30 Lehenga for kids & teenage fashionistas – A to Z of Kids Lehenga

Parents these days want to dress their little girls like a diva and Why not! Be it an Indian Wedding or other ethnic function, Kids Lehenga is in demand like never before. Your little princess deserves the best when it comes to style, fashion and comfort.

Kids Girls Lehenga dupattaGet Custom Made Kids Lehenga 


In case you are not used the concept of real ethnic wear for kids, it’s time we introduce you to the same!

We have compiled for you a list of 30 kids’ lehengas or little girls’ lehengas that will surely give you many creative ideas for dressing up your child in ethnic wear!


Kids Lehenga Style and Designs

Want to know more? You have come to the right place! Today, we will discuss about the various kinds of kids’ lehengas that little girls can wear at weddings or any ethnic function. We will give you a comprehensive list of different styles of kids’ lehengas. We will also tell you from where you can buy them. But first let us focus on the points we have to keep in mind before making any ethnic wear purchases for kids.

1. Elegance in Pink & Green

Kids Girls LehengaGet Custom Made Kids Lehenga 

This kids’ lehenga comes in a vibrant Pink and Green color. The lehenga skirt comes in a three-layer design and the fabric is net. The lehenga comes with a net dupatta. The blouse has golden zari booti work.


2. The Trendsetter

Kids Girls Lehenga

This little girls’ lehenga is pretty unique! Floral pattern all over the lehenga skirt and blouse makes it look totally unique. It’s  paired with a plain net dupatta with border matching the color of the lehenga is too cute and classy at the same time!


3. The Elegant Wedding Dance Kids Lehenga

Kids Girls Lehenga

Does this lehenga not remind you of veteran actresses like the late Sridevi or Madhuri Dixit in wedding dance sequences of Bollywood movies? The “Rani pink” color pure silk – a top favourite color when it comes to ethnic wedding fashion has been paired with a white top. This lehenga for kids also comes with a dupatta that has been cleverly fastened.


4. Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

A perfect Punjabi wedding lehenga choli. Such a bright pink net and gold brocade kids’ lehenga will be perfect for your little toddler. The crop top inspired gold motif blouse looks extremely cute on little girls. This is a custom made lehenga by


5. Simplicity at it’s best

Kids Girls LehengaGet Custom Made Kids Lehenga 

The beauty of this girls’ lehenga is in the color. This goergette lehenga comes with no extra embellishments on the skirt. The simplicity makes it perfect for little girls.


6. The Showstopper

The Showstoppershivani_and_shivangi

Give the girl the right lehenga and she can put the ramp on fire with her swag! This little diva is doing just that by flaunting a sky blue and pink kids’ lehenga. The bright pink blouse has little gold details. The sky blue skirt has pink floral prints on it. The sheer pink dupatta comes with a gold border. The most beautiful element in this outfit is the gold net thick border of the lehenga skirt.

7. The little Queen with Her King

This little girl and boy have dressed well for the ethnic function they are about to attend! This gorgeous kids’ lehenga comes in a glossy fabric with little gold sequin details on the skirt. The blouse is in navy blue silk with gold floral details.


8. Off shoulder blouse with Lehenga for Girls

Kids Girls Lehenga with crop topGet Custom Made Kids Lehenga 

Kids can carry fusion and unique fashion with ease. This layered off shoulder blouse with lehenga is looking great with a machine embroidery lehenga!

9. Little Wonder in a Lehenga

Little Wonder in a Lehengajiakriticouture

We have kept the cutest for the last! Just look at this toddler wearing a baby pink and gold lehenga that even comes with a sheer dupatta. If this is not adorable, then what is!

10. Pretty in Pink

little girl is wearing a South Indian style ghagra or lehengago_fabrics_karimnagar

This little girl is wearing a South Indian style ghagra or lehenga in a bright combination of deep pink and cobalt blue. The skirt has zari detailing with an elaborate pink toned zari border at the bottom. Kids’ lehengas, in many cases, do not come with dupattas as you can’t really expect little girls to carry it around.

As an accessory this little cutie-pie has added a golden belt on her waist just above the pleated details of the blouse. The blouse also has puff sleeves, characteristic of South Indian skirt-style lehenga-cholis.

11. In Lighter Hues

girls’ lehenga is highly inspired from the South Indian pattu skirt and choli stylesahaja_madhuri

This girls’ lehenga is highly inspired from the South Indian pattu skirt and choli style! But the uniqueness of this kids’ ethnic outfit is the light colors – a light peachy pink and banana-leaf green! The golden zari details look great especially with the golden belt and the necklace.

