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Banarasi Saree for Wedding: Everything you need to know about the Banarasi Silk Sarees

Banaras and Silk seem to go hand in hand and when it comes to Banarasi Saree for Wedding then saree elegance and aura is taken to a whole new level. With its origin in Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, India, Banarasi silk has managed to reach the hearts of Indian brides from as long as the Mughal time with the nine yards long saree being an undeniable choice at recent Indian weddings.

Banarasi saree

Owing to the royal feels and unmatched ethnicity and elegance, Banarasi saree for wedding (aka silk saree) used to be a wardrobe staple of South Indian brides, but with changing fashion industry and raging appeal, it has grown to become a favourite among North Indian brides as well along with other parts of the country.

Banarasi Saree for wedding

Irrespective of the wedding functions, brides and their other female counterparts can be seen donning the rich attire with sheer confidence and elegance. And if you are an Indian, then ask your mum about what they feel about a Banarasi saree for wedding, surely she would have wore it back then and even now it’s in! Banarasi silk Saree is for ever just like diamonds.

You surely would end up seeing one in their wardrobe as well due to the serene look it exudes and sheer richness it portrays. Women of all age groups and even celebrities (whether young or veteran) have adorned themselves in this beauty ensemble from time to time.

Banarasi silk sareeSource: | Get custom made outfits

But Banarasi silk is one of the fine variants of silk with saree woven from this silk popularly known as Banarasi silk saree or simply Banarasi saree. But there are other variants as well to a Banarasi saree as below:

1. Organza with zari and silk

Brocades are usually made by some really beautiful and richly woven fabric where the patterns having different designs are made by warp and weft. Silver threads are coated with gold and are then woven closely around a silk yarn to create the zari brocade. Thus organza is light-weight, stiff and crisp.

2. Katan

Katan is a plain fabric with woven pure silk threads made using the finest quality of Mulberry silk, that are twisted and woven into pure silk sareesin both the warp and the weft. These pure silk sarees are produced using powerlooms and rapid looms these day, while handlooms were used in ancient times with a beautiful creation of patterns and motifs.

3. Shattir

Last but not the least, Shattir is another but sole fabric that is used in creating exclusive and contemporary designs of Banarasi sarees for wedding.

4. Georgette

Georgette is a very finely woven and light fabric with simple and plain weave. This fabric is most popular in modern types and is used to produce designer sarees, Bollywood sarees, and latest salwar kameez designs.


Now Banarasi saree for wedding can also be segregated based upon the design process per se below:

1. Butidar Banarasi Saree

Last but surely not the least, Butidar saree is a richly woven sari that is brocaded with threads of gold, silver, and silk. Gold is darker in shade as compared to the silver threads. Therefore, the weavers of Banaras refer to this variety of brocade patterning as Ganga-Jamuna.

Bootidar banarasi Saree

2. Cut work Banarasi saree

Cut work sarees are the products of cut work technique on the plain texture, which isdone after the removal of floated threads. These types of sarees can provide a dazzling and glowing transparent look.

cut work Banarasi saree

3. Tissue Banarasi saree

Now, tissue sarees are delicately woven sarees with golden zari weft top adding sheen to them, and therefore is also known as the golden cloth.

Tissue banarasi sareesource: Wedmegood | Get Custom made outfits

4. Jangla Designed Banarasi Saree

These beautiful styles of sarees are woven in colorful silk threads to depict nature and heaviness of festivity. They have some deeply intricate Jangala patterns in the form of Jangala vegetation; spread across the length of the sari.

banarasi saree for wedding

5. Tanchoi Banarasi Saree

Tanchoi sarees use colorful extra-weft silk yarn to form the outline. The decoration of these sarees might show up as a maze, which may look like kaleidoscopic as well. The pallu of this type of saree is often decorated with big motifs while the border is often beautified with mesmerizing criss-cross patterns.


We know that all this might be a lot for many, especially for those who have no idea or knowledge about silk threads, yarn and weaving. But for those who do have this knowledge, the above stuff must have been a true delight to read.

