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30 Bridal Lehengas to Inspire Your 2023 Wedding Look

Bridal Lehenga for 2023 Brides! The year 2023 is all set to amuse designers and fashion lovers in the same way! When it comes to ethnic fashion, especially wedding wear, it will seriously be a rollercoaster ride. Bridal lehengas will not see a huge transformation but the love for certain elements like quirky sleeves, ruffled hems, non-bridal tones, period and vintage looks etc hint at the popularity of unconventional bridal looks in 2023.

Some things like organza fabric, net, sequin work, velvet textures, mirror work etc will make a huge comeback this year, while the affinity towards things like pastel tones, matte textures etc will remain. Depending on these major trends, we have compiled a list of 30 bridal lehenga looks. If you want to be the uber chic and fashionable bride in 2023, you can use these looks for inspiration!

Bridal lehenga for 2023 Brides

1. More Poppy Colors with Neutral

More Poppy Colors with Neutral - GetEthnic Clients - Bridal Lehenga for 2023

GetEthnic’s valued client – Karishma – wears this beautiful lehenga that might prove to be one of the post trending looks of 2023. Her lehenga skirt is in a neutral tone with silver embellishments. Though this color constitutes the majority of the look, the bright red choli and the sage green dupatta add that pop of vibrant color.

2. Saree-like Lehenga Drape

The double dupatta style is particularly popular in case of bridal looks as two dupattas result in a more graceful ensemble. Draping one dupatta like the pallu or anchal of a saree is becoming a popular trend these days. The idea is inspired by the South Indian saree lehengas!

3. More Pastels

Bridal Lehenga Pastel design for 2023

maharaniweddings | Get Custom Made Lehenga

A pastel pink lehenga is so much bridal yet so unconventional. Coupled with that the sequin work floral embroidery makes this look perfect for 2023.

4. Unconventionally Blue

Unconventionally Blue - Bridal Lehenga 2023
Could you ever imagine that such a gorgeous wedding lehenga can come in a completely non-bridal shade? GetEthnic has made it possible for our client – Natasha! This blue lehenga with matte gold embellishment is to die for! It is a timeless outfit but goes really well with 2023’s unconventional color palette.

5. Pastel Peach and Gold

Gold work embellishment will never go out of vogue in case of Indian bridal fashion. In this case, the zari work has a matte texture. This along with the light pastel peach of the lehenga fabric, makes this look mesmerizing!

6. Multi-color Weaving and Embellishment

Multi-color Weaving and Embellishment - Bridal Lehenga 2023Get Custom Made Lehenga

Juxtaposition of contrasting multi-color embellishment or weaving is a style that will be in vogue in 2023. On a light peach-pink surface, this lehenga positions embellishment in multiple hues together, creating an extremely colorful and vibrant look. The beige dupatta contrasts yet complements the look.

7. Fuchsia Pink Is In


Fuchsia pink is the red for 2023! The color will rule the bridal palette for sure. Pinks were always a top favourite in Indian weddings but for the past few years, the focus was more on pastel pinks and subtler shades. In 2023, however, the bling will be back! This is an exceptionally appropriate pick as it also has a lot of zari and gold sequin detailing. Floral and peacock motifs, the double dupatta look etc make this lehenga perfect for your 2023 wedding.

8. Maroon and Ochre

In 2022, the red and white bridal lehenga was one of the most raging trends in ethnic wedding wear! This year that position seems to have been taken by red alternatives like maroon, burgundy and wine coupled with shades of yellow. In this case, the bride wears this beautiful maroon and gold lehenga with double dupatta style. The embellishment also carries ochre yellow elements that looks good with both the zari and the gold sequin work. The cross-body dupatta is also in a bright ochre tone.

9. Dreams in Rust


This is a year for unconventional bridal hues and those that take you to an era gone by, have a special place! Rust orange has a period charm – this lehenga has timeless enigma, encapsulating traditional handwork like dabka, tilla, sequins, nakshi and cut-dana! The heritage motifs and patterns showcased here is derived from mid-18th century archival brocade textiles, Mughal art and architecture – giving the outfit a luminosity that seems to have descended straight from heaven.

