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40 South Indian Wedding Sarees for a Traditional Bride

Rich silks, bright colors, elaborate designs, temple borders, heavy pallus – a South Indian Wedding Saree is traditional fashion at its best! South Indian in a mix of mainly Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam cultures. Cultural fashion in all the south Indian communities is characterised by vibrant colors and intricate craftsmanship. A South Indian Wedding Saree is complimented with heavy pure gold temple-style jewellery, elaborate hairstyles, using flowers or the poola jada, and minimal but striking make-up. A south Indian bride looks nothing less than a Goddess in her wedding attire.
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A saree in a south Indian wedding can range from a heavy kanjivram to a simple kasavu; from a royal Chettinad silk to a classy Gadwal; from a traditional Dharmavaram to a sleek Narayanpeth – the styles are endless. Let us explore different styles of south Indian bridal get-up and 30 South Indian Wedding Sarees.

40 South Indian Wedding Saree for Indian Bride

1. Ivory and Gold Silk Saree

Ivory and Gold Silk Sareeritulawania_makeupartistry

This South Indian bride wears a silk saree in an ivory tone with golden thread woven design. Though the saree resembles a white Banarasi, it is essentially a South Indian silk – it is much lighter!

2. Bridal in Neutral


South Indian sarees are synonymous with bright, vibrant and dark colors. But somehow this bride rocks her bridal look in this neutral tone saree. The border, though, is woven with golden zari. Gold woven motifs are also used all over the body of the saree. The bride pairs it with a net blouse that showcases zardozi and stone embroidery.

3. The Ultimate Red and Gold South Indian Wedding Saree

The Ultimate Red and Gold South Indian Wedding Sareevarssha_aj

Like a Banarasi brocade saree is known to have equal distribution of gold and surface color, a South Indian Wedding Saree is characterised by the dominance of gold over the base color! So, unlike a red Banarasi bridal saree, a South Indian red and gold silk should be exactly like the one this bride is wearing! A broad gold border, exquisite gold weaving and a net blouse with all the embellishment that the saree does not need – how much more grand can it get?

4. More Red and Gold Kanchipuram Silks

More Red and Gold Kanchipuram Silksvishwamukhasilks

This South Indian Wedding Saree combination of gold zari weaving with this fiery red shade is simply stunning! The not-so-broad and not-so-narrow zari border with a touch of green is perfect for the exquisite woven design!

5. Reddish Pink Jacquard South Indian Wedding Saree

Reddish Pink Jacquard South Indian Wedding Sareeathirachandran07

There are some Kanjivaram sarees that have solid body tones with ornate gold borders. And then there are some with woven design showcased all over. This is such a wedding saree. These look great with heavy gold jewellery. The woven design necessitates the use of more than two silk threads during the weaving process – one of which is usually gold. This creates a magical translucent texture and beautiful multi-color undertones. In this case, we see a mix of red, pink and gold.

6. The Brocade South Indian Wedding Saree


Innovations in design technology of textiles enables us to include new elements in traditional crafts! Though South Indian pattu sarees have always come with woven zari designs, this saree showcases Banarasi brocade-like zari work. That coupled with the bright red color is much reminiscent of the Banarasi bridal sarees.

7. Yellow Expressions – South Indian Wedding Saree


Yellow is not a traditional bridal color but looks stunning on South Indian brides. This Kerala bride has ditched her Kasavu South Indian Wedding Saree to go for this beautiful yet simplistic South Indian silk saree in a gorgeous golden yellow color.

8. The Red and Gold South Indian Saree

The Red and Gold South Indian Sareesouthindianbrides_

You do not need to opt for Banarasi brocades in order to flaunt the traditional red and gold bridal look on your wedding day! Such South Indian woven zari design pattu South Indian Wedding Saree are much lighter and look great with traditional temple style jewellery too!

9. Pink and Yellow South Indian Saree


Yellow is popular among South Indian brides. But the pink and gold woven broad border sets this saree apart. South Indian silk sarees have a golden undertone and this coupled with the bright warm colors creates a golden glow that brightens the complexion of most Indian brides. Golden jewellery adds to the grandeur.

