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30 Sabyasachi saree – When class meets exclusivity

Sabyasachi Saree is not just any saree, it’s a statement! It’s a class and elegance that resonates with exclusivity and panache. Indian women have got a pileup of sarees in their wardrobe but having a Sabyasachi Saree has a certain legacy which makes them unique and class apart.

Sabyasachi sarees are fresh and original and open up a window for you into the breathtaking world of beautiful sarees. The sarees embodies the sheer scale and diversity of Indian traditions. Exactly in which season your wedding is happening? This question will help you decide on which color would suit the best. As summer is all about pastel colors and prints, winter has its own perks.

This article is very special since it’s coving of one of the most sort after designers of India – Sabyasachi_Mukherjee

Red roohafzaa! – Sabyasachi StyleLaxmi Agarwal - Sabyasachi Saree

Take a cue from Laxmi Agarwal. Her bravery makes this Sabyasachi Saree more fabulous. You can blindly choose this elegant saree for your reception or for your wedding. The full sleeve creates the armor and that zari work and print of golden-hued zari are loved by us. Do you love it? Yes! Team the six-yard elegance with a heavy necklace.

2Red Saree Deepika Padukone by Sabyasachi Get custom made saree

Deepika Padukone in this red saree captures our hearts. Jam up this symphony with a wide back blouse and show off your tanned and polished back. So flawless! The flowers on this saree and the wavy feel it creates are like a breath of fresh air. Take it on! The mandala style earrings along with that sleek bun look like the epitome of everything.

3Virat and Anushka receptionGet Bridal and Groom outfits – Custom made

Anushka Sharma during her reception. Oh-so-wow! Sabyasachi saree encapsulates her rawness correctly. The zari work all over and the print right there and over there creates the royal feel. Take a cue from Virat’s wife and choose this classy pick.

This silk saree has a golden border and butti works. You can also team the saree with contrast blouses. Choose!

4Get Bridal and Groom wear outfits

A bride’s pride is a Sabyasachi Saree for her wedding. This gorgeous saree would go perfectly on Indian wedding reception.

5The floral vibes layered over the net looks intriguing saree put on by Alia Bhatt Design by Sabyasachi

Take the cue from Alia Bhatt as she radiates the elegance. The sheer net looks neat and captures our soul. The floral vibes layered over the net looks intriguing. Pair it up with a sleeveless blouse and keep the jewelry at its minimal. If you are looking forward to the reception where you want to look simple yet hot. Go with this look!

6Deepika Padukone in this Sabyasachi Saree looks goodGet Bridal and Groom wear outfits

Deepika Padukone in this Sabyasachi Saree looks good. Absolutely! The golden-colored woven embroidery goes well with the zari designs overall.

The saree looks appealing! Team up the look with a choker piece studded with ruby and pearls. Tie up your silky wavy hair into a French bun. Try something new!

7Sabyasachi Saree and sherwaniGet Bridal and Groom Wedding wear outfits

The saree has not at all lost its prominence in the fashion world as nowadays it gets teamed up with jeans and blazers. The grandiose six-yard wonder is your savior in all the festive moments. This beautiful red extravaganza which has light handwork is suited for any festival or wedding functions.


The soft tones at its best! – Sabyasachi Sarees

Let’s start with these Sabyasachi whites! Soft and embossed with intricate details. The off-shoulder blouse to the white melody strikes the cord brilliantly. It also goes well for a Christian bride.

8Engrossed border with silver embroider saree design by SabyasachiGet Custom made Saree

The border is engrossed with silver embroidery which creates that rich feel. Can you feel it? Totally! Give it more quirk as you line up the options of Bohemian jewelry. Let your hair cascade down or you can clip all of it above. Talk with your hairdresser or listen to your heart. Okay! You will look gorgeous in all of it.

9Green saree for bridesmaid and soft pink saree with a nice green lined blouse for bride Design by SabyasachiGet bridesmaid Sarees

The bridesmaid in green creates a promising vibe and uplifts the brides’ hues overall. The soft tone chosen by the beautiful bride for her saree looks fantastic. Jam up this soft pink saree with a nice green lined blouse. Play with your imagination!