But if you are the one who just wanted to jump straight to the numerous real-life brides adorning a Banarasi saree, then this is the section for you. We have tried and thus managed to get hold of some of the bridal and non-bridal pictures of ladies in Banarasi silk sarees for the D-day as a Banarasi lehenga is mostly reserved for the other wedding ceremonies.

Interesting Fact Number 1: You know what, a single design of Banarasi saree requires hundreds of complicated perforated cards (punch cards) to implement the idea of design and pattern!

Interesting Fact Number 2: Normally it takes 15 days to 6 months to complete a single Banarasi saree but sometimes it may take even years to implement designs that are more complex.

We’ll keep on telling some more interesting facts to you down the blog so that you learn as much as possible.

1. All time classic: red and gold Banarasi Silk Saree for wedding

When it comes to bridal wear and that too Banarasi bridal wear, red and gold seems to be a bombing combo. Indian blogger, Komal Matta Kapoor chose to woo everyone with her choice of this breathtakingly regal red and gold Banarasi saree for wedding from Sabyasachi and rocked her engagement look.

source: | Get Bridal and Groom wear outfits


2. Bright yellow for the haldi

Yellow colour at a wedding ceremony is synonymous with usually the haldi function and the below bride nailed it with her perfect smile and vibrant look.

Bright yellow banarasi silk saree for the haldisource: | Bridal and Groom Wear

You can also ensure that the blouse is of a contracting color than the saree for that distraction from the overall monotone look.

source: Pinterest

3. Fuchsia pink for the conventional bride

Take some fashion inspiration from this real bride who wore a fuchsia pink and orange Kanjivaram saree with a diamond collar, multi-layered rani haar and a kamarbandh.

Fuchsia pink - Banarasi Silk Sareesource: shaadisaga | get this custom made


4. Hues of pink, gold and ivory

If you’re talking about a Banarasi saree for wedding and are saying that it has shades of pink, gold or ivory or all or even combination of any two, then no one can ever say that you went wrong at some place.

These can be termed as some classic and contemporary looks, blended with the ethnicity of the fabric to bring out the best of the silk saree.

Below bride knew how to slay in a silk saree with hints of pink and gold, accessorized with a striking polki maang tika, dazzling bejewelled gold jhumkas and a layered polki haar.

Banarashi Silk Saree - Hues of pink, gold and ivory colorsource: shaadisaga | get this custom made

Below bride just wore it perfect, the ivory Banarasi saree with temple jewels, containing a kamarbandh as well. Even her mother also seems to be complimenting the look of her daughter in an ivory saree with some golden weaving and a contrasting collored blouse. Simple necklace and mogre ka gajra seems to complete the look of the bride’s mother.

ivory Banarasi sareesource: shaadisaga | get this custom made

Interesting Fact Number 3: Three or more than three people must act together consistently to make up an original Banarasi Silk saree.

Now the below saree is perfect if you want to keep it simple for one of your functions like mehendi as it has got quite a broad border in pink and golden. The big motifs on the border just seem to complete the entire look of the bride. And even if you aren’t the bride, still you can adorn the exact look with light jewelry and hair tied in a tight bun.

Banarasi Silk saree for bridesource: shaadisaga | get this custom made

Now this bride surely knows how to carry a Banarasi saree the right way on the reception day. The heavy duty choker necklace and a few but heavy gold bangles seem to complete the entire royal look.

source: wedmegood | get this custom made

Now this is most probably our last pick with pink in it. This bride’s pink ensemble with same colored blouse and gold kamarbandh adds an altogether charisma to the already charismatic Banarasi saree. Light jewelry is perfect for a minimalistic bride who prefers to keep it simple and breathy but still look wedding appropriate.

