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30 Peach Lehengas That Define Subtle Ethnic Style

Peach tones aren’t considered to be bridal colors! Peach also does not feature in the top few colors when it comes to the Indian or the wedding palette. But today, we are here just to change that thinking! Peach may be a light color, much less striking than pink. But the color is so soothing to the eye, it creates a style statement of its own! When combined with the right shades, Peach Bridal Lehenga look really sophisticated, classy, subtle yet stunning!

Peach Bridal Lehenga – Go Peaches !

1. Maroon and Peach Bridal Lehenga

Maroon and Peach Bridal LehengaGet Custom Made Lehenga

Color combinations with peach are really tricky! Not all colors look good with such light subtle pastel tones. But this bridal look just nails it. While the choli is white with gold bootas all over, the skirt is in a vibrant peach tone with gold and maroon thread work concentrated at the bottom part. The dupatta, contrastingly, is in a dark maroon shade with floral motifs and ornate border.

2. Embroidered Peach Bridal Lehenga

Embroidered Peach Bridal Lehenga

Thread work or embroidery in a myriad shades look very good with a color like light peach. In fact a bit of embellishment goes a long way with such colors. So, if you are looking for a light yet gorgeous lehenga for occasions such as sangeet, mehendi etc, go for a net lehenga in peach tone with embroidery all over, just like this one!

3. Kurta Lehenga in Peach

Kurta Lehenga in Peach

This dreamlike wedding attire is to die for! Brides wanting to flaunt modest looks or those who want a bit of variation from the usual lehenga choli look, may go for such an attire. The skirt is in a decadent fabric in the color peach with an ornate border and sparsely organized floral motifs. The kurta is also in the same shade but showcases heavy zardozi work in traditional motifs. Here we see a combination of peach and bronze, instead of gold, and it looks magical!

4. Peaches and Cream

Peaches and Cream

No, that’s not the bride’s favourite flavour of ice cream! It’s the perfect way to describe her lehenga – in the combination of cream and a light yet vibrant peach tone. The presence of gold zari embroidery in traditional floral motifs take this lehenga to an all new level, giving it a decadent and luxurious look.

5. Peaches and Flowers

Peaches and Flowers

With a color like peach, one can really go all out with floral and feminine designs! This lehenga uses big floral motifs in different shades of peach primarily along with colors like pink, maroon dusty rose, ivory etc. In another base color, the design might have looked a bit too flowery but in this case, it looks as if peach fabrics and floral motifs are a match made in heaven.

6. Chikankari Lehenga in Peach

Chikankari Bridal Lehenga in Peach

Chikankari thread work looks like a dream on a base of peach! Peach is one of the traditional favourites when it comes to chikankari work. It’s a pastel shade and complements the white threads beautifully! So if you are looking for a subtle yet ethnic look for your wedding, go for a chikankari thread worked peach lehenga.

7. Silver Zari Embroidery

Silver Zari Embroidery

Most wedding lehengas like this beautiful Punjabi bride flaunts a lot of gold in the form of zari embroidery on sequin work! Silver embroidery goes well with cooler colors and we see most brides going for silver zari work with a color like midnight blue or steel grey for their reception party. But if you love silver zari embroidery and want to wear a lehenga showcasing the same on your wedding day itself, go for a peach lehenga. The color goes beautifully well with silver even though it’s warm toned.

8. Pastel Pink and Peach Bridal Lehenga

Pastel Pink and Peach Bridal Lehenga

When it comes to pastel tone fabrics, there is a thin line between pastel peach and blush pink. Most of the time, designers mix the two shades together or use them next to each other in their creations. This creates a layered look. The two shades are different yet they seem to blend with each other. This decadent lehenga portrays exactly this. The floral embroidery is more on the pink side while the base fabric is peach. The lehenga also showcases detailed zardozi bead work, pearl embroidery etc.

9. Peach Pink and Gold Lehenga

Peach Pink and Gold Lehenga

This light lehenga also uses the pastel peach colour with a pink undertone. The fabric has a layer of net on top which flaunts detailed gold zari and thread work. It’s perfect for those pre-wedding events like the engagement party or sangeet.

