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Final Touch – Getting Ready for Reception and Leaving a Mark in Style

Wedding is the grandest event in every girl’s life. But, when it is an Indian wedding, there are so many preparations associated along with looking beautiful. Besides that, the tension the girl goes through on the big day creates immense pressure, truly. Still, you can’t just go to your reception in casual attire, right?

So, how about giving you the last minute tips which can make you look gorgeous within a few minutes and you don’t need to get panicked about your look. Hopefully, you have a clear idea how you are going to appear at your reception. Your dress is ready and you have the picture of your look in your brain. We are here today to add twists in your appearance so that you remain the talk of the town for a long time. Follow these simple tips and you can leave your own mark

Maroon Reception Gown

  1. Know the Dress Code

Whether it is your wedding reception or you are attending someone’s knowing the dress code is very important. Usually, Indian wedding means you get enough opportunities to wear ethnic. But, you can also try a bit fusion, like jacket blouse with your lehenga. Try not to be too much experimental and avoid barring too many body parts. You can try a cold shoulder blouse with your sari, but off-shoulder is a bit too much.


  1. Concentrate on Colors

This is one of the most important tips you need before getting ready for your reception or attending one. Dull and dusky colors are big no-no for a wedding. Avoid colors like brown, grey, especially black. Also, avoid white as that is worn at funerals in India. If you are attending someone’s reception, avoid wearing red too as that is the color preferred by the bride.


  1. Check out Your Shoes

If it is your reception, then you should wear footwear that completely complements your appearance. Also, don’t forget to concentrate on comfort. If you are not comfortable wearing your favorite footwear, your entire presence can be ruined. Also, wear footwear that is easy to take off as in an Indian Wedding, you may take off your shoes for many times.


  1. Be Comfortable

Weddings are long-drawn processes as there are lots of rituals and ceremonies included. Heavy wears often make you clumsy and that is not desired. Go for something that is quite comfortable and compliments your style. If you are not comfortable with a dress that is too revealing or heavy embroidery work, there is nothing wrong in avoiding those.

  1. Concentrate on Every Detailing

Not only your attire, but you should concentrate on your entire look. From makeup to your hairdo, everything should be perfect. If it is your reception, you must be appearing in heavy pieces of jewelery and all. Try to keep your makeup a bit less. Never highlight every part of your face. If your eyes are highlighted, keep your lips minimal.

So, these are some essential tips which you can remember while preparing yourself for the reception night. Enjoy every moment of the day and store in your favorite memories.

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