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Why Wedding decoration is so important Indian Weddings?

Indian wedding is a grand event and everything executes grandeur, glitters and opulence and “Indian Wedding Decoration” plans a major role in making a dream wedding. Wedding ceremonies are always filled with laughter and joy. They can be seen as a harmonious event and the coming together of not just two people, but also two different families.

A typical wedding ceremony is decorated with ornaments of different colors which makes it spectacular. The wedding ceremony is centred around the decoration and merriment. While adorning the venue and making it shine bright, detailing is kept in mind with nothing out of place.

Indian wedding decor - Mandap/Stage

There are different Indian wedding decorations to choose from, but most Indian wedding ceremonies are famous for theme-based decorations. Here the bride’s wedding outfit is designed based on the colour of the decorations she has selected. This gives the ceremony an extra touch of beauty. Most Indian wedding decorations and other aspects of the wedding are based on the bride, her family, and sometimes friends.

Whether you are a minimalist and you want a simple wedding or an elaborate affair is all up to you. There are decoration designs that are appealing, and how far you want to go depends on your budget.


The stage decoration – Epicenter of photography 

The stage is the focal point of the wedding whether it is the ceremony or the reception. Hence, the stage backdrop needs to be decorated with extra attention to details. There are various ways to decorate your wedding stage backdrop.

Indian wedding decoration - Mandap/Stage

You could go with a particular colour scheme, have a particular theme, or a small set-up to set the tone of the event. Having a good stage backdrop is very important, especially for wedding photographers. It creates an ideal background for your beautiful wedding pictures.

Indian wedding decoration - Mandap/Stage

Stage backdrops come in different designs depending on what you want you are looking for and you have all the rights to make it unique or go overboard with your choices as it’s your own big fat Indian wedding after all 😉


Outdoor or Open Area stage decor

Its very common in summers to go for day weddings since you can use the natural sunlight and also can save the cost by having your stage setup out in the open lawn. It looks stunning when done right! 🙂

Indian wedding decoration - Mandap/Stage

Look at this beautiful stage decor in Indian wedding. It would perfectly go for a roka ceremony and when you are doing a destination wedding this can be used for sangeet as well.

Indian wedding decoration - Mandap/Stage

Fabric Backdrop

Fabric drapes are used to create classy and elegant stage backdrops. There are different options of fabrics that can be used ranging from chiffon to silk, or satin. If you already have a colour scheme for the wedding, then the backdrops can be made to match the scheme.

Indian wedding decoration - Mandap/Stage

These drapes come in different colours and design patterns, and you could make use of one or two colours and designs for your wedding. It is important to complement the stage with items from the venue so it doesn’t look bland. You can take it up a notch by adding decorative lanterns or lights to give it a soft glow. You can also add mirror or sequin works for that extra effect.

Indian wedding decoration - Mandap/Stage


Floral Backdrops decor

Fresh flowers are one of the most used items for Indian wedding decorations. They are frequently used for stage backdrops and in other parts of the wedding decor.

Indian wedding decoration - Mandap/Stage

You could have flower bouquets that are well spaced or an entire flower wall depending on your taste and budget. Local flowers like marigold, roses, jasmine, gerbera, and carnation can be used, and if there are no budget constraints, seasonal flowers can be imported. This style of backdrop brings a special kind of class to your wedding.

The bride’s family brings fresh flowers, usually marigold, roses or orchids, which are used by the pandit to please the Gods during the puja. The flowers are also sprinkled on the couples as they sit around the fire while taking their seven marital vows.


Paper or simple Backdrop

This is a great choice if you are on a budget for the wedding decorations. Artificial fabric flowers, paper-made flowers and cut-outs are used to make stunning designs for your backdrop. From a combination of multiple colours or a particular colour scheme, you can express lots of creativity with this type of backdrop.

Indian wedding decor - Mandap/Stage


Themed Indian Wedding Decor

Theme based decorations are a modern concept for Indian weddings. This is currently one of the most popular ways of decorating Indian weddings. This is a maharaja theme decor where you have gorgeous carpet with flowers bouquet on the path leading to the stage.

Indian wedding decor - Mandap/Stage

This type of wedding decoration creates a striking contrast from the conventional way of decorating weddings. Wedding themes can be anything from an elaborate recreated palace, destination location, or even a movie set.

Indian wedding decor - Mandap/Stage

You can go as big or as small as you want with your wedding theme. Hiring a professional wedding decorator will help you make the right theme choice, and ensure all the concepts in the wedding come together.

Traditional Wedding Decorations

Traditional Indian wedding decorations are a popular choice for people who stay outside India. This wedding style gives a sense of home even when you are miles away from home.

Indian wedding decoration - Mandap/Stage

The wedding is conducted in the typical way it is fine in India by performing all the rituals necessary. This preserves the rich culture and reminds the couples of their heritage. This type of wedding decorations is also done by soon-to-be couples in India who want to have their wedding the traditional way.

Stage decor at the beach

When you want to make a statement and really wanna make your wedding extra special then you can have stage setup next to the beach as it’s not open looks gorgeous but it could quickly become talk of the town!

Indian wedding decoration - Mandap/Stage

Wedding Jhula or Swing

The wedding jhula is decorated with beautiful flowers, including marigolds, roses, orchids, etc., that the couples would like and most likely picked out themselves.

The wedding jhula or the swing is where the couples sit during the sangeet ceremony, a significant place in the wedding, and why the decoration must be perfect. The jhula is decorated beautifully and the couples can also do a pre-wedding shoot here.