10. Light Peach Pleated Lehenga

Light Peach Pleated Lehenga

Day time weddings demand the combination of subtle colors and excellent craftsmanship. This bridal peach lehenga is just that! The color is so light and muted it looks like the first rays of the sun. And the work is just unparalleled – matte silver zardozi styles along with bead, stone and crystal embroidery. It looks just stunning! The lehenga skirt has a round cut and pleated look that makes the outfit even more exquisite.

11. Quintessential Peach and Gold Lehenga

Quintessential Peach and Gold Lehenga

This combination is so classic that it never fails to uphold that grand aspect of Indian weddings! This particular lehenga is no exception. The skirt is flared with detailed and elaborate work in decadent gold zari. The choli has full net sleeves with self embroidery. The pastel peach tone reflects the colors of the bride’s bouquet!

12. White Thread Work Lehenga

White on Peach Thread Work Lehenga

A non-bling look for the reception? A peach lehenga with detailed white thread work. This lehenga is devoid of any zari embellishment. The color is very light and muted yet it is perfect for the evening! The layer of net on top serves as the base for the thread work which is detailed to the extent of forming a textured look on its own. To add a bit of gold and to complement the muted peach tone, a light gold tulle dupatta has been added.

13. The Peach and Peacock Bridal Lehenga

The Peach and Peacock Bridal Lehenga

How much more exotic can it get? A vibrant peach tone with multi color thread work in motifs like tropical flowers and most importantly, the peacock, in all its glory! Such a beautiful lehenga reminds one of the rich Indian landscape with its floral and fauna. To add a bit of bling, a gold sequin blouse has been added.

14. Gold and Peach Lehenga

Gold and Peach Bridal Lehenga

This bridal lehenga flaunts an equal amount of gold and peach. If you want to wear a lighter tone on your wedding day, you can go for such a lehenga as all light colors don’t look so good with classic gold zari work. Checkout more of Golden Lehenga.

15. Peach and Silver Lehenga Dress

Peach and Silver Lehenga Dress

Lehenga dresses are the prettiest things ever! Designed like an extra-flared ankle-length anarkali kurta, they provide enough room for showcasing elaborate embellishment. Brides wanting to sport a different type of look or a very modest look on their wedding day may go for such lehenga dresses with subtle base tones like peach and elaborate silver or matte gold embellishment all over!

16. Double Dupatta Style Lehenga

Ivory and Peach Double Dupatta Style Lehenga

Ivory and peach – such a subtle, beautiful, dreamy, exotic, sober and elegant color combination rarely exists. This lehenga adds to that intricate zardozi embroidery in gold and the result is mesmerizing! The choli is a combination of peach with gold embellishment. The skirt is white with floral zardozi work. The lehenga also flaunts the double dupatta style. One of the dupattas, in peach tone with ornate gold border, has been pleated and draped quite aesthetically like the pallu of a saree.

17. The Classic Lehenga

The Classic Peach and Gold bridal Lehenga

You are having a daytime wedding! You can’t really flaunt a very dark shade! You also need a lot of gold going on your wedding attire! When in doubt, go for the classic peach and gold lehenga. Peach suits every Indian skin tone and when combined with gold it imparts a beautiful warm glow that is perfect for any bridal look or ensemble.

18. Light Peach and Pastel Blue Net Lehenga

Light Peach and Pastel Blue Net Lehenga

This lehenga represents a unique design language. The lehenga skirt is in a light pinkish peach tone with a layer of light net fabric on it. The dupatta is in the same neutral tone net with peach toned thread worked bootas and a pastel blue border. The choli is unique! In a combination of pastel blue and peach, the choli extends a long way downwards like a cape. It is thoroughly embellished in thread work with a bit of gold and the two pastel shades.

19. Bright Peach Cape Bridal Lehenga

Bright Peach Cape Bridal Lehenga

Let’s make it simpler! On an occasion like the sangeet, a full dupatta makes it difficult for you to dance! So go for a lehenga with a net cape instead of dupattas. Capes are generally made with net fabric which makes the outfit really light and comfortable. In a color combination like this bright peach with orange undertones and gold, the outfit looks even more beautiful.

