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30 Velvet Sherwanis that Reinstate the Charm of Class & Style

‘Velvet’ – what comes to your mind when you think of it? It is a tufted fabric, made primarily with silk yarns. Velvet sherwanis is one of the richest styles that can be flaunted by the groom or groomsmen or others during an Indian wedding! ¬†Evenly cut threads are equally distributed to make it the softest of fabrics that you will ever put your hands on. The fabric is associated with luxury, class, decadence and style! Often a highly pleasing experience or an extremely soft object is described as “velvety smooth”.
They say, all that a girl needs is simple velvets and basic diamonds! We don’t disagree. But like women, men can also befriend velvets when it comes to luxurious wedding styles!

Though the velvet sherwani is considered the most suitable outfit for the groom in that winter wedding, improvisations in the fashion tech sector are resulting in silk yarn alternatives to create lighter velvet fabrics that can also be worn during the summer. Most importantly, velvet is so rich and luxurious that it neutralizes the need for embellishment, making the solid monotone look come back into the ethnic fashion scenario.

30 Velvet Sherwani to Go for this wedding season

1. Quintessential Royal Velvet Sherwani

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The classic looks never fail to impress as a classic Indian Groom outfit! This one is a favourite among grooms who want to flaunt that royal, regal look on their wedding day. In dark blue or maroon color, such sherwanis come with traditional zardozi embroidery. Ethnic motifs to complete the look. Embroidery is done all over the sherwani.

2. As Grand As It Can Get with Velvet Sherwani

As Grand As It Can Get with Velvet Sherwanishantanugoenkaofficial

Few fabrics have the ability to aesthetically support intense and elaborate zardozi work, velvet being one of them! This dark green velvet sherwani and shawl showcase all over gold zardozi embroidery. The look is so classic and grand that it creates the illusion of a different era!

3. Pair It With Prints

Pair velvet sherwani With Prints
One of the most artistic looks in this list, here a velvet dark maroon sherwani jacket has been paired with a short kurta and tapered trousers in red Boho prints. Who would have thought that the quirky and the regal would look so good together? The color combination of maroon and red is also stunning.

4. Velvet Sherwani Fit for The Groom

Velvet Sherwani Fit for The Groomriccoindiamen

Looking out for that reception sherwani which will get everyone talking? Go for such a sherwani in black velvet. It’s a unique piece as the cut is totally unconventional. It has high low hemline, gold zardozi work resembling buttons on one side, embroidered band detail and floral zardozi and dabka work in gold.

5. Velvet Sherwani in Lighter Hues

Velvet Sherwani in Lighter Huesnomiansari

There are some colors that look ravishing on the velvety textures! Blush pink is one of them! The texture of velvet creates waves of dark and light shades and it looks beautiful! To make this blush pink velvet sherwani look even more glamorous, big traditional motifs in gold thread work has been added. It has been paired with white tapered trousers. Checkout more of  Pink Sherwani.

6. Simplistic Glamour

Sometimes, the most simplistic looks are the most glamorous! This jet black velvet sherwani paired with jet black silk tapered trousers looks absolutely stunning with its neat cuts and minimalistic embroidered details. The embellished buttons and the beige tone thread work on the collar, arms and cuffs is all! It’s one of the smartest looks in this list.

7. Deep Blue Velvet Sherwani

Deep Blue Velvet Sherwani

Though the black velvet sherwani is a cult classic, it cannot be worn for wedding rituals as in many Indian cultures, black is considered as an inauspicious color. A good alternative is this deep blue sherwani. It has tiny leaf motifs all over. The sleeves showcase floral hand embroidery in gold.

8. That Man in Black Velvet


Angad Bedi looks dapper in this black velvet sherwani. Velvet is such a rich color, the need for embellishment is nullified. The sherwani has been paired with straight trousers and a taupe stole. The stole showcases sequin and thread hand embroidery.

9. Black and Gold Forever – Go Velvet

Black and Gold Forever - Go Velvetwaliajones

The black velvet sherwani is a cult favourite! It looks stunning in winter wedding receptions on the groom and is perfect for groomsmen for all other occasions! Though the black velvet fabric itself creates a very decadent look, adding a bit of embellishment never harms. In this case gold thread work has been added in ethnic motifs.

10. Short Velvet Sherwani


If you want to go for a look that is smart, well-tailored and contemporary yet ethnic, you can try the short black velvet sherwani look! Devoid of embellishment, the texture of the fabric and the cut of the outfit are the real USPs of this look! It has been paired with black tapered trousers and comes with an inner tunic.

11. Red Mughal Sherwani in Velvet

Red Mughal Sherwani in Velvetsash.bespoke

A fabric fit for the nawabs and shehanshahs, velvet takes a new dimension when it comes in color. This red sherwani has a unique cut. Having a high neck collar, unique round yoke design and gold floral hand embroidery, it resembles outfits from the erstwhile Mughal era. It has been paired with white trousers and velvet red and gold jootis.