Flower Arch Wedding Decoration

This is where the bride and groom exchange vows. Hence, it is considered to be the most important aspect of Indian wedding decorations. The Arch is decorated with natural flowers, including rose, tulip, orchid, marigold, etc. The choice of colour for the wedding arch is decided by both the groom and the bride. This decoration can be in line with the theme of the wedding or have its special theme. The wedding arch or the mandap can be decorated simply or can be more elaborate.

Indian wedding decoration - Mandap/Stage

The mandap is decorated based on the location of your wedding venue. Outdoor mandap decorations are used for outdoor venues and the traditional or conservative mandap decoration for indoor venues.

The wedding arch has pots around it. The pots are placed on four sides of the arch. Take your Indian wedding decoration a step further if you have an open setup by having beautiful chairs with fresh flowers decor.


Wedding Decor Indian Style

Indian wedding decor - Mandap/Stage

The two chairs for the bride and groom are decorated with natural flowers, which give it an appealing look. It is often made from sankheda wood. The wedding chair is a beautiful piece of furniture and it is designed exquisitely.

The dream Arch Indian Wedding Decoration

Indian wedding decoration - Mandap/Stage

When you are looking to a have an Indian wedding but want to do it with style then this is one Indian wedding decoration theme that would do the job really well 🙂

Perfect Designation Outdoor Wedding Decoration

Outside wedding decor

When you want a simple and close family member Indian Wedding, then go for something beautiful flower mandate setup. It’s not only gorgeous but would look amazing in the pictures!

Indian Wedding Decoration in the woods

Indian wedding decor - in the woods

This is one unique yet totally amazing Indian wedding mapdap setup in the woods. As you see how beautifully the wedding map dap is setup which is not only looking stunning but would easily become talk of the town!

This Indian Wedding decoration is really amazing and completely out of the box! Love it!

Indian Wedding Mandap decoration – The Ranch Style

Indian wedding decor - Out in the ranch

This one is totally hot and happening at the same time. You can choose something like this when you have a huge open area. This setup is not too expensive but looks totally stunning in the pictures. The combination of fabric and flowers is magical!


Other Decoration in an Indian wedding

There are certain elements that make an Indian wedding what it is. These elements are vital when choosing Indian wedding decorations and cannot be excluded. Here are some of the essential parts of an Indian wedding:

Statue of Lord Ganesha 

The statue of Lord Ganesha is present in all Indian wedding ceremonies and is an important part of Indian wedding decorations. Lord Ganesha is believed to bring prosperity and happiness to the newly wedded couple’s lives.

It is decorated beautifully with colourful flowers and beautiful lighted lamps around it.


Wedding Jaimala

It has been practised since the inception of Indian weddings and is one of the significant features of the wedding.

Wedding Jaimala

The wedding jaimala is a string of flowers usually made from roses, which gives it a beautiful look. The jaimala or garlands are usually exchanged by the bride and groom during the wedding ceremony.


Bridal Doli Decoration

Bride Doli

Although the tradition is starting to phase out, it is still being done at several weddings. The bride is ushered into the arch inside a Doli. The Doli is decorated with beautiful natural flowers and bright colours. It is adorned with colourful palanquin lines.


Puja Tray

The wedding tray has a lot of items, which are called puja items — kumkum powder and flowers. The tray is decorated beautifully to make it presentable. The kumkum powder is believed to be the holiest item for the wedding puja. The powder is also used on other occasions like religious ceremonies. It is believed that the powder can be energized and given to someone, which is why it is important in Indian weddings.

Pooja thali

These are of great importance in the marriage as the marriage cannot proceed without either of them. The parents of the bride and the groom exchange their wishes by applying Kumkum powder on each other’s foreheads. Turmeric and Kumkum are also compulsory for the puja tray, which is used to perform the marriage chants and vows. They are kept in precious boxes, which may or may not be designed. Pooja Thali can also be used in other wedding functions as well like Haldi Ceremony or Roka Ceremony.


Head Table

The head table is meant for the bride and groom and is decorated with beautiful flowers and candles. The newly married couples sit on the head table to have their lunch and dinner during the ceremony. The table is also a very significant part of the ceremony because it symbolizes unity between the couples.

Head Table


Photo-booth decorations

Photo-booth decorations

The concept of having a photo-booth in Indian weddings is becoming increasingly popular. The photo-booth is a small decorated part that is used to take pictures by the couples with their relatives, friends, and other guests in the ceremony.

The photo-booth can be decorated by anyone with creative art skills. It is often decorated with both artificial and natural flowers, which give it an elegant look. The theme of the photo-booth can be built around the ideas suggested by the bride and the groom. It is simply an attractive background that adds colours to pictures. You can take beautiful selfies in the photo-booth to capture memories.


Hawan Kund

Hawan Kund

The Hawan Kund is the most significant aspect of any puja in the Hindu culture. It is a square-like container that has woods in it that allow it to burn for some time. It is situated at a place where it burns until the end of the ceremony.

Indian wedding ceremonies are incomplete without certain rituals. These rituals are necessary for the wedding to take place, and they sometimes influence the choice of Indian wedding decorations.


Final Word – Indian Wedding Decoration

An Indian wedding is truly a beautiful sight to behold. The decorations are mostly the highlight. The colours give the ceremony an exquisite beauty that will leave you truly amazed. Other things add colours to the ceremony, including the different sarees worn, bridal jewellery, accessories, and so on.

There are several things to look out for as far as an Indian wedding ceremony is concerned. Consulting with a professional decorator will make the process smoother, as you get to leave all the worrying to someone else.

You probably want your wedding to be the talk of the town. There are certain things you must not forget while preparing for an Indian party and to help you are family members who have planned past events. You could also hire a wedding planner to give you some professional insights for the best Indian wedding decorations.

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