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Indo Western for Men: 25 Looks to Die for!

Without realising it, we come across Indo western menswear almost every day in our daily lives! When it comes to menswear around the Indian subcontinent, the rules are not so neatly laid as is in the case of women’s wear. Menswear as we see it today, even men’s ethnic wear in some cases, is a harmonious amalgamation of Indian and British fashion.

Men’s fashion in India has borrowed a lot from British dressing styles and tailoring techniques. So most of the formal wear that we see today, be it ethnic or otherwise, is in fact, fusion wear as far as history is concerned.

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Long ago, the unbuttoned kurta like the angarakha with tie up mechanism used to be worn my Indian men. Under this men wore dhotis – another unstitched, unbuttoned piece of clothing. But with the introduction of British fashion, concepts like that of collars, cuffs, cuts, buttons, jackets trousers etc was introduced.

These concepts were first adopted by the Indian royalty. It gave them an air of authority and confidence as at that time the British were considered the major ruling class. Such clothes also made outdoor activities like hunting etc very comfortable and convenient for the Indian princes and kings too.

This Indo western blend gave rise to outfits like Jodhpuri suits, the bandhgala kurta, waistcoat style jackets, the sherwani, the achkan jacket etc. We have discussed at length about these individual types of menswear and their origins in previous blogs. Today, we will introduce you few unique Indo western menswear ideas which can take your fashion game a step forward.

25 unique Indo Western menswear

  1. A Bespoke Indo Western Bandhgala

A Bespoke Indo Western BandhgalaGet Custom Made Indo Western Outfit

Raghavendra Rathore is the king when it comes to Indo western for Men! In case of regal and royal fashion too, he is the undisputed authority. The pinstripe bandhgala suit in the picture is a typical example of royal Indo western outfit. The single toned, well cut and tailored outfit breathes elegance and masculinity.

  1. Simply Royal Indo Western

Simply Royal Indo WesternGet Custom Made Indo Western Outfit

Nothing can be more royal, nothing can be more masculine and nothing can be classier than a well-tailored, well-fitted galabandh suit in solid colors paired with posh leather shoes! This is the basic rule of the game when it comes to Indo western for men. This picture proves that a white Jodhpuri suit with a black trouser can make you look like royalty, effortlessly!

  1. The Black Silhouette

The Black Silhouette - Indian Ethnic Wear for Men

Angad Bedi flaunts a unique black kurta. The kurta has a different neckline – much alike the band or wing tip collar. The rest of the kurta flaunts a free fall with an asymmetrical hem. Bedi wears a small gold brooch as an accessory.

This look goes really well for a groom in functions like Sangeet or Roka Ceremony.

  1. The Classic Black Achkan

The Classic Black Achkan

Shahid Kapoor has been the chocolate boy of Bollywood for a long time. But slowly, with the release of movies like ‘Kabir Singh’, his image is changing. The look that he flaunts in this picture stands somewhere between the two! The black achkan with the unique button details looks great with the white churidar, the polished leather shoes and the cute yet confident look on this face.

  1. Floral Indo Western Waistcoat

Floral Indo Western Waistcoat

We have explored different kinds of floral sherwanis in the past. However, in this case, Kartik Aryan is flaunting an ethnic waistcoat – a quintessential Indo western for men look – with floral motifs. The black and white look is enhanced by the multicolor flowers embroidered on the waistcoat! The brown leather boots also go well with the attire.

  1. Indo Western in White

Indo Western in White

This particular outfit might appear to you entirely ethnic, even more so because of the flared and pleated skirt-like fall of the sherwani kurta! Yet in reality, it is a perfect example of an Indo western attire for men. Look at the collar of the jacket. In every way, this jacket has been cut and tailored using techniques that were foreign long ago! In fact, some fashion historians may also opine that the flared sherwani style is reminiscent of the skirts worn my Scottish men.

  1. The Indian Coat

The Indian Coat - Indo Western outfit

Ayushmann Khurrana pairs a white shirt-black trouser set with a black achkan coat– the perfect fusion style Indo western for men. The attire consists of a spotless white shirt not tucked into the black trouser, classic black leather shoes and an ethnic long jacket on top. The only element of color is the rosette pattern pocket square – another western element.

  1. Off Blazer and Dhotis

Off Blazer and Dhotis

Though challenging to carry, this outfit takes the concept of Indo western for men to an all new level! In this case, a double-buttoned blue Jodhpuri coat has been worn over a longer white kurta.