10. The Fire Tone South Indian Wedding Saree

The Fire Tone South Indian Wedding Sareekeralaweddingstylez

The strong point of South Indian silks is their weaving technique that results in thin feather-like sarees interwoven with zari and multiple silk threads. This bride wears a saree with self woven-design motifs with zari. That apart, her saree is created using multiple pattu threads in warm toned colors like golden yellow, orange, red, pink etc, giving it a fiery hue!

11. A Classic Look – South Indian Wedding Saree


Kerala brides love to flaunt the white wedding saree look. It perfectly complements their traditional golden jewellery. The Kasavu sarees of Kerala are stunning. But going for slightly heavier options, like this off-white and gold South Indian Wedding Saree with a warm-toned pink border, is also a great idea! It’s a classic and traditional look made grander.

12. Tomato Red, Gold and Off-White Kanjivaram Silk

Tomato Red, Gold and Off-White Kanjivaram Silkbridesofkarnatakaa

This bride’s exquisite South Indian Wedding Saree showcases a woven floral design in gold and off-white, all over! This unique aspect of the saree is enhanced by the zari border in gold and warm tomato red. The embellished net blouse in tomato red color also showcases zardozi and stone embroidery!

13. Of Purples and Pinks


As this bride is getting ready with all the grandeur and splendor of the big fat South Indian wedding, we can’t help but admire her South Indian Wedding Saree. The white and gold woven motif saree has a vibrant purple border that widens at the patli area. She pairs it with a dark pink veil and brocade blouse.

14. Sea Green & Violet Kanchipuram Silk Saree


If you thought bright colors look great but can’t be soothing to the eyes, think again! Kanchipuram or Kanjivaram weaves are known for the use of exotic shades and exquisite color combinations that look even more decadent on the luxurious silk! This bride flaunts a sea green and gold Kanchipuram pattu saree with a vibrant violet border. It looks beautiful!

15. Multi-thread Woven Kanjivaram Saree

Multi-thread Woven Kanjivaram Sareeshivi.collections

Kanjivaram pattu sarees are exceptional when it comes to the quality of silk! The lustrous, luxurious and decadent pattu yarns tell a story of their own. That is why they do not require any type of surface embellishment. Surface embellishment clashes with the richness of the fabric. That’s why multi-color thread weaves that form woven designs with the zari threads look beautiful. This is such a weave which uses colors like pastel blue, silver, gold, green etc. It creates a translucent texture and goes really well with the dark green silk blouse.

16. Orange and Turquoise Kanjivaram Saree


We can’t stop drooling over the South Indian Wedding Saree of this bride. The color combination, in short, is exquisite! The bright orange of the body contrasted to the turquoise tone of the border and pallu, brought together by the intricacy of the zari woven designs – we just can’t get over this bridal look!

17. The Orange Kanjivaram Saree

The Orange Kanjivaram Sareesouthindianbrides_

There are some colors that go well with some looks or styles! For example, combinations like orange and gold or red and gold look unparalleled on Kanjivaram South Indian Wedding Saree. The rich texture of the silk enhances the vibrancy of the colors. This bride wears an orange Kanjivaram pattu saree which has golden undertones along with gold zari woven motifs. This color combination also brightens Indian skin tones. She pairs it with a green and gold contrasting blouse.

18. Mustard Yellow Kanchipuram Saree


Most South Indian weddings take place in the morning and colors like mustard yellow look extremely beautiful on the bride, in the golden sunlight. This bride wears a Kanchipuram saree with green and gold woven zari design border. The border of the patli is broader and gives that essential bridal touch.

19. The Quintessential All Pink South Indian Wedding Saree


How many times have you dreamt about that pink and gold South Indian Wedding Saree that your favourite actress wore on the red carpet or even in the wedding sequence of her latest film? Such a style never goes out of vogue! This bride here, surrounded by her lovely bridesmaids, is flaunting that quintessential all-pink Kanjivaram wedding saree. It has gold and pink woven jacquard look, all over!

