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30 Groom Sherwani Looks You Can Sport For Your 2023 Wedding

In 2023, trending groom sherwani looks won’t be that experimental! As per predictions neutral tones, combination of shades of red with neutrals, gold embellishment – in the form of thread work, zardozi, resham embroidery or sequin work-, fusion fashion or unique elements and accessories, pairing sherwani with dhotis, manarakalis, pastel tones, floral sherwanis etc will be in vogue this year. But simplicity comes with the biggest challenge -looking different from the rest!

This is where we come in. These 30 looks will not fail to inspire you for your 2023 wedding groom sherwani look. But in case you need more expertise, GetEthnic is always just a click away!

2023 Groom Sherwani Inspirations

1. With a Cowl Hem Kurta

With a Cowl Hem KurtaGetEthnic Clients | Get Custom Made Sherwani

Groom Arpan wears this gorgeous beige and bright red sherwani on his wedding! The sherwani jacket has a high low hem with slanted button line, embellished buttons and borders. The inner kurta is unique with a cowl hemline.

2. Neutral Tones Will Rule

Neutral Tones Will Rule - Groom Sherwani 2023

One of the most important trends of 2023 in the scenario of ethnic wedding fashion are the outfits in neutral tones. Both bridal and groom wear is being designed in colors like white, ivory and cream etc. This groom wears an ivory sherwani with self-tone embellishment and accessories like turban and belt.

3. Peacock Blue Panache

Peacock Blue Panache - Groom Sherwani 2023labelaham | Get Custom Made Sherwani

This one is a unique shade of blue! Peacock blue isn’t very common in the wedding wear scene, especially for a groom and it’s the popularity for unique tones that has brought it in the 2023 wedding scenes. This sherwani also showcases intricate craftsmanship in silver thread work. Checkout more of Blue Sherwani.

4. The Layered Look in Neutrals

The Layered Look in Neutrals - Groom Sherwani 2023emperiorbyarunsolanki

Silver and golden zari work adorns this ivory toned sherwani but what really sets it apart is the way in which it is layered. The solid tone inner kurta is topped with the sherwani jacket which flaunts ornate lapel-like attachments. It creates the illusion of three distinct layers.

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5. Of Pastels and Gloss

This groom sherwani is a product of aesthetic contradictions. The sherwani jacket is embroidered with intricate zari and zardozi floral motifs all over. The fabric is in a pastel toned glossy finish adorned with gold thread work in matte textures. A classic cream kurta accompanies the multi-color sherwani jacket. Dusky rose and beige are the dominant tones. Floral motifs form the design language.

6. The Front Open Anarkali Sherwani

poornimacreations | Get Custom Made Sherwani

Anarkali Sherwani call for regal and royal looks! In this case the groom wears a navy raw silk sherwani showcasing big traditional motifs in zardozi embroidery and dori resham work. Instead of being buttoned, this sherwani jacket is front-open. The otherwise plain anarkali kurta flaunts an ornate gold stone work border.

7. Royals in Neutrals – Trending in 2023

Royals in Neutrals - Trending in 2023

This light beige raw silk sherwani is class apart! Though totally in sync with the trends of 2023, this one is a timeless look! The light beige raw silk fabric is adorned with golden raw silk dori in matte texture and enhanced with pearls and cut danadetails. The dainty embellishment, the matte look etc give this piece a period look!

8. The Belted Sherwani Look

This groom wears an ivory sherwani with detailed silver thread work. Not only is this outfit in sync with the trends like neutral tones, anarkali kurta with sherwani etc, it also features the belted look – a design element predicted to be in vogue in 2023.

9. The Peach Stole

neerajchamoli | Get Custom Made Sherwani

If colors could trend, peach seems to be doing so in 2023. The use of the color is pretty unique. It is being used in stoles, dupattas, headgears etc to create beautiful and artistic contrasts. This beige sherwani showcases floral embroidery in green and pink threads. With that the peach stole and bottoms create an aesthetic contrast.

10. The Timeless White and Gold

The Timeless White and Gold - Groom Sherwani 2023

If neutrals are in vogue, gold zari and sequin floral detailing have to be in vogue too! The two styles are a match made in heaven! If you are still confused about what to wear and want to look the dandy groom too, close your eyes and choose the classic white and gold sherwani.

11. Floral Forever

Floral sherwanis continue to trend even in 2023. This groom has even co-ordinated his outfit with that of his bride. The sherwani jacket he wears is in a glossy silk blend fabric with floral woven and embroidered motifs in green and grey. He pairs it with a green churidar in a glossy finish.

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12. Monotone Moments


The monotone sherwani looks will be very popular in 2023. This sherwani is in a dark bottle green color. The sherwani jacket has a woven design that gives it a textured look. The churidar bottom wear has an extra ruffled look. The turban is in the same shade. Only the stole is in a contrasting light beige color.

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13. The Off-white and Gold Sherwani

The Off-white and Gold Sherwani - Groom Sherwani 2023

You just can’t get over the white and gold groom sherwani look this year! This sherwani has a lot of gold – in floral thread work, in sequin work on the stole etc. The border of the sherwani jacket as well as that of the stole have tiny pink floral details in thread work. Checkout more of White Sherwani.

14. The Classic Red and White Look

Even last year, this look was in vogue and it continues to remain popular! The touch of red or maroon adds a bit of vibrancy to the all-neutral sherwani. In this case, a warm red tone has been amply used in the churidar bottoms and stole. It has also been used in the turban and in the form of thread work on the sherwani jacket, alongside zardozi work!