Complete the ensemble as you add on gold jewelry and that radiant smile. Click!

10The saree with sequins design by Sabyasachi

The shades of grey! The saree with sequins? Yes! How about a chiffon saree with a solid colored or embroidered blouse. The scope is infinite! Take a cue from this heavenly gorgeous bride and add it to your vision board.

11The nice chiffon saree with some intriguing embroidered flowers

The nice chiffon saree with some intriguing embroidered flowers everywhere. The saree creates the rich spectrum right here, right now. Let your groom go with the western suit with a bow or a tie.

White goes well with anything black. The photos will be great! Absolutely, this timeless Indian garment can never go out of trend. Are you a bride who wants to come donning sneakers under the saree? Do it! It is your day!!

12Diipa Khosla opted for this Sabyasachi White elegant saree with green and orangy printGet Custom made Wedding wear

Diipa Khosla opted for this Sabyasachi White elegant saree. The huge florals along with green and orangy print feel summer-ready. The blouse which is woven with silver thread looks shimmery. This can be a perfect fit for your wedding reception too.

Sarees are indeed every girl’s childhood fascination. Bollywood films add to their dreams a bit more.

13Namrata Reddy has got all things pleasant in an enlightened orange saree

Namrata Reddy has got all things pleasant in an enlightened orange hue. Feels autumn-ready, Isn’t it? Yes! The jaalidaar texture flaunting the inner draped designs along with that full sleeve blouse looks gorgeous. Take a cue from her as she ties up her hair in a one-sided sleek bun.

14Sabyasachi Saree on Isha Ambani looks simply amazing

Sabyasachi Saree on Isha Ambani looks simply amazing. This Jio queen of India looks like a lead character of Karan Johar film. The glittery and shimmering texture of the fabric creates an immaculate appearance. So sophisticated bride, choose this Sabyasachi Saree. Without any doubt, you’ll look simply fantastic. The glitzy embroidery and artistic ensemble can be jammed up with beautiful diamond jewelry.

15Sonam Kapoor in this jacket + sareeGet Custom made Saree

Sonam Kapoor in this jacket + saree looks cool. The fashionista just knows how to carry it. Sonam being the diva herself and combined with Sabyasachi saree is a class act that is on another level.

16Deepika Padukone looks oh-so-wow in this dreamy reception ready saree

Deepika Padukone looks oh-so-wow in this dreamy reception ready saree. Let your one drape fall on the ground and get on the lawn like a queen.

Soft tones just make you feel spring ready!

17Karishma Kapoor flaunts this Sabyasachi SareeKarishma Kapoor! Yes!! The inspiration you got from her when you were a kid. Now, take a cue from her as she flaunts this Sabyasachi Saree with grace. Tie up that choker! Oh, goddess!

18Aditi Rai Hydari put on skinny tones color sareee

19Get Custom made Saree

Priyanka Chopra and Aditi Rai Hydari look immaculate. The skinny tones and the decent vibes catch our hearts. The blue color print on Aditi’s drape looks chic.


 Edgy love! – Sabyasachi Saree

This flawless queen is still reigning the red carpet. The Sabyasachi Saree looks the ultimate want by any bride-to-be.

Karishma Kapoor in this dreamy yellow Sabyasachi Saree looks gorgeous. Take a cue from her for your wedding diaries.

20Karishma Kapoor in this dreamy yellow Sabyasachi Saree looks gorgeous

Another one from the Karishma Kapoor closet. Stripes! Sabyasachi Saree with this intricate black hue looks excellent. A good reception thing to have too!

21Katrina Kaif flaunts this pink-hued Sabyasachi Sare

Katrina Kaif flaunts this pink-hued Sabyasachi Saree with grace. The ensemble oozes the sense of feminity.