This style is quite common if it had been paired with trousers! But in this case, a blue silk dhoti comes in and totally changes the look. Though different and experimental, this outfit does not look weird! Due to the clever color combination, the dhoti does look out of place!

  1. Fusion Rules in Indo Western

Fusion Rules in Indo Western

King Khan sports a unique Indo western attire for men! He pairs a perfectly tailored, collared, cloak style kurta with white pleated dhoti bottoms. The kurta flaunts Indian art work all over! But the structured collar, the straight cloak style cut and the black leather shoes make the look extremely Indo western.

  1. Long Black Indo Western Suit

Long Black Indo Western Suit

A Jodhpuri suit is the ideal example of Indo western for men. However, in this case, the style has been stretched a little bit! In this picture, we see a Jodhpur style coat, with a perfect collar, button line and pocket square. The only difference is the length. A Jodhpuri suit is a tad bit shorter than the one in this picture. But this style of coat too encourages a regal demeanor, as can be seen in this picture.

  1. Asymmetrical Achkan

Asymmetrical Achkan - Indo Western Outfit

This unique attire needs a close analysis! The cream achkan jacket resembles a double-breasted duffle coat. The red pocket square, the mandarin collar, the beige leathers shoes are all western elements. The coat has an embossed pattern and an asymmetrical hem. The kurta below it also flaunts a similar hem making the outfit unique in its own way.

  1. Sporting Indo Western for Men

Sporting Indo Western for Men

Raghavendra Rathore dresses celebrity Indian sportsmen in Indo western menswear! While Yuvraj Singh wears a velvet bandhgala with white trousers and Harbhajan Singh sports a well-tailored sherwani, Zaheer Khan takes the ‘Indo western’ game further by pairing a dupatta with his bandhgala and trousers!

  1. Jacket Matters

 Indo Western Outfit with jacket

In case of both the outfits in this picture, the design mechanism is similar – adding a western jacket to an ethnic attire to give it an Indo western look. One of the looks consist of a white collared shirt and a Patiala style dhoti – a perfect fusion pairing. It has been further fused with a mint green full-sleeve jacket with a slit down the middle. The second outfit consists of a grey short kurta-pajama set, made Indo western with the addition of a mint green waistcoat style jacket. The jacket flaunts thread work depicting birds in flight.

  1. A Benarasi Jacket with a Sufi Kurta

A Benarasi Jacket with a Sufi Kurta- Indo Western Outfit

This unique fusion attire is one of its kind! The blue and gold jacket has a western well-tailored look with collars and a straight cut. The fabric, though is Indian, resembling Benarasi brocade work. Below that, the model wears a unique kurta. The bottom part of the white kurta is flared and pleated – similar to the skirts of Sufi whirling dervishes. The amalgamation of three very different styles, make the outfit a unique Indo western choice for men.

  1. A Floral Yellow Indo Western Coat

A Floral Yellow Indo Western CoatGet Custom Made Indo Western Outfit

A Jodhpuri Coat has been paired with a kurta-pajama look to create an Indo western outfit for men! The unique color combination increases the appeal of the outfit. The kurta has a unique pleated hem and along with the pajama it comes in a glossy beige-brown fabric.

The jacket, on the other hand, is in a marigold yellow with floral patterns all over and a brown-beige pocket square. Note that the button line of the coat is slanted much like an achkan jacket. It also has an asymmetrical hem.

  1. Printed Waistcoats

Printed Waistcoats

These kurta-pajama-jacket sets by Raghavendra Rathore are unique in their own way! They boast a clean blend of Indian and western elements. The colors – light pastel shades like beige, pastel blue and a pale pink – are not-so-Indian hues. The styling of these outfits are very much Indian though the addition of pocket squares in these jackets make them a products of fusion fashion – the Nehru jacket! Lastly, the prints that adorn the jacket, render them unique!

This is a very good option for groomsmen outfit attending Indian wedding.

  1. Warm Peach Ensemble Indo Western

Warm Peach Ensemble Indo Western

This Indo western outfit for men is unique in all senses of the term! First, the color – a warm peach hue – is not usually associated with men’s clothing. Second, the collared kurta and the boots go very well together. Third, its most unique aspect is the sewed-in dupatta that falls in a structured drape from one shoulder. This outfit might not be very European in its style but is very much an instance of pure fusion clothing.