10. Flared Pink Charm

Bridal Lehenga 2023 - Flared Pink Charmpeaches.label | Get Custom Made Lehenga

This pale pink lehenga, too, exuberates a period charm! The combination of pale pink and bright gold zari itself is a style inspired from erstwhile Mughal fashion. The lehenga skirt takes it a step further – it is flared and has kalis that brings in a pleated look. The dupatta draping style, the jewellery etc- takes one back to a Mughal setting!

11. Red Alternatives


Reds will also be present in 2023 but in alternative shades! Take for example this light coral red bridal lehenga – on pure raw silk, embroidery techniques like zardosi, aari with sequin, resham, marori, french knots and nakshi have been used to enumerate exquisite doli and peacock motifs. The heavily embroidered princess-cut blouse and the organza light coral and tulle head dupattas complement this exquisite lehenga.

12. The Lotus Lehenga

The Lotus Lehenga - Bridal Lehenga 2023_vishwa_fashion_

Erstwhile fashion elements will dominate the bridal lehenga 2023 scene! Take for example this lotus themed lehenga! The lotus motif is taken directly from Mughal art and architecture. The yoke design of the choli is reminiscent of Mughal tunics! Similarly, the vertical panel design of the skirt is reminiscent of anarkalis. All this on a red alternative – wine color – is perfect for you if you are looking for a not-so-heavy bridal lehenga.

13. Pastels, Frills and Bling


This lehenga embodies three major 2023 bridal lehenga trends – the continued affinity towards pastels, use of frills in borders and sequin work! The lehenga uses two pastel tones – violet and faded lilac. Combined with that is a lot of sequin embroidery in a shimmery silver tone, along with stone, crystal and bead embroidery. The dupatta is in a light net fabric – another element that has made a comeback in 2023. The skirt hem has an attached violet fabric pleated like a frill.

14. Bride in Burgundy

Bride in Burgundy - Bridal Lehenga 2023shaadiofficial

Instead of red lehengas, wines, burgundies, marsala shades and maroons will dominate the 2023 bridal scenes! Here is a beautiful burgundy red lehenga with intricate sequin and zari work showcasing floral patterns, celestial objects and a baraat procession on the skirt. The color as well as the design language have a vintage appeal.

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15. The Peacock Lehenga


The peacock motif and similar motifs inspired from nature will do the rounds in 2023. Along with that velvet, as a fabric, will make a huge comeback! This lehenga is reminiscent of Rajasthani folk culture and textile. The matte gold motifs of peacocks, flowers, the latticework design etc is reminiscent of Rajput art and architecture. All this against the dark maroon velvet, looks ravishing.

16. The Mughal Princess

This bridal lehenga in a green-tinged gold with sequin work, stone studded, minakari thread work using techniques like dabka, tilla, nakshi and cut-dana – seems to be time transported from somewhere in the Mughal era. We have pointed out the fact that erstwhile styles and designs will dominate 2023 and this bridal lehenga takes the idea to an all new level of perfection! In such a bridal outfit you will look nothing short of a Mughal princess!

17. Self-Tone Embellishment & Ruffles

Self-tone embellishments is a huge thing in 2023! Along with that, elements inspired from western fashion, like ruffles and frills, will also be seen. This bridal lehenga in red carries forward these two trends! It has self-tone embellishment! The off-shoulder cut of the blouse and the ruffled skirt hem makes it an almost Indo-western attire. If you want to carry something glamorous yet contemporary for you 2023 wedding, you may want a lehenga like this.

18. Aesthetic Contrasts

Bridal Lehenga 2023

Though this trend had created a rage a few years back, this time the contrasting elements will be more subtle! Take for example, this maroon and gold bridal lehenga which is exquisite in its own way! But to make it a little more vibrant a contrasting peach dupatta has been added!

19. The Bride in White

No, white is no more the forbidden color in 2023 desi weddings! This year will see a lot of unconventional bridal lehengas, especially in terms of color. This lehenga uses self-tone thread work and sequins to create floral motifs on the gown-like lehenga skirt. The dupatta too is inspired from a Christian bridal veil. The blouse has a unique ruffled look, without any embellishment.

