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5 Times Hollywood Actresses Stole the Show by Being Ethnic

It is quite amazing to imagine foreign celebrities in ethnic wears, like sarees or churidaar or salwar. The foreign actresses like Angelina Jolie or Pamela Anderson look ravishing whenever they have appeared in such ethnic wear! Usually, the Indian look is famous for grace, poise, sophistication and elegance. And when that is carried by the Hollywood beauties, it goes to a different level. You remember Jessica Alba in Rajasthani attire! She was looking extremely hot! And completely different too.

Julia Roberts in Saree

It is true that our sarees and salwars fit well on the Indian body type which has lots of curves; but, when Hollywood celebrities pay attention to the ethnicity and tradition of Indian clothes and carry those well, they look differently beautiful. Let’s find out which Hollywood divas have stolen the show by wearing ethnic wear.


  1. Angelina Jolie

While talking about the Hollywood actresses who have dazzled in ethnic wear, the first name should always be of the unforgettable ‘Maleficent’. Yes, when Angelina Jolie appeared in a pink saree for a photo shoot, she just killed people with her look. It was her grace that was highlighted by the attire. You see yourself!


  1. Anne Hathaway

May be not for public appearance or any photo shoot, but how can you forget Miss Hathaway’s look in Rachel Gets Married! She wore a golden bordered bluish-gray saree and that was enough to accentuate her look. She was looking elegant and obviously, hot!


  1. Halle Berry

Do you remember Halle Berry in Cloud Atlas? Then you definitely remember how she was looking red hot in that movie! Wearing red saree with appropriate draping, she was looking amazing. And that color was ravishing with her complexion. With that small nose stud and red designer saree with zari work, she has stolen the show.

  1. Julia Roberts

She is the pretty woman of Hollywood and she looks stunning in whatever she wears. Therefore, it is obvious that she will look amazing in a saree. In this silk saree with parrot green and blue combination, her elegance is touching the sky. Also, her no-accessories look has created a careless beauty.


  1. Selena Gomez

Yes, many of you will ask why I haven’t mentioned other gorgeous Hollywood stars like Elizabeth Hurley or Eva Mendez. Actually, Selena Gomez is the teen star. So, if you think saree is the thing for older ladies only, it is to say that young girls can look fabulous in such ethnic wear. Recently, during her Nepal tour from UNICEF, she wore a red saree and looking equally sexy and cute. See yourself!


So, these are the top five Hollywood actresses whom I think will look gorgeous in ethnic wear. There are celebrities like, Naomi Campbell, Madonna, Naomi Watts, Oprah Winfrey, and many more who have rocked the show with saree. Special mention to Lady Gaga who was looking astonishingly beautiful in Tarun Tahlani’s designer saree. So, Indian ethnic wear is such that it can make everyone look attractive.


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