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25 Multi-Color Lehengas with Unique Colors & Color Combinations

Indian ethnic fashion is known for its use of vibrant colors that represent the elements of nature. From luscious greens to fiery reds and oranges to soothing blues, we can see it all in our traditional fabrics. The year-end wedding season is just round the corner and the most raging trend in Indian bridal wear right now is the inclusion of such colors. Monotone outfits will never go out of fashion but certain color combinations can really lift the mood of the entire ensemble.

25 Colorful Lehengas that showcase vibrant color combinations

1. Duo-Tone and Rare Hues

Duo-Tone and Rare Huesshaadiwish

We can see some unique colors on this wedding lehenga. Apart from a perky pink, there is a purple with pinkish-golden hue! We can see a shade of brown, moss green and rust that are not exactly mono-tones. The fabrics have been woven with multiple threads to give the colors different undertones. The green has a bit of mustard in it, the brown a bit of gold etc. On such vibrant duo-tone colors, there is a lot of embellishment. Moreover, the colors used are not even typical bridal shades, making this lehenga really unique!

2. Stunning in Stripes

Stunning in Stripes - Bright Color Lehengas

It’s one of the most cleverly designed colorful lehengas in this list! First, along with vibrant hues like orange, yellow, green, brown etc, the color white has also been used. The use of white brings out the brightness in the other colors as well! On this, instead of heavy embellishment, we can see diagonally running stripes all over. This makes the outfit really unique and adds a contemporary edge to the whole look.

3. Neon Nuance


Just get bold and proudly flaunt the colors of your dreams. This bride has chosen neon shades for her lehenga. On a base of light neon-ish green, we can see networked embellishment in the form of woven designs and sequin work. We see motifs of birds and flowers. In contrast to the green of the base, colors like purple, pink, blue etc look stunning!

4. ZigZag Zing


Rainbow colors and geometric patterns are a match made in heaven! In the case of this colorful lehenga we see large zigzag patterns all over the skirt. Two shades of the same color are used next to each other which also creates an ombre effect. We have blues, greens, oranges and yellows with a bit of glitter!

5. Colorful Thread Work Lehenga

Multi-Color vibrant Lehenga with Unique Colors & Color Combinationhouse_of_bandhani

Not only are the color combinations showcased in this lehenga unique and beautiful, the outfit uses excellent traditional craftsmanship and colorful thread work! On the pink ombre effect skirt we see multi-color peacock motifs. The yellow choli has multicolor thread work. The dupatta showcases phulkari embroidery in multi-color threads and mirror work on a base of black.

6. Color Goals in Florals


While the base of this lehenga is in a neutral tone, it has all over floral embroidery in stunning color combinations. Starting with flowers in pastel pinks and peaches to big petalled flowers in yellows and reds to green leaves and vines – you have it all! Coupled with the colorful thread work, we can see the use of crystals and stones. The crystal embroidery comes alive on the net dupatta.

7. Panelled Saturated Shades

Panelled Saturated Shades - Bright color lehengaalmastejani

Colorblocked lehengas in vibrant saturated shades are all set to rule the fall wedding season this year. The panelled design structure and the diagonally running stripes are elements from western fashion. When these are combined with vibrant Indian hues, magic is bound to happen! Such designs are ruling the runways this season and if your wedding is round the corner just go for such a colorful lehenga!

8. Horizontal ZigZag Panels

Multi-Color vibrant Lehenga with Unique Colors & Color Combinationpavnibkk

We have seen lots of colorful lehengas with vertical panels or kalis on the lehenga skirt! This time it’s the other way round! It’s a mehendi outfit and we have zigzag bands or panels of colors running horizontally round the skirt. We have colors like purple, peach, turquoise, yellow and pink. To draw the attention of the onlooker entirely to the unique skirt, the choli is minimalistic – it’s in beige tone and showcases mirror work.

9. Green Pink Turquoise and Purple

Green Pink Turquoise and Purple - bright color Lehengawedabout

Sounds confusing but looks stunning! These colors have been combined with zari embroidery and used in dome shaped structures on the beige skirt. The colors can also be seen on the choli and the dupatta.

10. Floral Block Print on Colors


It’s a true multi-color bridal lehenga. Panel design structure has been used for the gorgeous skirt and we see use of Indian earthy colors like yellow, red, pink, mustard etc. On these strips we can see block printed floral motifs reminiscent of banjara fashion and ajrakh block printing! Combined with that is sheesha embroidery and a little bit of gota patti work.

11. Colors and Brocades

Colors and Brocades - Multi-Color vibrant Lehengaweddingbazaarfashion

This stunning lehenga showcases the juxtaposition of brocade fabrics in different colors like pink, red, olive, sage etc. All the appliqued fabrics have floral woven brocade motifs. The borders have gota patti work in gold. It’s a gorgeous lehenga for the mehendi or haldi function! The use of so many colors with golden zari work can really brighten the complexion of the bride.

12. Orange Base

Orange Base lehengaculturedwedding

Orange is such a vibrant and particularly bridal color that any other color combination on it looks gorgeous! This lehenga has an orange base on which we see the use of multiple colors like sage green, dark blue, teal, turquoise, red, pink and even thread embroidery and zari work. The lower part of the skirt looks exotic with dome-like structures with floral motifs within and complex borders.