  1. Go Branded

Blue Indo Western Outfit

There was a time when big brands in the Indian fabric industry worked only with western clothing like shirts, trousers and suits. But now, the game is changing. Fusion clothing, Indo western menswear etc are entering the scenario. These brands are promoting styles like side-buttoned Jodhpuri suits, jacket sherwanis etc.

  1. Heritage Meets Globalization

Heritage Meets Globalization - Indo Western Outfit

Another Indo western creation by ace designer Raghavendra Rathore – this bandhgala suit has been created while keeping ‘globalization of Indian fashion’ in mind. The bandhgala suit is worn over a kurta with a unique hem. These have been teamed with a pair of trousers. This attire brings Rajput heritage and contemporary fashion together. Such an outfit is perfect for any evening occasion!

  1. The Blazer Sherwani

The Blazer Sherwani | Indo WesternGet Custom Made Indo Western Outfit

This navy blue and matte gold Indo western attire for men may be termed as a blazer style sherwani. The cut, the matte gold work etc make it very much ethnic. But the length of the suit and the collared look make it appear almost like a blazer. On top of that, the asymmetrical hem, the tapered trousers and the black shoes render the look ‘Indo western’ in the true sense of the term.

  1. A Glossy Indo Western Waistcoat

A Glossy Indo Western Waistcoat 

Another glamorous yet very wearable Indo western for men from the house of Raghavendra Rathore! Ritesh Deshmukh puts the ramp on fire in this Indo western avatar. He is wearing a black and white kurta-pajama which he has teamed up with a unique jacket-style waistcoat. The glossy brocade fabric in silver and charcoal speaks of class. The waistcoat is collared, buttoned and well-tailored and the pocket square enhances its appeal.

  1. The Achkan Jacket Kurta

The Achkan Jacket Kurta

The achkan kurta in the picture is a classic example of Indo western style of clothing for men. This achkan kurta is in a deep dark monotone paired with a pair of white tapered trousers. It has a slanted hem and a mandarin collar. It also flaunts the typical slanted button line.

  1. Glam in Black and White Indo Western

Glam in Black and White Indo Western

This ace cricketer knows his fashion games well too! He flawlessly sports an Indo western attire for men. He wears tapered trousers which form lose churidar-like folds at the bottom. He pairs this with a short white kurta and a jet black waistcoat. The waistcoat is accessorized with a pocket square and the outfit looks great with the leather shoes!

  1. Ethnic Prince-coats

Ethnic Prince-coats

Prince coats are a product of Indo British fusion in the scenario of menswear in India. They are also called sherwanicoats. These coats resemble the cut and style of a sherwani but don’t run all way down to the calf. Instead of traditional sherwani bottoms like churidars, sherwani coats are paired with trousers. These prince coats have taken the Indo western game further – they have been created out of typical Indian brocade fabrics and instead of pocket squares, they have been accessorized with real roses.

  1. Contemporary Classic Indo Western

Contemporary Classic Indo WesternGet Custom Made Indo Western Outfit

Look at this beautiful mix of Indian and western fashion! The model wears a white shirt-like bandhgala with black collars. It has been paired with classic black trousers. Also, the outfit comes with an ethnic jacket which boasts Indian detailing and craftsmanship. The Indo western blend in this attire is so smooth that a jacket does not at all look out of place with a bandhgala suit!

Conclusion – Indo Western for Men

You may be planning to make a fashion statement at your wedding reception! Or you may have the want to impress someone at a friend’s wedding by your fashion sense! In these and similar cases, don’t look beyond Indo western outfit for men!

Indo western menswear, always well-tailored and well-fitted, will make you look extremely presentable. Moreover, there isn’t a need for too many accessories which, in cases of certain pure ethnic attires for men, turn out to be uncomfortable. With Indo western for men, you can wear trousers and shoes that you are comfortable in. So grab the best suited Indo western menswear for you.

As we are talking about fusion clothing, the best option is to get them customized and tailored for you! How? Worry not! Get Ethnic does just this for you, who may be far away from home! Our army of stylists and tailors get all your dream outfits customized for you. What more? All this is done online! So don’t worry and get in touch with us! Let’s Get Started.

Here is how to take measurement for Men’s wear sitting at home:

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