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35 Sherwani that Prove Floral is Masculine

Few years ago grooms or other men in a traditional function could only be seen in solid color kurtas or at most off-white sherwanis. But today, Indian men proudly flaunt something as experimental as the floral sherwani. And if you are thinking that floral and masculine are two contradictory concepts, the floral sherwanis you are about to see will definitely change your mind!

When it comes to fashion and personal style, there are always two broad kinds of people – those who stick to classics and those who like to experiment. Men’s fashion has been dominated by ‘the classic’ code throughout centuries. Colors like white, black, grey, navy and the like are considered to be more masculine than others.

Moreover, single toned monochromatic looks are all time favourites with men. Men usually don’t like to wear shades and prints stereotypes as feminine. Men wear big floral prints only while they are holidaying on the sea beach and how many men have you seen in a bright pink attire?

Though these rules still apply, especially in case of formal wear, in some smaller arenas of fashion they are being bent a bit, allowing the incorporation of newer elements! Take for example the case of Indian ethnic wear for men! Though this is a very small sector of men’s fashion, it has served as fertile soil for the seeds of many new ideas in the past few years.

From experimental cuts like the Jodhpur bottom wear to use of jackets like achkans and Nehru waistcoats; from the inclusion of traditional art forms like zardozi, gota patti etc to using floral motifs on attires – men’s ethnic fashion has come a long way.


1. As Royal As Ever – Royal Floral Sherwani

As Royal As Ever - Royal Floral SherwaniGet Custom Made Sherwani

This Sikh groom looks royal in this off white floral sherwani. The rich fabric of the sherwani has been adorned with floral Mughal kalamkari work. This art is still practiced in parts of Kashmir and in this case, grants a regal demeanour to the ensemble

2. The Romance of Peach Blossoms

floral sherwani with a kurtaslawawalczakphotography

This groom wears a floral sherwani with a kurta that has an achkan-like cut. But what really distinguishes his style are the bright peach colored blossoms on the light mint green fabric. Coupled with the cream color Jodhpur pants and dupatta, the outfit has a romantic dreamlike appearance.

3. Twinning in Floral Sherwani

Mustard yellow has light blue floral motifs embroidered sherwaniharleenkaur | Get Matching Couple Outfits

The bride and the groom are bold enough to flaunt outfits in similar floral fabrics on one of their wedding functions. The bright mustard yellow has light blue floral motifs embroidered all over. The sherwani has a quirky floral aura to it!

4. Printed Floral Motifs

Printed Floral Motifs sherwanivin_klickz

This guy flaunts a unique floral sherwani in paper white with huge multi-colored floral motifs all over. This design is simple yet out-of-the-box.

5. Floral Embroidery

sherwani is black with Kashmiri floral embroiderydarzibyheritage

Both the bride and the groom wear outfits with typical floral embroidery. The groom’s sherwani is black with Kashmiri floral embroidery at the shoulders and bottom part. This design reminds one of the elaborately embroidered floral Kashmiri shawls. Also note the placement of the floral motifs – instead of spreading it all across the outfit it has been concentrated on certain areas only which brings out its intricacy.

6. Luminous in Sorbet

Manish Malhotra masterpiece - | Get Custom Made Sherwani

A Manish Malhotra masterpiece – this sherwani in a sorbet shade is replete with dori embroidery in floral motifs. The look is a mix of royal and middle-eastern fashion. Check out Manish Malhotra Lehenga

Checkout Manish Malhotra Lehenga.

7. Scarlet Blooms

cream color sherwani kurta

This unique attire for the groom will definitely attract attention! The red turban and dupatta over the cream color sherwani kurta would not have looked this good if not for the embroidered scarlet florets on it. The dupatta border too has similar thread work.

8.Blossoms on Green Silk

Rich silk dark green bright sherwaniinstafashionloversgram

Another unique floral sherwani – this one has blossoms printed on a rich silk dark green fabric. The dark yet bright sherwani has a long slit in the middle at the bottom part and for this reason its pairing with the off-white dhoti is brilliant!