15. Combining Gold and Beige

This again is a timeless combination in men’s ethnic wear! With the popularity of neutral tones, beige and light brown tones are also coming into the picture. This look is even grander as detailed gold toned embroidery has been added. The work is placed in dense patterns around the collar! Overall, this is one larger-than-life groom sherwani for the 2023 big fat Indian wedding.

16. Self-Tone Embellishment

This particular trend of 2023 is relevant in wedding wear for both brides and grooms. This refers to the use of embellishment in the same color as the color of the surface fabric. This groom is wearing a navy sherwani paired with beige trousers and stole. In case of the sherwani jacket, only the hemline border and the collar showcase matte gold embellishment. The rest of the outfit showcases thread work in the same navy tone creating an attractive textured look.

17. Pastels in Demand

Pastels in Demand - Groom Sherwani 2023

Pastels will continue to rule the popularity charts even in 2023! This groom wears a peachy pink pastel tone sherwani. It is low on embellishment but the light yet rich matte texture of the fabric makes up! For a day-time wedding in 2023, it is the perfect groom look!

18. The Beige and Neon Red Sherwani

This one’s a unique color combination! The groom wears a beige embellished sherwani jacket on a neon red kurta paired with pajamas in the same tone. The collar, borders, hemline and button line of the sherwani showcases intricate zari and thread embroidery in traditional motifs. Such looks, involving neutral tones and shades of red, will totally be in vogue in 2023.

19. The Dark Red Turban

The Dark Red Turban - Groom Sherwani 2023

‘Tis the most intelligent way to use red in an otherwise neutral tone outfit! The groom wears a classy ivory sherwani with exquisite embellishment and embroidery in gold. The sherwani jacket showcases motifs inspired from period looks. With that the groom is sporting a dark red turban. Nowhere else in the outfit is red used! This is a great way to follow trends without giving in to them totally.

20. The Red Piping

Going with the same artistic vision, this off-white and gold sherwani used a red piping on the stole. That’s it! The rest of the outfit has no red. Yet, it can be classified as that quintessential red, white and gold sherwani, popular in 2023.

21. Switch the Shades

You don’t have to pair a white sherwani with red toned accessories! You can still be trendy by doing just the opposite – wearing a red sherwani and pairing it with neutral accessories, just like this groom who wears a dark red sherwani jacket paired with beige bottoms. The outfit is replete with floral embroidery in gold, polki motifs adorn the border of the stole, embellished buttons adorn the slanted button line and the turban is as ornate as it can get.

22. More and More Neutrals

More and More Neutrals - Groom Sherwani 2023

It seems that we just can’t get over the neutrals this year! Ivory and matte gold floral motifs – what else do you need to look your best on your wedding day?

23. Pairing With A Dhoti

Experimental styles will set trends in 2023. In this case, a sherwani jacket has been paired with a dhoti and a stole. The outfit has a royal appeal. In pure silk, this handcrafted sherwani showcases intricately embroidered elephant and floral motifs. Resham thread work, zari work and pearls have been used. The dhoti and the stole or kandwa are in pure kanchivaram silk fabric and have pink ornate embroidered borders.

24. The Manarkali style 2023

The Manarkali Sherwani style 2023
The anarkali kurta with sherwani jacket or the manarkali look is totally in vogue this year! The anarkali kurta is one with a flared hem and is worn under an embellished ethnic jacket. This particular outfit is also following another new trend – the placement of two bold colors with each other. The kurta is in a bright red glossy tone and the sherwani jacket and the churidar bottoms are in a dark navy tone. The sherwani jacket is jacquard, flaunts high-low hemline and double button line. The kurta too has a high low hemline.

25. Dhoti with Sherwani


If your customs require you to wear a dhoti for your wedding and you are keen on wearing a sherwani, just fuse the two looks! This is the year for fusion looks with traditional attire. This groom has paired his off-white and gold sherwani jacket with a dhoti in the same shade. He has draped the stole like one would if one were wearing a traditional dhoti-kurta!

26. Pastel Elements

Neutrals have always had a special place in men’s wardrobes – ethnic or otherwise! But as this year they are back with increased popularity in grooms’ ethnic fashion, they are being paired with unique elements and accessories. In this case, an ivory sherwani has been paired with a light pastel mint shade stole with a wide ornate matte gold border.

27. The Plain Sherwani

If you are a guy who does not like to carry the weight of embellishments, get married this year! These plain, solid tone, embellishment-free looks are back. No one will question you on your choice of a plain sherwani. Instead, people will think that you are just following a trend.

28. The Cut Work Stole

The gold and white groom sherwani showcases zardozi embroidery in intricate motifs. However, what sets this ensemble apart is the stole! The cut work border looks very aesthetic and complements the embellishment pattern of the rest of the outfit.

29. The Purple and Cream Sherwani

The Purple and Cream Sherwani - Groom Sherwani 2023
Groom Jaspal wanted to wear something very different so we decided to give him an off-white embellished sherwani jacket with an inner anarkali kurta in a pastel mauve tone. The kurta also showcases gold woven motifs. The poppy purple stole showcases floral embroidery in red and gold threads.

30. The Short Sherwani Look

Don’t want to wear anything too heavy? Sport a well-tailored short sherwani with tapered trousers. Our client Corbin wanted something like this and so we gave him a short sherwani in an ivory tone fabric, with embellished collar, sleeve borders and ornate buttons. A maroon velvet stole, maroon embellished turban and tapered trousers in the same shade complete the look.

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For more such trendy and unique looks, get in touch with us! Getethnic specializes in customizing outfits for you, taking into consideration your requirements, preferences and body type.

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