you will definitely have your haldi ceremony together! You may also have a pre-wedding haldi themed photo shoot! Definitely choose a bright yellow outfit for these occasions. This mustard matching lehenga and sherwani set is just perfect. The vibrancy of the outfit increases manifold owing to the bright pink and green embroidery on the mustard background. The lehenga skirt of the bride and the sherwani jacket of the groom flaunt matching embroidery.


21. Light & Floral for Sangeet

Matching Lehenga and Sherwani in floral

Fun pre wedding functions like the sangeet are perfect occasion to wear sherwanis and lehengas that flaunt the same print or work! Take for example this couple who have asked their designer to create outfits for both of them using the same printed floral fabric. While the groom uses this vibrant red, pink and yellow floral fabric on his sherwani kurta, the bride uses it for her lehenga skirt with which she has paired a crop top. Checkout more floral Sherwani.

22. For the Reception Blues

Matching Lehenga and Sherwani
Get Custom Made Matching Lehenga & Sherwani

The reception eve is all about style and panache! Stay away from strictly bridal shades if you really want to make a statement. This couple wears a bespoke matching lehenga and sherwani set in a dark, rich and royal indigo blue! The lehenga blouse is minimalistic while the skirt flaunts intricate silver work. Similar motifs have been used on the shewani jacket-kurta of the groom. He wears a layered sherwani with complementing beige kurta and pajama below the indigo jacket-kurta. The dupatta of the bride is sheer and light.


Conclusion – Matching Lehenga & Sherwani

While there are numerous pictures in circulation on social media that would give you great ideas on matching lehengawith the sherwani for wedding, at the end of the day, it is important that you decide if you really want a stark match or a subtle one! This depends entirely on the personal choices of you and your partner!

Choosing a matching lehenga and sherwani set may not be an easy job because you need to keep in mind a lot of things like the complexion, undertone, figure type etc of both the bride and the groom. Readymade outfits do not allow incorporation of so many factors. Thus, customization is key to a well-co-ordinated outfit. To get exclusive matching lehenga and sherwani sets customized trust only GetEthnic.

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