20. Gold and Onion Pink Jacquard Kanjivaram

Gold and Onion Pink Jacquard Kanjivaramvishwamukhasilks

The jacquard Kanjivaram is a top favourite among South Indian brides. Not only do these sarees look gorgeous on the wedding day, they also go really well with heavy temple style gold jewellery that most South Indian brides wear on their wedding day. The intricacy of the weaving is simply unparalleled! This bride is flaunting one in an unique onion pink tone with gold zari.

21. Ivory and Jamun Kanjivaram Silk Saree

Neutral wedding looks are trending and when it comes to neutral base sarees with vibrant borders, nothing beats the Kanjivaram South Indian Wedding Saree. All Indian women long for that one white Kanjivaram saree with gold motifs and vibrant border with zari work. You can flaunt one at your wedding too, just like this bride. She wears one in an ivory tone combined with a deep dark jamun color!

22. South Indian Wedding Saree in Pastels


If you thought that the Kanchipuram saree can never come in subtle shades, take a look at the saree of this bride. The pure lavender tone looks exquisite coupled with the gold zari designs. It goes without saying that though these sarees come in pastel shades, they will always have a glossy texture.

23. The Golden Orange Kanjivaram Wedding Saree

The Golden Orange Kanjivaram Wedding Sareesilksofindia

Remember Deepika Padukone’s look from the wedding scene of Chennai Express? Though that Kanjivaram saree was in a golden warm tone red shade, you can create a similar look with this saree as well! Reds or oranges with gold undertones look very traditional and gorgeous! They give out a vintage and exotic vibe! If you want to look like a celeb at your wedding, go for such a saree!

24. The Solid Red Kanchipuram Silk Saree


This bride is wearing a bright pure red Kanjivaram South Indian Wedding Saree with a solid body and gold and red duo-tone border. South Indian pattu weaves are the richest type of silk fabrics available in the country. The lustre and the richness of the weave is unparalleled. So, it goes without saying that solid tones look exceptional on such fabrics, especially red, if it’s for a wedding!

25. The Magic of Pink and Gold

Pink and Gold South Indian Wedding | Get Custom Made Wedding Sarees

The bride is wearing a gorgeous gold and deep pink South Indian Wedding Saree. She has teamed it up with a contrasting deep green gold-work blouse which magnifies the beauty of the saree. This ia a typical kanchipuram silk saree. She is wearing gold and rice-pearl jewellery and her hair is quintessentially adorned whitewhite flowers.

26. The Traditional Dark Moss Green Kanjivaram

Dark Moss Green Kanjivaram | Get Custom Made Wedding Sarees

An unconventional bridal color – deep moss green – goes extremely well with a rich golden border. The bride is wearing a traditional matching blouse with the saree. She has accessorized with heavy gold jewellery, the most unique aspect of which is the gold kamarbandh. The orange flowers in her hairstyle accentuate the rich color of this South Indian Wedding Saree.

27. The Contrast of Silver and Yellow

Every day, weavers are coming up with unique color combinations and styles on a traditional framework. South Indian Wedding Sarees are not an exception. They are also evolving every day. Take for example this all silver wedding saree. The bride has paired it with a bright yellow embellished blouse, creating a lookwhich is simple yet exquisite.

28. The Uniqueness of South Indian Wedding Attire

Deep Maroon and Gold Saree

A deep maroon and gold saree can’t go wrong! The bride sports a minimalist look but her attire breathes elegance. Though her South Indian Wedding Saree is simplistic and her makeup minimal, her choice of jewellery sets her bridal look apart.

The unique bajubandh is a piece of art in itself but what steals the attention is the gold coin braid chain. This bride is here to set trends!

29. The Beauty of Blue

South Indian Wedding Saree in Royal Blue

In other Indian cultures, blue is extremely popular as a reception outfit color. However, in South Indian culture, blue is very much a bridal color! This bride is wearing a traditional South Indian Wedding Saree in royal blue. The pink border creates a striking visual contrast. This saree would also go very well in your Roka ceremony.

30. Elegance in Pastels

Traditional Hued South Indian Wedding Saree

If you are having a summer wedding, you might want to stay away from a traditional hued South Indian Wedding Saree. Instead, you can opt for such a saree in pastel hues. This bride is wearing a pastel blue saree with a heavy border and she has teamed it up with a lilac blouse. Even the top designers like Manish Malhotra go gaga over these wedding sarees.

