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25 Golden Saree Blouse to further enhance your Look

A golden saree blouse is the most versatile piece of ethnic-wear you can have in your wardrobe. The gold blouse matches almost with all your ethnic sarees. Such a blouse comes of great help when you have bought a saree and not had the time to get the blouse tailored. Sometimes you also tend to grow out of your old blouses in which case you end up discarding the saree it matches with, too.

Instead you can buy a golden saree blouse as gold is a color that goes with almost all traditional fabrics and designs. We highly recommend that you invest in one or two good golden blouses. To give you creative ideas, suggestions and inspiration we have compiled a list of 25 gold saree blouses.


1. The Golden Tassel Blouse

Golden Tassel Blouseshoppbuzz_ | Custom Made Saree Blouse

When golden is the predominant color in your look, try to bring in variation with the style and texture of the fabrics you use. Almost all textures look good on a golden surface and various textures together break any kind of monotony in the attire.

This blouse, for example, has a cold shoulder cut and the upper portion is made up of see-through golden net. The bust and the sleeves are textured in thick golden tassel, making it a unique choice.


2. That Golden Blouse with Red Saree

Golden Blouse with Red Sareedoctor_tarannumbano | Custom Made Saree Blouse

The golden saree blouse look is not restricted to golden sarees alone. The lady in the picture pairs a red saree with golden border with a golden full-sleeve blouse. The points of highlight in this look are the elaborate golden border of the otherwise simple red saree and the heavy sequin and embroidery work on the golden blouse.


3. The Antique Gold Tussar Blouse

Antique Gold Tussar Blousepriya_p_pawar | Custom Made Saree Blouse

If you love your handloom silk sarees, it would be a wise decision to keep an antique or beige-gold color blouse in your wardrobe. The tussar or raw silk texture goes really well with handloom silks. As these fabrics have a natural sheen to them they provide an aristocratic look.

This particular one has a high neck and sequin, bead and stone work near the neck and on the sleeves. Instead of stereotypical buttons, this blouse has a stylish slit behind. What enhances the elegance factor is the strip of regular gold color silk on the sleeves.


4. Sequin to Steal the Show

golden saree blouserunningfabrics

If you are not in the mood to experiment a lot and still want to steal the show, look no further than a double-sequin golden saree blouse. Look at the density of the sequins woven into the fabric that creates a texture of its own. A blouse made up of such a fabric goes well with any color.

Due to the unique texture such a blouse looks good also with an all-golden chiffon, organza or georgette saree. A double sequin work golden blouse looks extremely elegant and contemporary too.


5. Golden Zardosi Work on Net

Golden Zardosi Work on Net Blouseethinic_style_ideas

The blouse in question here is essentially a bridal wear blouse and can be easily paired with a red Banarasi saree or a bright Kanjivaram silk. The Zardosi work on this blouse is on the heavier side. The designer has predominantly used white stones for the dense work.

The base fabric is mustard gold net. There are two kinds of Zardosi patterns on this blouse. The top half has stone work and half below has more floral and vegetal motifs. This blouse would look really nice with a backless or a strip back. Checkout more backless blouse designs.


6. The Halter Neck Golden Saree Blouse

Halter Neck Golden Saree Blousesarlachowdhary

This halter-neck three layer embroidered blouse is the best companion to all your party-wear, fusion or cocktail sarees. This is, in fact, one of the trendiest blouses we have on this list. The blouse has embroidered and sequin work in wavy patterns all over.

The color too – pale golden – adds to the uniqueness and versatility of this blouse. The blouse also has a tear-drop shape slit at the back.


7. Those Retro Inspired Puffy Sleeves

Retro Inspired Puffy Sleevesaathmah

Golden blouses are often required in spiritual or religious functions as well. For example, a simple golden blouse goes a long way for a wedding morning with a Kasavu saree or for a puja with a red and white saree.

This particular blouse is simple yet the puff sleeves add that retro, somewhat vintage, look to the blouse. The blouse also comes with tie-up details at the back side.


8. The Accessorized Blouse

Accessorized Blouseethinic_style_ideas

This blouse should be part of a quintessential bridal attire. You may opt for such a blouse if you are planning on wearing a golden saree for your wedding. If you take a closer look, the base fabric of the blouse isn’t golden at all. But the heavy work, details and accessories on the blouse make it a perfect companion of your golden wedding saree.

Inspired by South Indian temple jewellery, the sleeves of the blouse are heavily ornate with Zardosi work, sequins, beads, stones, rice pearls etc. The neck line hasgolden bead detail in a thick strip which resembles a necklace. The cold shouldered blouse has golden chains and jhumkas to adorn the shoulders of the bride.


9. The Ivory& Gold Blouse

Ivory& Gold | Custom Made Saree Blouse

This is another simple everyday wear golden saree blouse. The blouse has a combination of gold and ivory. The fabric is in a glossy shade of ivory with embossed ethnic motifs and patterns in ivory and gold all over. But what steals the show is the bead border detail on the outer line of the sleeves and the neck line. It has been aptly paired with a mustard yellow diaphanous drape.


10. All Gold Saree Blouse Look

Gold Saree

Just like contrast pairing is an in-thing, monochrome looks are also in vogue. If you are planning to experiment with or sport a monochrome look in ethnic wear, we suggest you go for a universally flattering color – gold. The solid gold saree and solid gold blouse look amazing together.

The wearer has cleverly added a bit of color in the look by wearing that rice pearl and multi-color stone antique choker.



11. The Gold Top-Style Blouse

Gold Top-Style Blousethebohobaalika

It is a trendy thing nowadays to pair sarees with crop tops and other kinds of tops that create unconventional blouse designs. Keeping a golden top-style blouse in your wardrobe is indeed a great idea as you can pair them with traditional gold detail sarees.