9. Summer Efflorescence

light blue floral sherwani

This light blue floral sherwani is a perfect attire for a groomsman or guest at a summer wedding. The dark blue and white blossoms on it give a very fresh and cool vibe to the outfit.

10.Floral Panache

off-white Sherwanibennisonfabrics

These Sabyasachi floral wedding outfits are just mind blowing. The off-white floral sherwanis, paired with golden churidars, have big floral prints combined with evenly placed golden motifs all over. The look is unique but extremely attractive.

11.Dreamy Floral Jackets

sherwani jacket

You may also add a floral touch to your sherwani jacket without going for floral embellishments on the kurta itself. Like this Manish Malhotra sherwani, try an attire that comes with a single color kurta-pajama and a silky floral embroidered sherwani jacket. This jacket has aesthetic color combination as well – a mix of slate grey and brown with white.

12. A Classy Affair

off-white traditional sherwanisadatkhan9

If you thought floral and classy don’t come in the same line, take a look at this sherwani! This off-white traditional sherwani has dense and intricate floral embroidery in golden beige all over. This makes it a work of art!

13. The Groom in Red & Gold

Groom in Red & Gold sherwani

No, we did not write ‘groom’ instead of ‘bride’. Ethnic fashion is not restricted to stereotypes anymore! A groom in such a red sherwani with floral embroidery and a golden dupatta will look handsome enough to make several heads turn. The floral border of the dupatta looks really unique!

14. The Story of the Vines

Black Flower patched sherwaniofficial_karkeriy | Get Custom Made Sherwani

The rare color combination of this floral sherwani gives it an exotic aura! The black sherwani kurta has the story of vines embroidered on it in golden beige. The embroidery is detailed and exquisite in the form of flowers, vines and peacocks. Along with the beige dupatta and golden churidar, the look is traditional and decadent.

15. Mughal Embroidery

Mughal Embroidery on sherwanishyamalbhumika

This Shyamal and Bhumika floral sherwani in bottle green is an iconic attire that sums up all we have been trying to say so far. The cut and fit of the outfit is extremely masculine. The fabric speaks of richness.

The color has depth. And the cherry on the cake is the multi-colored Mughal floral embroidery that has been cleverly placed at certain areas of the outfit to make it stand out.

Checkout Shyamal & Bhumika Bridal Lehengas.

16. Grandiose in Off White

Manish Malhotra floral sherwani

This Manish Malhotra floral sherwani has two unique features. First, the floral thread work on the off-white kurta does not run all the way down to the bottom hem. Second, the dupatta that already has a floral embroidered border has been given a bright red lining or piping. Coupled with the emerald green necklace, the overall look is regal.

17. The Power of Floral Embroidery Sherwani

Manish Malhotra floral sherwanimanishmalhotra

Multi-color floral embroidery is a quintessential Indian art form. The best background to showcase such art is either black or white. If you are in love with traditional art work invest in well-fitted floral sherwanis like these. Black or white – both are timeless as the floral embroidery is!

18. Embroidered Yoke

black oriental sherwani

This black oriental sherwani is reminiscent of the old world. The white floral embroidery on the yoke of the kurta and the salwar-style bottom wear give this attire a period look. This could be a very good option for groomsmen outfit for Indian wedding.

19. Blooms from Rajputana

Anita Dongre floral

This maroon Anita Dongre floral sherwani is one of its kind. Embossed floral motifs forms one layer of the design structure. For the second layer, Dongre has used floral work near the bottom hem and on the ends of the sleeves.

Checkout Anita Dongre Lehenga for Indian Brides.

20. Flowers on the Black Earth – Patched Floral Sherwani

Flowers on the Black sherwanisherwanistore

Black forms the best background for floral embroidery. The colors like pink, peach, orange, coral and red look great in floral patterns on a black background. This attractiveness of this look is based on the same concept along with the fact that the embroidery has been placed at spots like the shoulder and bottom corners of the sherwani. This also saves it from looking overtly embellished.

21. Big Golden Blooms – Floral Sherwani


This deep navy velvet floral sherwani has been adorned with embossed golden blooms all over. This is one style you can go for if you are confident enough to carry it.

