21 Breathtaking Shyamal and Bhumika Lehenga for Indian Bride

Finding your eternal favorite Lehenga starts a riot in the mind sometimes. Kick away all the confusion now as we will be clipping the most gorgeous Shyamal and Bhumika Lehenga inspiration down below. While choosing your dream Lehenga the options are endless. Know what aligns with your inner fashionista and choose.

 1. Beige bites

Shyamal and Bhumika Lehengashyamalbhumika.com | Get Custom Made Lehenga

This Lehenga is gorgeous! The creamy vibes with intricately detailed embroidery look stunning. The flowery designs look fresh and this Lehenga would look awesome in summers. Team it up with mang tikka and put some bronzer lotion on as well. Take a cue and try on that blouse too. If you are comfortable carrying that. Go ahead, dear!


 2. Green dreamsLehenga with heavy embroidery

This Shyamal and Bhumika Lehenga with heavy embroidery and the drape has been done with two dupattas. The golden thread looks super amazing. Keep the makeup minimum and use a choker to complete the whole look.

 3. Red love

Red Lehenga by Shyamal and Bhumika

The ensemble is in Red. There is the embroidery work over which you can obsess over again and again. Take a cue from the bride and drape the dupatta in a stylish manner. Red never goes out of fashion.


 4. The color of the sky

Dark Blue Lehenga by Shymal & Bhumika

Take a cue from this bride and style with a Kamar bandh or a belt and look super stylish on your D-Day. The dark blue blending in some indigo vibes is a different choice which you can opt for. The pink zardozi work and mirror work looks flattering.

 5. Simplistic red tones

Embroidery lehenga by Shymal & Bhumika

The simple bridal ensemble. The embroidery is done in a similar rhythm all over the Lehenga and blouse. Choose the draping style which suits you and tie up your hair in a bun to bring that dash of sophistication.


6. The sleek awesomeness

Blouse with some fancy cuts and a Lehenga

Take a cue from this ensemble which oozes the beach vibes completely. Opt for a shimmery blouse with some fancy cuts maybe and a Lehenga embellished with lots of details which include lots of thread work. Get your hair in a french bun and add the floral clip or Desi Gajra.


7. Incredible opulence

Incredible opulence

Full sleeves with layered Lehenga is a great blend to go for. The pallete stays in the same mood for the bride as well as the groom. The jewelry choice you can opt for is either colorful or golden. A Punjabi Wedding ceremony is so grand and amazing and having a gorgeous lehenga and Sherwani would add to its awesomeness!

8. Looking resplendent

he wedding couture by Shyamal and Bhumika

The wedding couture by Shyamal and Bhumika has all our hearts. The Lehenga is done thoroughly with embroidery work using amazing colorful threads. Opt for jhumkaas and red Bangles blending with some golden Bangles too. Keep the balance!


9. Simply ravishing

Lehenga is embellished with zardozi, sequins, and glass pipes

We love the applique work happening on the borders of this gorgeous Lehenga. The Lehenga is embellished with zardozi, sequins, and glass pipes. Oh-so-wow! Team it up with a nice neckpiece and let the dupatta Cascade down your hair bun. This ensemble looks simply fascinating in the red.


10. Ocean dreams

Florals in pink and yellow over the ocean deep blue Lehenga

The florals in pink and yellow over the ocean deep blue Lehenga looks fantastic. The well-designed blouse looks super gorgeous. You may opt for traditional dupatta drape. This look goes well for a Mehendi ceremony as well.


11. The blush-getter

You would be blushing all day on your D-Day. Take a cue from this muted blush pink raw silk ensemble which is perfect. The floral embroidery is the deal-breaker for sure. You will be looking fabulous!


12. Minty desires

mint silk Lehenga

We feel this color will look amazing if you are planning an Autumn wedding. You can wear this on your Sangeet ceremony as well. The dazzling aura of the mint silk Lehenga with amazing colorful embroidery deserves lots of hearts. Choose the one side dupatta drape and let the unique blouse show off its edges.


13. Delighted deep green

Delighted deep green blouse

The sea-green makes Kirti K look drop-dead gorgeous. If you fall in the fair or pale skin tone category this color will make you look beautiful. The Lehenga has flawless hand-embroidery and the velvety vibes of the blouse is super-sassy. Take a cue and add-on to your vision board.


14. J’aime Lavender

J'aime Lavender lehenga

Red floral embroidery sets up the tone over the lavender-colored Lehenga. The light orangy Dupatta can be draped this way which balances the ensemble. Add on the same shade jewelry and spray some lavender perfume to get the pure lavender vibes.


15. Beauty personified

Shyamal and Bhumika Lehenga is fabulous

The velvety finish of this Shyamal and Bhumika Lehenga is fabulous. Eye-catching hand embroidery is stunning. Clasp the dupatta drape in the belt and indulge in some fun. The borders are captivating and give the Red Lehenga a gorgeous look.


16. White stuff

White stuff lehenga

The white feels give the whole ensemble a superlative vibe. This pleasant shade of all is blended with a reddish Dupatta which is Cascaded down the bun. Make sure you add on some unique piece of jewelry. Spot on!


17. Bonanza of green

vibrant color green lehenga

We simply love this ensemble by Shyamal and Bhumika which discloses the vibrant color green. The Floral Lehenga with the intrinsic detail is something which will level up your style. This attire suits the best for your reception day as well. Simple and edgy!


18. The Nawaabi pride

adorable Naaz Lehenga

Each bride feels like a queen on her wedding day for sure. The adorable Naaz Lehenga inspired from the architectural detailing of Gujarati Havelis is gorgeous. Take a cue from this and add on to your vision board.


19. Jewel blue

The best Sangeet outfit for you. Aesthetic with pastels! If you want a calm and refreshing ensemble then this is it. The layered Lehenga oomphs up the game. You can stay hassle-free by opting for a perfect neatly pinned up drape. This lehenga would look awesome on your Roka Ceremony!

20. The rosy cheek

The unique energy this Lehenga reveals is outstanding. It’s a paneled Lehenga and the embroidery is happening in the shades of ivory and gold. Let the dupatta drape roll in front from behind and opt for the rosiest shade of the lipstick. Indian American really like this kind of design as the skirt gives you a traditional look and the blouse highlights the western side of the complete wedding look!


21. The Floral Goddes

What a master piece! Gather all the accessories together and don’t keep any stone unturned.


Final Word: Shyamal and Bhumika Lehenga

Every designer has their own forte but Shyamal and Bhumika Lehengas as defiantly a class apart given the color combinations, patterns, fabrics and embroidery, they have set the benchmark high. They have something for everybody who is looking to get trendy in their weddings!

We hope this list has helped you. Be the happiest bride you know and start preparing right now. It’s never too late! Set the inspiration straight and take a step towards your dream wedding.

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