Here, the wearer is sporting a gold and tussar zigzag blouse with a white and gold saree. The blouse also has fringe details on the neckline.


12. The Glossy Golden Blouse

Glossy Golden Blousethebohobaalika

Sometimes, pairing a golden blousewith a traditional Benarasi saree can turn out to be a tricky affair. This is because such a saree has a lot of golden work on it and a golden blouse with a different kind of texture or design may look uncomplimentary.

In such cases, the safest bet is to go for a golden saree blouse in a glossy texture. You can opt for a blouse made up of cotton silk, silk or polyester etc.


13. Beige Golden Saree Blouse

Golden Saree Blousethestylewali

For some of you, golden may be a very bright color to carry. You may not be looking for a blouse for bridal wear yet you may want something to wear at a party or festival which does not look too dull for the occasion. To serve such a need, we suggest you go for a beige and gold blouse. Beige is very near to the color gold and gives a similar impression without the bling.


14. The Golden Crop Top

Golden Crop Topnvystudio

This is a unique piece of clothing that can be called a blouse and a crop top at the same time. Thin skin-color or beige fabric makes up the base material and only the portion of the bust and the sleeves are adorned in elaborate zari, sequin, stone work.

We suggest you wear such a blouse with a simple plain chiffon or georgette saree. Heavy sarees like Kanchipuram or Benarasi will tend to cover up the intricate work on the blouse.


15. Mirror Work Blouse

Mirror Work | Custom Made Saree Blouse

Those fond of ethnic wear like Bandhni orAjrakh may pair their handloom sarees with these all-over mirror-work golden blouses. Pairing junk jewellery with such a look would be the apt thing to do.


16. That Embossed Leaf

Embossed Leafnvystudio

Who said that a saree blouse without a deep cut at the back is boring? Blouses with fully covered backs give ample opportunity for creativity and designs at the back. Those who are wanting something in between plaingolden saree blouse and too much work can also opt for something like this.The blouse in the picture has an embossed leaf pattern which gives it a subtle yet unique look.


17. Designer Golden Blouse

Designer Golden Blouseinsta_fashion_stop

This blouse may be a bit difficult to carry but it is another great example of contemporary ethnic fashion. It is a versatile blouse that would look great with designer sarees having a touch of gold in them.



18. The Rice Pearl Blouse

Rice Pearl Blouseekaikapriya

Pearls and gold go well together. This is not only true in case of jewellery but also clothing. This is a blouse with a simple, everyday cut yet looks out-of-the-box due to the unique use of rice pearls and golden beads.

Such a golden saree blouse will look great with traditional sarees and jewellery. The blouse also has tie-up and latkan details at the back.



19. Golden Blouse for the Bride

Golden Blouse for the Bridestudio149

Brides who are planning to wear a Kanjivaram saree on their wedding day may opt for something like this for completing the look. The blouse in the picture is made up of a glossy material like silk and the neckline, sleeves have dense work. The blouse comes with a matching bridal veil in net with borders havingsimilar work as on the blouse.


20. The Mustard Gold Blouse

Mustard Gold Blouse

Such a blouse is for those who want to sport a traditional look yet do not want to go for a cliché goldensaree blouse.This blouse is in a mustard gold color and tussar texture. The blouse has antique gold elements like a neckline border and floral designs on the sleeves.

What sets it apart is the use of the color red. Red has been sparsely used in the floral designs on the sleeves and the blouse has a red latkan detail at the back. The red latkan comes with antique coin details too.


21. Gold Brocade Boat-neck Blouse

Gold Brocade Boat-neck


A good way to bring in some colors in your regular golden saree blouse is using gold brocade work on it. Just like minakari work in gold jewellery, multi-colored brocade designs look very beautiful on golden surfaces. In this picture, the blouse has a unique boat neck, brocade work at the back and green piping detail.



22. The Sequin & Bead V-neck Blouse

Sequin & Bead V-neck Blousedesigner__idea

Some matches are made in heaven – just like sequins, beads and golden fabric. This particular blouse has a V-neck and comes with tie-up mechanism or buttons at the back. The clean look in front makes it appropriate for wearing with sarees made up of sheer fabric.


23. Silver &Golden Saree Blouse

Silver &Golden Saree Blouserangachakrastudio

Though many might not be aware, the combination of gold and silver is very eye catching. This particular blouse is in a combination of gold and slate-grey silver. The intricate floral details and jaali work makes the blouse look even more beautiful. This is a unique piece and needs to be paired appropriately.


24. Yellow & Gold Blouse

Yellow & Gold | Custom Made Saree Blouse

An all-gold blouse might look too boring with a traditional saree like a Kanjivaram or a Paithani or a Benarasi. To add more color to the look you may opt for a blouse which has gold and a shade contrasting to the saree shade. For example, here the bride is wearing a red Kanchipuram saree and she has paired it with a contrasting yellowand gold blouse.


25. The Black & Golden Saree Blouse

Black & Golden Saree Blousejd___couture

What to wear with a classic all-gold silk saree? How about a black and gold blouse. This is the classiest a saree-blouse look can get! You can also create this look with a blouse in another deep shade like wine, bottle green or maroon! In this case, the wearer is sporting an all gold shiny saree with a thin border and a black glossy velvet blouse with gold details on the sleeves.


Conclusion: Golden Saree Blouse

Be it a Golden lehenga or a Golden Saree a Golden Blouse goes with everything so perfectly well! So now that you have been through all our recommendations, you can opt for a look you find most suitable for your wardrobe and your personal style. Checkout more saree blouse designs.

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