12. The Dancing Queen

little beauty is whirling her lehenga skirt while dancingthe.cage.story

Look how gracefully this little beauty is whirling her lehenga skirt while dancing! This little girls’ lehenga comes with a pink blouse with zari motifs and a greenish-golden semi sheer lehenga skirt. She is also not dropping her sheer golden dupatta while making the moves. Her floral jewellery and complex hairstyle complement the outfit beautifully!


14. Princess in Pink

Little Princess in Pinklabelnityabajaj

You thought kids can’t carry a lehenga like grown-ups can? Think again because this girl can give competition to all her aunts at a wedding party. She wears a flared pink lehenga skirt and a sleeveless blouse in light pink. This kid’s lehenga is adorned in sequin and stone embellishments. She is also carrying a pink dupatta with grace.

15. A Gold & Blue Skirt

A Gold & Blue Skirt

Another South Indian style kids’ lehenga – this beauty has elaborate gold brocade details on a bright blue skirt. The light pink frilled blouse complements the skirt like a dream!


16. Little Sunshine

Little Sunshine

Just look at this tiny little ray of sunshine! She looks so adorable in this gold and sunshine yellow lehenga that comes with a sleeveless white crop top. The dupatta is also yellow in colour & she carries it with ease!


17. Grace comes in Pink

Grace comes in Pinkmissrasika

It seems most kids’ lehengas are pink! And for good reason too! This girl is killing it in a pink and gold children’s lehenga that does not come with a dupatta. This is a good thing in this case as the gold thread and brocade work on this girl’s lehenga is a thing to flaunt. The blouse has a gold leaf embroidered on it which looks really classy. The lehenga skirt has gold brocade designs all over!


18. Sister Act

Sisters are flaunting similar customized blue & yellow lehengas

19. Princess in Blue

Princess in Blue

This gorgeous blue color makes this zari booti and net kids’ lehenga something to crave for! This unique color, which is in between cobalt and turquoise, will make all little girls look like princesses.


20. The Tiny ‘Fashionista’

The Tiny ‘Fashionista’

How adorable does this kid look in a childrens’ lehenga in navy blue turquoise! The flared skirt has gold polka details similar to Chanderi weaves. The single-sleeve blouse is adorned with an adorable flower detail at the shoulder of the sleeved side. This is just cuteness overload! The maangtika, the bangles etc makes her look like a dancing diva.

21. Yellow All the Way

Yellow All the Wayflyawayboutique

Yellow is a color that brightens the mood and on kids it looks even better. This little girl flaunts a flared and layered solid lehenga skirt with a similarly toned sleeveless blouse that has sequin details and thread work on it!


Daughter – Mother Matching Lehenga

22. Mummy’s Princess

mom-daughter duo is nailing it in their traditional and royal lehengasGet Custom Made Mother – Daughter Lehengas 

This mom-daughter duo is nailing it in their traditional and royal lehengas. Both the lehengas are heavily embellished. The kid’s lehenga is in a light pink color with multicolour zari, sequin and stone embroidery. The little one is also carrying a multicolour dupatta!


23. Like Mother Like Daughter

Like Mother Like Daughterlagnadeepstudio

This mother-daughter duo looks adorable in similar red and gold lehengas. There is nothing that matches this kids’ lehenga in gorgeousness! The golden embellishments, the sheer dupatta etc make it an outfit fit for royalty! You can also get such a beautiful set designed for you and your daughter from a reliable ethnic wear boutique.


24. A Mix of Mom & Dad

little girl is wearing an ethnic

This little girl is wearing an ethnic outfit that matches both the apparels of her mom and dad! Her crop top style choli is in a pale pink color while the lehenga skirt is cream with blush and pale pink floral details. As a family, you could get such matching outfits tailored and customized as per your liking!

25. Mama’s Girl

This tiny little princess has dressed up the ethnic wayholichicbymegha | Get Custom Made Mom Daughter Lehenga 

This tiny little princess has dressed up the ethnic way following her mother. She is wearing a cute white blouse with little motifs all over and a bright red lehenga skirt with white thread work. The tiny bundle of joy is also carrying a white dupatta.