And if we’re talking about ivory, who wouldn’t love to know something about the pristine white. Below white saree with a metallic blouse is perfect to attend a wedding function of your best friend or sister. Isn’t it just a perfect combination of traditional saree with a contemporary metallic blouse?

source: weddingwire | get custom made outfit

Interesting Fact Number 4: The current design of Banarasi was the mix up of Persian design and Indian artistic culture.


5. Who will mind some contrast?

Now you must be knowing that you can even ditch the blouse piece for the blouse which comes with the saree for a contrasting and visually appealing. Let’s take you through some of the contrast effects we’re talking about.

This saree is a perfect blend of a contemporary look and still being the traditional you. This 3/4th sleeves blouse with golden work on the sleeves and around the neck, complemented by a red saree with huge motifs- is like a dream come true.

Image source:

This white saree with a broad golden border and green blouse with again golden motifs is surely a show stopper. As the saree has nothing more as such besides the border, a heavy necklace can help amp up the whole look.

source: picclickimg | Get Custom made Sarees

Now this is something different. These brides have a yellow overall saree with a distinct colored border with the blouse of the same color as of the border. This is also an inspiration for anyone and everyone who wishes to maintain contrast in their outfit but not a major contrast. Checkout more South Indian Wedding dresses.

Image source:

And we couldn’t keep our eyes off these brides who have actually taken their wedding day looks to a whole new level with unconventional hues like light blue, all parrot green, violet etc.

source: Weddingwire | Custom Made Indian Ethnic Wear

source: Weddingwire | Custom Made Indian Ethnic Wear

This parrot green silk saree is perfectly apt if you are attending an Indian wedding and wish to wear a silk saree than a usual one.

source: Weddingwire | Custom Made Indian Ethnic Wear

This blue bridal saree with silver work on it, a hint of silver jewelry and also a solid silver saree belt is making the overall look all the more attractive.

source: Weddingwire | Custom Made Indian Ethnic Wear


But you know what, you need to take care of your Banarasi saree(s) more than the usual ones. Below tips will help you do the same as it might be your most preserved possession due to the luxury it brings and ethnicity it screams.

  • Make sure that the saree is not left on a hanger for too long as the crease could become permanent and hard to get off even with ironing.
  • Keep your saree in a dark cupboard wrapped in a muslin cloth as the dark color will help avoid discoloration of saree and the muslin cloth will allow air to pass through the fabric but still keeping the moisture away which can damage the saree.
  • Iron your Banarasi saree(s) with utmost care on a low setting or get it steam ironed.
  • Avoid cleaning it at home as professional dry cleaning might prove to be more beneficial.
  • Lastly, water and perfume cannot be sprayed on certain Banarasi sarees as it could stain them. So keep utmost care of that.

Interesting Fact Number 5An ideal Banarasi sari consists of about 5600 thread wires and all of these thread wires have to be at least 45-inches wide.

Also, who can forget Banarasi saree looks of our very own Deepika Padukone (for her Konkan wedding, reception and also when she visited Tirupati on her first wedding anniversary eve) and Anushka Sharma (for her Delhi reception). Some more treats to your eye are coming. Scroll down:

source: | Looking for custom made bollywood wear?



Looking for custom made bollywood wear?


Looking for custom made bollywood wear?


Want to wear what celebrities wear?

Finalllyyyyyy, we have reached the end and it came after a real long time. We hope that we managed to bring to you some deep dug knowledge about silk and Banarasi saree along with the beautiful, meticulous designs for the next time you plan to wear one for any of the functions, whether as a would-be-bride or a non-bride also 😉 .

Also, we are coming up with another Banarasi silk related blog but it would be on Banarasi lehenga. So stay tuned for that because who knows, you might be one amongst those who chooses one for their own wedding, or to attend some wedding.

Till then, keep showering your love on us and write to us at [email protected] to tell if there are any specific topics which you might want us to write on, which might help others as well. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and keep yourself updated here. specializes in custom made Indian ethnic wear and we would love to design something for you for your wedding or a weeding you are attending. So Let’s get started and get a custom made Indian ethnic wear like the one our client:

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