22. The Groom in Coral

perfect sherwani

This is a perfect floral sherwani for the groom for reasons more than one! First of all, the sherwani, the dupatta and even the turban has floral details on it. Second, it is not only the motifs that determine whether an outfit can be called floral or not. The style and colors used contribute to the floral element in the attire. This coral and tussar color combination is as much floral as the motifs on the sherwani.

23. Regal Repertoire – Floral Sherwani

Vicky Kaushal - wears a floral sherwani in black

Heart-throb of the nation – Vicky Kaushal – wears a floral sherwani in black. The sherwani has all-over multi-color floral thread work. The outfit has a royal feel and the detailed embroidery ensures its classy appeal.

24. Floral Sleeveless Jacket

Anita Dongre sherwanianitadongre

This Anita Dongre sherwani is unique as instead of embellishments all over the outfit, the designer has used an intricately embellished sleeveless jacket. On the red jacket, scenes from forests and floral motifs have been hand embroidered.

25. Blooming Textures

floral sherwanisindian.groom

These floral sherwanis are essentially created keeping grooms in mind. Both have embossed textured floral patterns densely packed all over the surface of the fabric. This style is very different from popular floral embroidery.

26. One Tone Embroidery

layered floral sherwani by Anita Dongre

We often forget about the concept of using self color embroidery to give an outfit a rich and textured look. This layered floral sherwani by Anita Dongre uses self color embroidery to create patterns inspired from the architecture of the royal palace gardens of Jaipur.

27. Printed Floral Fantasy


28. The Floral Shawl

black sherwaniwittyvows

This groom is setting trends on his reception day! The classy black sherwani has been turned into an aesthetic floral one just through the addition of a floral embroidered shawl.

29. The Dandy Sherwani

floral sherwanistage3social

If a floral sherwani gets tagged as ‘dandy’, then wear it with pride! Look at his model, who is flaunting the golden and beige flowers printed on his sherwani. The outfit is smart, out-of-the-box and artistic.

30. Floral Embellishments on Rich Textures

floral sherwanisjatinmalikcouture

The appeal of these floral sherwanis lies on mainly two things – the light colors in contrast with the rich textures of the fabric and the unique style of embellishments. Floral elements combined with non-floral textured details and motifs form the basis of the design structure.

31. The Groom Who Loves Heritage – Go Floral

tussar color sherwani is embellished by floral embroiderysamyakkclothing

This groom is wearing an amazing wedding outfit that breathes tradition and heritage. The tussar color sherwani is embellished by floral embroidery in light pastel shades. The embroidery is reminiscent of the Mughal era. He accessorizes with a multi-layer pearl necklace, just like royalty.

32. Maroons and Gold Sherwani

Maroons and Gold sherwani

All three sherwanis in the picture are wedding sherwanis. While one is densely packed with gold floral brocade, another has slightly bigger sparsely distributed floral motifs. The third one can be a called a solid maroon sherwani with floral details only on the sleeves and collar. Though their design structure is different all three are quintessentially floral sherwanis.

33. Floral Dupattas

Floral Dupatta with Black Sherwanishahilibasjaipur

A floral sherwani is not necessarily one with prominent floral details on the kurta. Adding a floral element to the outfit can make it very much floral even if the kurta is a plain one. These men are dressed in well-tailored fitted sherwanis and they have used floral dupattas to enhance the look. Both are carrying the floral dupattas in unique and interesting ways.

34. Subtle Pink Rosettes

Subtle Pink Rosettes Floral Sherwani

It you have a quiet yet interesting personality, go for this kind of a floral sherwani. The milky white fabric is replete with intricate thread work. Small pink rosettes constitute the appeal factor of this sherwani and makes it a floral one.

35. Royal Floral Brocades

Royal Floral Brocades Sherwani

Floral sherwanis, especially as occasional wear, are very much in vogue today. As you might have guessed from the list of sherwanis we shared, the range of floral sherwanis is wide and expanding. You may want to flaunt a masculine unkempt look or a metrosexual, ‘dandy-ish’ look – the floral sherwani is for you! For a wide variety of floral sherwanis, visit our online store.

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