Lehengas for Teenagers:

26. The Future Fashionista Teenager Lehenga

Kids Girls Teenager LehengaGet Custom Made Kids Lehenga 

This gorgeous lehenga goes very well for an Indian wedding or any other ethnic function for your teenage daughter as its high in style and elegance.


27. The Royal Pink teenager Lehenga

Kids Girls Teenager Lehenga

This teenager lehenga is royal beyond words considering it’s color combination and style. Your daughter would like this it hits all the right notes to make your teenager happy!


28. The Royal skirt with Patches

Kids Girls Lehenga Green

This is a gorgeous two color girls lehenga which is perfect for any big fat Indian wedding. The lehenga skirt is pure silk paired with  mustard color blouse is bound to stand out.


29. Split Kurta with lehenga

Kids Girls Teenager Lehenga

This is a unique design for your teenager as its a combination of long split kurta with a plain lehenga skirt.

30. Pink and Golden Teenager Lehenga

Kids Girls Lehenga YellowGet Custom Made Kids Lehenga 

Your teenager would love this lehenga color combination since it’s royal and classy at the same time.

Things to Consider Before You Buy Kids’ Lehenga

Your little girl does not understand fashion! She will wear whatever you make her wear. But if she is uncomfortable in her lehenga, soon she might turn into a child who is extremely irritable and difficult to handle. So apart from considering the style and look of your kid’s lehenga, you need to cleverly consider certain other things.

1. Fabric

A happy kid is one who is comfortable in his or her clothes. And one of the most important things that constitute the comfort factor of a child’s clothing is the fabric. It goes without saying that kids feel comfortable in fabrics like pure cotton and rayon as compared to polyester or even silk.

2. The Season

A very important factor which should determine the style of kids’ lehengas is the season of the wedding. There are no real rules for kids! So if it is a summer wedding, choose an airy, sleeveless lehenga for your child and if it’s a winter wedding, go for layer and embellishments which would also keep your child warm.

3. Right Embellishments

Adults don’t mind wearing a dress which has a piece of lace poking at the skin somewhere. But this is a strict ‘no no’ when it comes to kids’ ethnic wear. A poky embellishment can turn a kid really cranky!

4. The Size & Fit

It is always a good option to get kids’ lehengas fitted and customized. This is simply because ill-fitting clothes are the biggest inconvenience for kids. Tight clothing hurts & lose clothes make it really difficult for children to play around. So even if you are buying readymade clothing for your kids make sure that the seller gives you the option of customization & fitting trial.

5. Easy to Put On & Take Off

Most of you won’t consider this point! But won’t an elasticated lehenga skirt be a matter of convenience when your child wants to use the toilet, compared to a skirt with a drawstring? Growing children often like to dress or undress on their own. So, elasticated skirts and pull over blouses make better kids’ lehengas compared to those with button, chain or hook closures.

6. Color

Deeper, darker tones may be mummy’s favourite but when it comes to your little girl make sure you choose bright and happy hues like vibrant yellows, funky pinks, smart reds, eye-catching blues or soothing greens etc when it comes to kids’ lehengas.


Final Words – Kids Lehenga

Whenever a wedding of a close friend or relative is being planned, the fashion needs of the bride is always the priority! Then comes the groom! It is a good thing that nowadays grooms are not neglecting their looks and are giving enough thought behind their outfits & accessories. Then come the relatives – the bride’s mother, the groom’s sister, the bridesmaid, the sister-in-law and so on and so forth! But do you realise that some important members of the wedding party often get ignored when it comes to dressing for the wedding? Who? The kids!

You read that right! In most cases, no one cares about what the children in the family are going to wear on the wedding day. The little bundles of joy have no idea that they too need to look good on their masi’s or chachu’s wedding! They are all absorbed in the fun of missing schools and meeting relatives! And we too blissfully forget about them until the eleventh hour when we conveniently pack them up in something that is easily available – ethnic wear or not!

Kids don’t follow fashion trends or they don’t have personal styles. Kids’ fashion is all about customization. They will look good in anything that they wear but along with looking good they need to be comfortable as well. Customization ensures both! So while searching for kids’ lehengas make sure you visit our website. Not only do we have a good range of girls’ lehengas we can also get a pretty lehenga customized for your little princess!

In fact, ethnic wear for kids is exploding with bright and vibrant colors, styles and designs! And wide variety of ethnic wear like kids’ lehengas and sherwanis are available at the right place! In fact, you can also get kids’ lehengas or other types of ethnic wear customised and tailored for your children.

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