22Kangana Ranaut looks strong and beautiful in the Sabyasachi Saree

Full sleeves are in big trend right now. Go green this time for your D-day! Take a cue from the Queen herself. KanganaRanaut looks strong and beautiful in the Sabyasachi Saree. The ensemble has a printed kanthi blouse and the Varanasi Saree. Fresh!


23Anushka Sharma as she flaunts this sepia-tinted Sabyasachi SareeGet Custom made Saree

Take a cue from Anushka Sharma as she flaunts this sepia-tinted Sabyasachi Saree. This saree is immaculately embroidered with French knots. You’ll see those semi-precious stones on her pallu.

24Kangana in this Kathedar Sabyasachi Saree

Kangana in this Kathedar Sabyasachi Saree looks exquisite. The regal feel!

25Rani in this mint hued Sabyasachi Saree

Rani in this mint hued Sabyasachi Saree looks red-carpet ready. As it will be your wedding, there won’t be any need to incorporate that little purse along. Take a cue from these diaries!


How many colorful straps? Yes! Lots of straps! Lots of colors! Take a cue from this bride and complete the look with great pieces of jewelry.


Are you throwing some kind of party before your wedding? Look at this sexy drape! Piggy chops rock it.

Once you choose make sure you discuss with your stylist and shenanigans about how you would be getting on the look for your D-day. Whether you would ask your gang to dress with a proper color code or you need your groom to decide which sherwani or suit he would be choosing. Yeah! You will be choosing that for him too.

Sabyasachi does have all the things covered for you. From great sarees which big celebrities swear by to great jewelry which becomes totally your favorite. Everything is taken care of.

28Black with colorful florals Saree Sabyasachi

Black with colorful florals above it looks fantastic. Mrs. Jonas in this shade is bringing a lot of inspiration and the energy of this Sabyasachi Saree is infectious. Make your SO happy!

29Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bachchan with glitzy saree and matched it with a red blouseGet Custom made Saree

Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bachchan looks like an angel like she always does in this Sabyasachi Saree. She draped the ultimate glitzy saree and matched it with a red blouse. Pair the whole ensemble with a nice piece of gold jewelry or choose any other.

The golden Zari work captivates our hearts.

30Golden Zari work with long sleeves by SabyasachiGet Custom made Saree

With Sabyasachi long sleeves are totally in hype as you can see here. Choose from the pastels! Take a cue from the models and blend big earrings with the whole attire. Gorgeous! The shades of yellow, pink and violet set the total look.


Final Word – Sabyasachi Saree

Time to get that serious upgrade! If your mom and the aunties in your neighborhood want to get into the frame with that perfect shade. Choose Sabyasachi! The Sarees will rock and can create the aesthetics that every photographer is looking for.

Seize the moments as you celebrate your wedding. All of the folks have witnessed both of your journeys in some way or the other. This is the time to capture all of it in your heart. This time with Sabyasachi Saree where your dreams become your reality.

Lean towards the excessive opulence and claim your love for the fabric. Though Sabyasachi Lehengas are very popular with Indian brides as their main wedding wear and Sabyasachi Saree for their reception.

Saree is an ensemble that suits and uplifts the curves and edges of any women’s body. It doesn’t discriminate between any body shape and size or height at all. The six-yard treasure cloth when wrapped around the body the femininity oozes around. From Kim to Deepika, any women look phenomenal!

Banrasi sarees take a whole one year to get made into the masterpiece. The motifs which are added into it create further brilliance. It’s royal!

Apart from kurtas and T-shirts, each woman has sarees but when it comes to choosing an ensemble for D-day. You can take a cue from our collections. Scroll further!

The bandhani, zari, silk, kanchiwaram, paithani reflects the sarees from around the Indian states. Bengali, Maharashtrians, Gujrati, Tamil have different varieties of draping the saree. Really, each one of them looks gorgeous!

So, don’t worry anymore as you have a myriad of choices which are savage and dope and your millennial sisters will love it.

We hope that we have helped you out with the dream board worthy collection for you. Check them all out and let us know in the comments.

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