31. The White Flowers and the Yellow Saree

Yellow South Indian Wedding Saree

Another great color for a summer morning wedding is yellow. This bride has cleverly chosen a bright pastel yellow shade that goes well with the golden zaree work. She has beautifully done her hairstyle using white flowers that brightens up the whole look.

32. The Copper Kanchipuram Pattu

Copper KanchipuramPattu wedding saree

Pattusarees or Kanjivaram silk sarees come in a myriad colors. Take for example, this rich silk saree in copper. Those brides who want to sport dark colors on their wedding day can easily go for such a saree. The pink border contrasts the deep copper and promotes elegance in the whole look. What more? Such a South Indian Wedding Saree can easily be used as party-wear in the future.

33. The White South Indian pattu

Gold and tussar color South Indian Wedding Saree.

If you are keen on sporting an all-traditional look yet don’t want to go for pinks, reds or other bright colors then choose a pattusaree in gold. This bride wears a gold and tussar color South Indian Wedding Saree.

Her traditional temple jewellery and the saree make her look divine. If you are a south Indian bride who will be getting married in a temple, we highly recommend this look.

34. The Muted Gold and the Dark Red

Muted Gold and the Dark Red saree

This particular bridal look stands out for the use of the color – red – throughout all the elements in the bridal attire. The bride is wearing a traditional kanjivaram in muted golden color.

The saree and blouse create a monotone ensemble but the sari has a thin red lining along the outer edge of the border. The floral elements and her jewelry, especially the bangles, have a similar touch of red.

35. Crème and Pink

Crème and Pink South Indian Wedding Saree.

Off-white and white pattusarees are extremely traditional and many brides prefer them over richly woven kanjivarams for their weddings. If you want to bring about some variation in the look, you can go for a tussar color pattusaree with a pink border instead of a stereotypical red or maroon or golden South Indian Wedding Saree.

36. The Beige South Indian Saree

South Indian Wedding Sarees

You can also go for a beige or crème uppadapattu saree like the one in the picture. These sarees have minimal or no work on the body but the border and the pallu are intricately woven in bright hues. As these South Indian Wedding Sarees are plain, they bring out the beauty of the complex work of a bride’s gold temple jewelry.

37. Simplicity at its Best

Traditional Kasavu South Indian Wedding Saree

Bridal attire of Kerala is totally different from Tamil, Telugu or other south Indian bridal ensemble. The Kasavusaree – a white saree with a simple golden border – is worn by brides in Kerala. This bride is looking simply elegant in her traditional Kasavu South Indian Wedding Saree with which she has worn pure gold traditional jewellery.

38. That Green Blouse with The Kasavu Saree

Green Blouse with The Kasavu Saree

You may also want to bring in some variation in your Kasavu wedding look. This bride does that by keeping the jewellery minimal and pairing her saree with a green blouse instead of a traditional golden one.

39. The Unique Orange Border

South Indian saree with Unique Orange Border

South Indian wedding fashion is not confined to Kanjivaram or Kanchipuram sarees only. The Dharmavaram saree is gaining popularity slowly! Dharmavaram sarees are woven in remote villages and come with a unique color combination – just like the one in the image.

40. Sarees from Neighbouring Regions

South Indian Wedding SareesGet Custom Made Wedding Sarees

Some Maharashtriansarees like the Paithani or the Kolhapurisarees have a lot of similarities with South Indian Wedding Sarees. These similarities involve rich colorful silks, golden zariborders, richly ornate pallus and all over zaributi work.


Conclusion – South Indian Wedding Saree

Not only brides in South India, but those from the eastern and western parts of the country, who need to wear sarees for their weddings, can opt for a South Indian Wedding Saree. You just have to ensure that your accessories are complementing the saree.

South Indian brides wear traditional gold jewellery, often temple-style, and use flowers to adorn their hair on the wedding day. The wrong kind of jewellery or hairstyle may not be able to bring out the beauty of south Indian sarees.

However, compared to a Banarasi saree, South Indian Wedding Sarees are more versatile and can be worn at other functions after the wedding. They are usually less heavy and have the ideal mix of traditional and contemporary elements in them.

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