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17 Unique Dupatta Draping styles for your Lehenga

With the same lehenga you can achieve different yet stunning looks by the way you drape your dupatta. Draping a lehenga dupatta is a work of art and every one should have at least few styles in mind for that fabulous look!

When you gather together your jewelry and best make-up to put on a drape elevates the whole look of the lehenga. You can make it look stylish and sassy at the same time. You can switch on to different draping styles for different ceremonies. Keep your options open!

We have scratched the surface of the lehenga styling more and we have clipped various types of Lehenga Dupatta Draping Style just for you.

The beauty of any Indian garments is all about the versatility it offers. Each fabric has its own pleating need as you may have noticed that chiffon is more likely to be loose while silk textured dupatta will need to be broad and more casual. Make sure while choosing the draping style you consider your height as well.


1. Drape tucked in the waist style

Lehenga by Shyamalbhumika is in the deep wine color | Get Custom Made Bridal Wear


This awesome lehenga by Shyamal & Bhumika is in the deep wine color and designed with gold foliage overall. The drape is tucked at the waist and the dupatta is allowed to cascade down the shoulder. The dupatta has a net texture which shows off the whole ensemble.

No doubt this style is the ideal one. Especially when you are the showrunner for the dance face off. Keep your dupatta secure from falling and stay bubbly all through.

You don’t have to worry about it falling anywhere on ground and it won’t go missing somewhere. Get some textured organza dupatta which will help the fabric pleats stay at one place without falling. There are lots of fancy saree pin available in the market which you can use for pinning up over your shoulder. Drape it up!


2. One side attack

Lehenga by Akankshagajria in the yellow bright hue colorakankshagajria

This Lehenga by Akanksha Gajria looks super-rich in the yellow bright hue. You don’t have to work on any draping style here but just put the dupatta on either of the sides and let it flow. Make sure your height is a bit taller to carry the long dupatta.

Just one side! And done as you will get the blend of two specific attire’s in a single one. How cool is that!


3. The original dupatta style

This Lehenga from Abhinav Mishraabhinavmishraofficial | Get Custom Made Bridal Wear

If the Dupatta has lots of heavy embellished things and if lots of things are happening on it which flatters you then get the dupatta and pin it up on both sides. Just like that! This Lehenga from Abhinav Mishra looks fantastic! This could be the most opted one and would look extra pretty when paired with great bordered dupatta. They say and you already know that this style looks more good and is preferred on a Mehendi Day.


4. Tuck it across your elbow pit style

Custom Made Bridal Lehenga & Groom Sherwani

This is the go-to when you want to set a wave of pleasant-ess. This ensemble is lustrous and the style of wearing the dupatta without creating any mess is amazing! This style would work wonders while you are clicking full mode shots. This style would do for your amazing wedding wear as well since it got great contract between blouse and Lehenga.


5. Hold it across your wrist oh princess

mint green + silver lehengafalgunishanepeacock | Get Custom Made Bridal Wear

Look at this mint green + silver lehenga which has stunning intriguing details all over it with some pink highlights. Opt for the style where you can just pin up your dupatta at your wrist. Maybe tuck it with a bangle or something or just catch it as you tie the knot. Simple!

This was the 2000s style of Bollywood. Feeling nostalgic?


6. Blend it with your blouse

Shantanu Nikhils'| Get Custom Made Bridal Wear

If you have a well-textured dupatta which you can blend with some pleats together. Let Shantanu Nikhil inspire you to go ahead. See that the lehenga oozes out its edges as it will help the whole ensemble to amalgamate and form an excellent attire.

The dupatta can be styled again with some accessories if the dupatta seems too plain. This attire looks good for reception day as well. Shantanu & Nikhil has lots of collections from which you could get some cues from.


7. A neat and tidy way

The chikankari lehenga has zardozi | Get Custom Made Bridal Wear

In prior style you allowed your dupatta to flow down but if you want to add a more sophisticated vibe. Pin the dupatta on the one shoulder and let it circle around your waist and create a full circle. This ensemble by Gauravgupta looks awesome. The chikankari lehenga has zardozi work happening over it. It has its own vintage vibes to it.


8. Belt it up at the waist

Belt it up at the waistjjvalaya

Use your dupatta to create a saree like a vibe. You save the tedious work which goes into making pleats to the saree. Millennial brides would love this. This ensemble by Jjvalaya looks captivating. This beautiful lehenga skirt is too beautiful to resist.


9. Belting at the waist while covering the bun

Belting at the waist while covering the bunjjvalaya | Get Custom Made Bridal Wear

This ensemble by jjvalaya is simply gorgeous. The way you tucked the belt around the dupatta to create the saree feel earlier, here you can take the dupatta and cover your French bun or your head. Any style would look gorgeous!


10. A style diva

A style divasuneetvarma | Get Custom Made Bridal Wear

This ensemble Suneet Varma looks amazingly delightful. The white shade looks pure and dazzling. Allow the style diva in you to get bold with style and take some inspiration from this dupatta drape. Pin both ends at one side and let the rest of the side cascade over one side.

You can twirl and you can enjoy dancing. In this amazing ensemble you can do anything. Carefree!