20. Wedding Peaches

Wedding Peaches - Peach Bridal Lehenga

For more sober looks in peach and gold, you can go for such a lehenga! It ignores bright full gold tones and goes for matte textures and bronzy golds instead. Minimal sleek motifs on the skirt and a textured instead of an embellished choli does the job.

21. Sequin Work Peach Lehenga Dress

Sequin Work Peach Lehenga Dress

It’s the perfect reception evening look! It’s a lehenga dress with a larger-than-life flare. All over zardozi work can be seen in bronze and gold metallic beads. The zardozi work is complemented by sequin embroidery!

22. Lehenga Dress in Light Peach

Lehenga Dress in Light Peach

If you want a lehenga dress in peach, not for the reception party but the engagement evening or the sangeet, this one would be the perfect choice. Unlike the previous one, this one is lighter both in terms of embellishment and its density. We see more elaborate motifs in the waist area and subtle gold and silver motifs on the skirt.

23. The Peach Kurta Lehenga With Green Dupatta

The Peach Kurta Lehenga With Green Dupatta

Why do kurtas look so royal with lehenga skirts? It reminds one of the royal women of the Mughal era! This outfit is no less grand! The bead, zari, sequin and stone embroidery is done in abundance all over the outfit. The long kurta has a little slit down the middle which exposes the grand skirt underneath! What looks most beautiful is its pairing with an emerald green and gold dupatta.

24. Gorgeous White and Peach Cape bridal Lehenga

Gorgeous White and Peach Cape bridal Lehenga

This bride must be a professional model, she poses so beautifully in her gorgeous lehenga. The lehenga has more of white and less peach. But the peach and gold embellishment imparts a golden glow to the whole look. Instead of a dupatta, the outfit comes with an embellished cape with a slit from the waist downwards.

25. Blue and Peach Mirror Work Cape Lehenga

Blue and Peach Mirror Work Cape Lehenga

This exotic lehenga is one-of-a-kind! The choli and the lehenga skirt are in a cream tone. But they are topped with a fascinating cape in peach and blue. The cape has tie-up detail. It showcases thread embroidery in gold, cream and blue in the Ranihati Phulkari Tagai style. The hemline is adorned with chunky mirror work.

26. Shades of Peach

If you thought that peach was a color meant only for subtle, understated looks, think again! This bridal lehenga proves that peach is also appropriate for those quintessential blingy, vibrant wedding lehengas. In this case two shades of the color have been used – an orange-ish peach for the choli and a lighter shade for the skirt. The choli sleeves are green and we see all over gold zari embroidery.

27. White and Neon Peach Lehenga

White and Neon Peach Lehenga

This lehenga is one-of-a-kind! On a white skirt, we see a net layer with detailed thread embroidery in a vibrant neon peach shade. We see sequin and stone work too. The choli is full net sleeves with similar embroidery! The dupatta has a cut work border with a bit of pink thread work too.

28. Peach Gown-Style Lehenga

The outfit here is right out of a fairy tale! It’s a lehenga dress or a gown-style lehenga. The bodice showcases silver thread work along with stone, crystal and bead embroidery. The outfit uses fabrics like tissue and georgette which gives the skirt an excellent flare.

29. Silk Lehenga Dress in Peach

Silk Lehenga Dress in Peach

On luxurious fabrics like silk light colors like peach look beautiful! This Plus sized lehenga dress flaunts exactly that combination along with exquisite gold zari and sequin handwork on the skirt, neckline and dupatta border.

30. Pastel Green and Peach Bridal Lehenga

Pastel Green and Peach Bridal Lehenga

This lehenga showcases the most unique color combination – pastel peach and pastel sea green! The juxtaposition of the two colors is so soothing to the eye and it is perfect for that understated yet colorful morning wedding look. We see the use of net on the skirt, thread work, zari and a broad gold border! It’s the perfect peach bridal lehenga!

Peach lehengas complement every Indian bride or bridesmaids. Instead of going for dark shades for your reception, you can opt for a color like peach. For more expertise on the matter get in touch with us.


Photo credits: maharaniweddings

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