20. Pink and Sequins

Trust us, this combination will be the most loved bridal style of 2023! Sequins are making the biggest comeback this year, both in lehengas and sarees. Warm toned pinks will replace reds. This lehenga has both elements. The color is a warm dark pink with fiery red undertones and it showcases intricate and detailed sequin floral embroidery, all over. If you are looking for a bridal lehenga in 2023 that will be traditional yet trendy, this is the look to go for!

21. The Banarasi Skirt

The Banarasi Skirt - Bridal Lehenga 2023
A couple of years back, Banarasi brocade dupattas was a huge thing – the number one trend in ethnic bridal wear! But this year you can chuck the idea of a dupatta and go for a skirt instead. Think less detailed brocade work and bigger motifs, leaving a lot of space in between for the lustre of the rich silks to show through. Think unconventional colors and make sure to pair them with blouses and dupattas in neutral tones, just like this bride has done.

22. Neutral Tones Will Rule

This takes us to another major 2023 trend – neutral tones in bridal wear! You don’t have to go all white – think of using these colors by combining them with dark rich color in sections. This bride has paired her ivory lehenga skirt with silver sequin, zari and crystal embroidery with a dark maroon embellished blouse! This looks so gorgeous yet so different!

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23. When In Doubt Go For Pastels

Pastels are here to stay! Not only were they immensely popular in 2022, in 2023 too pastels will keep trending. This bride wears this beautiful grey toned pastel lehenga with a hint of mauve! The embellishment – majorly thread work in silver and light peach – is mesmerizing! The intricately embroidered floral and traditional motifs speak for themselves!

24. Year For Neutrals

Brides are loving the serene white elements in their wedding dress. Be it white, cream, ivory or off-white – neutrals are being loved a lot! Designers are combining neutral tone fabrics with silver or gold thread work in intricate details as these stand out really well on a neutral base. With that, a splash of a contrast tone – in this case peach – makes the look vibrant and even more ethnic!

25. Of Wines and Velvets

Of Wines and Velvets - Bridal Lehenga 2023
The deep toned velvet lehenga is not new! We all know how popular these lehengas were at one point of time in the past! This year, this look is back. Velvet fabrics are making a comeback along with sequin work. It is predicted that wine tones and burgundies will be very popular in 2023 and the vintage or retro bride look will be in demand.

26. The Long Sleeve

Quirky choli styles might become very popular in 2023. These include ruffled sleeves, cold-shoulders, off-shoulder look etc. Apart from all this, another style that will surely be in demand is the ornate full-sleeve choli. This bride is wearing such a choli in a dark maroon silk showcasing detailed zardozi, sequin and zari work. The contrasting peach dupatta is also a top trend of 2023.

27. The Anarkali Lehenga Dress

The anarkali lehenga or the anarkali lehenga dress will be one of the most popular lehenga styles in 2023. This bride wears a beautiful ethnic wedding anarkali lehenga dress. The neutral base tone, the pop of dark pink, the ruffle detailed hem of the dress – what else do you need to create a trending look for 2023?

28. Anarkali Lehenga with Sheer Drape

Anarkali Lehenga with Sheer Drape
Like the anarkali lehenga, sheer drapes will trend in 2023. This anarkali lehenga has two layers – an ornate skirt and another layer of fabric on top with a slit down the middle, below the bodice. This second layer, in this case, is made up of sheer net fabric which exposes the intricate and detailed embellishment on the skirt.

29. The Orange Glow

For bride Sofia Ansari, GetEthnic has customized a perfectly bridal lehenga in an orange hue! The lehenga appeals as minimalistic in terms of embellishment! The vine and leaf motifs on the skirt are intricate and the band of gold on the lower part of the skirt provides the perfect aesthetic touch.

30. The Minimalistic Wine Tone Lehenga

The Minimalistic Wine Tone Lehenga - Plus size Bridal lehenga 2023
Our client Namrata wanted something light in a deep dark characteristic shade! What can be trendier than wine tones in 2023? This plus size lehenga is designed on dark plum-wine tone fabric with minimalistic sequin work.
To use our expertise, like these brides have done, get in touch with us!

Based on the raging trends of 2023, your personal preferences and using our expertise to decide what suits you best, we can promise you the bridal lehenga of your dreams!

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