Well, are you already on the cloud nine? It is so true that the true beauty lies in the eyes of groom.


11. Sabyasachi style

Sabyasachis' Sheer dupatta & lehenga

Take some cue from sabyasachi style and use two dupattas. Sheer dupatta along with heavily detailed dupatta would simply blend well together to get on this look. Perfect!

You can grab one velvety dupatta if you want and let the other one be a shimmery one.

Get the dupatta and take it diagonally on the opposite side and pin its border right on the shoulder. Let the other one dupatta get over your head.

The double dupatta is the most happening thing and each bride wants to try it out. It looks phenomenal and royal.


12. Tulle dupatta over and above

Tarun Tahillani designtaruntahiliani | Get Custom Made Bridal Wear


Take a cue from this Tarun Tahillani designed ensemble. As usual, let the dupatta cover your head and clasp the dupatta layering at the waist into an embellished belt. This look also keeps the bride hassle free. It suits the moment!

You can allow the ending of the dupatta to flare as it looks good.

13. Breezy and dreamy

This Lehenga by Abhinav Mishraabhinavmishraofficial | Get Custom Made Bridal Wear

Just do the opposite of what you did for the original dupatta style. Just make your dupatta get right in front from behind. Pin it up and let it swirl!

This Lehenga by Abhinav Mishra looks flattering. The mirror work and the whole ivory rich feel looks good. Great for the Sangeet ceremony.

It looks a lot more chic and vibrant. Sheer dupatta along with amazing jewelry pieces would look superb. Keep it minimal thou’ as the other ensemble has many things flattering embellished all over it.

Adopting an hassle free drape helps one a lot. As you guys would be planning a destination wedding you can also jazz up some unique and amazing background. If you need to fine tune with the fabric and the natural ambiance around one can specifically try to jam up the designer lehenga with it which can give ultimate photos. Later, you can get back to these unique memories and relive with a dose of laughter.

Create some unique dream board which include stuff which you want on your D-day. Get some inspo from this and brainstorm some more ideas with your designer. Literally, you can get on amazing drapes for each event.

Go for the sleeves which are embroidered with buttis and Zardozi. See if you would like to go bold with neckline or around cuffs.


14. Wrapping around style

This is Mehzabeen from the Autumn Winter collection

Sonam Kapoor looks simply gorgeous in this look. The bubblegum pink with silver thread handwork looks amazing. This is Mehzabeen from the Autumn Winter collection of 2019. To make sure that the dupatta on your head doesn’t fall behind and you just got to pull it up again and again, make sure you use the pins. That will help you in keeping the dupatta secure.

Cover your head and take the rest of the Dupatta over your chest and straight place it on your shoulder. Sonam Kapoor in the Abhinav Mishra looks captivating in the beautiful ensemble. Great look for all the rituals.


15. Above the head covering your face

Royal black Lehenga.falgunishanepeacock

This lovely ensemble by Falgunishanepeacock looks awesome. When you are choosing this style as your go-to. Just allow the dupatta to cover your face and allow the. Dupatta to flow in behind. Just like a princess! If you want to get a little edge to go with this dense and royal black Lehenga. See that your dupatta isn’t getting any heavy because it may mess up your hair-do.

Every other desi girl has done this with her mom’s saree. Now, it’s time to get all that energy of fashionista into your D-Day extravaganza.


16. Plait and pin it!  | Get Custom Made Bridal Wear

Take the dupatta and plant it up and pin it on just one shoulder while you can belt the rest with a belt or kamarbandh for a more subtle and stylish look. This look won’t demand more and you can dance freely. This style is also hassle free. If you are feeling bossy and this will blend with your vibe. Let the belt ooze up some uniqueness.


17. Right in front style  | Get Custom Made Bridal Wear

How happy and cheerful this bride looks.

Once you have layered the drape of the dupatta to one side, take the rest of the drape and hold it over your other arm. Right in the front! Take a cue from the shyamalandbhumika designed ensemble.

If you are someone who needs a no fuss wedding outfit, this is it!

All happens to be your favourite, isn’t it? But, you need to choose any one.

Allow your bespoke jewelry to blend with your intricately detailed dupatta. It definitely exudes a royal mood. Draping is an art and lots of discipline goes into it but at the end, you have to carry it. It might seem heavy and take away your space to move as wildly as you would in your casual wear. So, choose minimalism if you want to.

Remember, that the design over the dupatta is prominently shown right on the front side.


Final Word: Lehenga Draping Style

Some clothing material looks better when plaited while some textures look great when allowed to flow and roll over the overall ensemble. Pairing the dupatta with the Lehenga is the most important thing. You need not hide the vibrant colors and embellishments over the lehenga. So, make sure each drape will ooze out the style.

Be ready to be the most beautiful bride. Let no one tell you otherwise. You have built up a dream for you both and he is going to be with you all the time. Be with him during the ups and downs and be the good wife he has always dreamt of.

All of it will create a dramatic feel for your filmy wedding. If you want to get on more desi-ness watch some Hindi drama and watch out how these women carry the whole extravaganza. Also, who knows! You may get amazing inspiration there as well.

Get ready with your vows!

Take some inspiration and let us know which drape you feel more stylish.

Good luck with the selection!

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