13. Multi-Color Panelled Lehenga

Multi-Color Panelled Lehengaweddingbazaarfashion

Complexity of detailing, juxtaposition of different types of embroidery and crafts etc is what makes a multi-color lehenga actually stunning! Here we see very minute detailing all over and the use of crafts like thread work, block print, gota patti, sequin embroidery etc over panelled design in a myriad colors. It’s a stunning bridal lehenga and can give good competition to traditional red and pink bridal wear.

14. Of Zari and Colors

Multi-Color vibrant Lehenga with Unique Colors & Color Combinationweddingbazaarfashion

This lehenga is one-of-a-kind! We see the use of net fabric in panel-like design on the skirt. Every possible color you can imagine is present on the skirt along with complementing gold detailing in the form of zari work, sequin embroidery, brocade etc. The elaborate gold border of the skirt is also breathtaking!

15. The Peacock Lehenga


Like the myriad hues on the peacock’s tail, the colors on this lehenga are creating a combination that is as vibrant as Nature itself! The lehenga also showcases an unique color pairing – turquoise blue with dark purple! The turquoise blue skirt has peacock motifs all over along with an ornate gold border. The purple dupatta and matte gold choli complement the lehenga skirt appropriately.

16. Color Trio – Purple, Yellow, Green

Color Trio Lehenga - Purple, Yellow, Greenweddingbazaarfashion

Another great and unique color combination is showcased in this lehenga! The panel structure design is definitely a hit with brides these days. On that we have woven floral motifs running vertically in gold. The three colors used are dark purple, dark green and golden yellow. All the colors are dark and bright but somehow they work together and do not clash. This makes this lehenga really unique!

17. Tiered Net Lehenga

Multi-Color vibrant Lehenga with Unique Colors & Color Combinationwishnwed

It’s another brilliant choice for a mehendi or haldi outfit! Though there are multiple shades used, not every color contrasts the other. We see the use of three shades of green – mint, light green and moss green – on the first three tiers of the lehenga skirt. The last tier is in a contrasting tomato red shade that transforms the look. The choli is more detailed when it comes to embellishment but it uses the same color combination.

18. Mint and Olive

Some shades of green are really tricky. With a cooler undertone, mint green can easily look like turquoise and with a warm undertone or golden hue it can resemble pistachio. In this case, however, we see a color between mint and sea green! It has been used for the dupatta and in the form of floral thread work on the light olive green lehenga skirt. To create contrasts, thread work in colors like bright and pastel pink, powder blue etc have been used.

19. Delicate Detailing


This lehenga too uses the tiered design language on the skirt! What sets it apart, though, is the intricate detailing on each tier. With colorful lehengas, we mostly see a lack of major embellishment or color block design language. In the case of this colorful lehenga, it’s all about the detailing on embellishment and motifs. Because the skirt is so complex, the bodice of the choli is in a solid tone.

20. Narrow ZigZag Layers


It’s a difficult look to carry! So go for it only if you are very sure! We have seen a lot of horizontal tiers and panelled color blocking in this blog so far! But this lehenga is one of a kind with narrower layers in a zigzag pattern. Moreover, a myriad colors have been ranging from bright tones, textured ones and even neons. So this lehenga is definitely not for the faint hearted!

21. Sectional Symmetry


This really unique and one-of-a-kind lehenga skirt is to die for! The hemline is shaped like petals and all over the skirt separate sections have been created to showcase different colors and textures. We can see a myriad colors like dark blue, pink, peach, yellow, pastel blue, gold etc. Brocades, woven designs, embroidered florals – we have it all! The neon pink choli and ruffled dupatta add to the uniqueness of the attire.

22. Quirky Composition


When it comes to Indian crafts involving colors – like bandhej, block printing etc – the “quirky” element always comes through. Here we see a lehenga skirt with kalis in alternating yellow and pink colors with bandhej work! The border of the skirt also showcases a collage of printed, colorfully colliding fabrics to create that quirky look. The choli is unique too with extreme detailing and full puffed sleeves.

23. Nomadic Necessities

Multi-Color vibrant Lehenga with Unique Colors & Color Combinationxoxo_apurva

The Rajwada kingdoms are not only known for their royalty but also for their fashion which is highly influenced by the vibrancy of the nomadic tribes that inhabit the region. This lehenga is straightaway inspired by such fashion and uses striking neon and bright shades and combines them with metallic embellishment and gota patti work. The skirt has horizontal tiers of different colors creating an environment of symmetrical chaos.

24. Realms of Colors


Complementing colors like shades of green, blues, purples and some neons have been used to create horizontal layers all over the skirt! These layers are interspersed with zari embroidery, gota patti work, pom pom detailing, mirror work etc. Combined with floral jewellery, it’s the perfect outfit for the mehendi functions.

25. Colors on Neutral Base

Multi-Color vibrant Lehenga with Unique Colors & Color Combinationikonikbez

In a cream tone, this lehenga showcases a multitude of pastel shades and some brighter hues with floral designs. The skirt borders, hemline and choli have been embellished with floral thread work and some woven designs. But what really steals the show is the colored zigzag lines all over the lehenga skirt.

If following this trend of mult-icolor lehengas or lehengas with unique color combinations is your cup of tea, just get in touch with us! Though colors together look chaotically beautiful, it’s not so simple to put together! A lot depends on the colors on your outfit. Certain colors can lift your skin tone while some other colors may make you look dull. So, it is of utmost importance that such a lehenga be custom made, exclusively for the wearer, with the intervention of an expert. This is what we specialize in!

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