12. The Velvet Shawl


Velvet is a thick and heavy fabric which very easily brings that rich look to any outfit. But it can be heavy sometimes, especially in summer weddings. If you absolutely want to include the velvet element in your wedding outfit, go for a velvet shawl! A sherwani – be it in brocade work or embroidery – looks regal when paired with a velvet shawl.

13. The Maroon Velvet Sherwani

The Maroon Velvet Sherwani

After the iconic black velvet sherwani look, the maroon velvet sherwani is a cult favourite! The rich dark color goes really well with the velvet texture and the combination of maroon with gold is ideal for Indian weddings and wedding related functions. This sherwani also has ornate gold buttons and pocket square and chain details.

14. Perfect For Layered Sherwanis

Perfect For Layered Sherwanisivorybaazaarboutique

This Maharashtrian groom wears a layered sherwani in the combination of dark red, white and gold. The style is perfect if you are keen on flaunting an ornate velvet sherwani jacket. This one has embellished buttons and sequin and thread embroidery on the yoke portion. It has been paired with a golden woven design stole.

15. Velvet Indo-Western Sherwani

Velvet Indo-Western Sherwanifashion.ka.fatka

An essential element in the case of velvet sherwanis is the lack of embellishment. The richness and heaviness of the fabric makes the solid monotone look very appealing. Thus, this fabric is perfect for Indo-western and more tailored cuts. Here, Kartik Aryan flaunts a dark teal tone Indo-western short sherwani with trousers and inner tunic.

16. That Guy in Blue Velvet


There is a thing about the color blue and rich textures! Here, the groom’s brother looks stunning in this royal blue velvet sherwani. It is paired with white trousers, is knee length and comes with ornate buttons, pocket square and chain details.

17. Velvet Sherwani with Zari Thread Work

Velvet Sherwani with Zari Thread Workapachibyrmc

Though a difficult look to carry, this one is sure to set trends with floral look! Velvet sherwanis are usually unembellished or less embellished. But in this case, the designer has turned this rule upside down! All over zari embroidery has been used for this dark blue velvet sherwani jacket. We can see multi-colors used to form mainly floral motifs.

18. Royal in Red Velvet Sherwani

Royal in Red Velvet Sherwanisherwanicollection

The combination of the red velvet sherwani and red churidar bottoms is stunning! The antique gold thread work on the collar and the yoke portion looks all the more royal. This outfit is perfect for the winter wedding reception.

19. Maroon Achkan Style Sherwani


This achkan sherwani in maroon velvet fabric, with smart cuts, ornate buttons, hand embroidered gold bootas all over and pocket chain details, will never fail to impress. It has been paired with gold churidar bottoms.

20. Blue Velvet Achkan and Grey Trousers


Rich textures like that of velvet look effortlessly stylish! They are not dependent on embellishments for a grand look and go really well with well-defined cuts. In other words, an achkan in velvet in a deep color like this blue, is sure to impress. It also showcases hand embroidery on one shoulder and has been paired with grey straight trousers for that Indo-western look.

21. Black Velvet Sherwani with Belt Detail

Black Velvet Sherwani with Belt Detaildandygroom

Redefine the cult classic black sherwani look by adding elements like gold embellished buttons, a gold safa and a gold belt detail.

22. Velvet Sherwani with Salwar

Solid single tone looks are great for a bit of fusion style experimentation! This black sherwani jacket with embellished buttons and floral pocket area details has been paired with moss green tone salwar bottoms. The inner kurta is in a charcoal grey tone. The color combination along with the fusion style makes the outfit look stunning!

23. Sequins on Velvet Sherwani

Sequins on Velvet Sherwanirj_byrajat

To bring in a bit of variation in your solid tone black or navy blue velvet sherwanis, go for all over sequin work in vertical panel design! It creates a textured look and makes the velvet look even grander. Those of you who are not fond of floral motifs can also go for panels or geometric shapes through sequin embroidery.

24. To Glam Up the Off-White Kurta Pajama Look

To Glam Up the Off-White Kurta Pajama Look
In many cultures, the white or off-white kurta-pajama or dhoti-kurta is the traditional wedding attire for the groom. But sometimes, this ensemble may turn out to be too plain! To glam up this look, one can pair it with a front open velvet sherwani jacket. This groom wears one in dark navy blue with multi-color floral embroidered patchwork on the shoulders.

25. The Contrast of Black & Red


This black velvet angarakha sherwani showcases self-tone embroidery that creates an even richer look! It is paired with an off-white trouser. The outfit includes a dark red velvet handmade tilla embroidered shawl and similar turban – these two elements in contrast tone completes the look.

26. With Kashida Embroidery


Velvet is a heavy fabric and it goes without saying that it would pair well with grand traditional embellishment techniques. This black velvet sherwani has all over Kashida embroidery in traditional motifs like polkis, kalkas, roses, maple leaves etc. The Kashmiri shawl it has been paired with makes the look all the more glamorous!

27. Velvet Sherwanis in Pastels

Velvet Sherwanis in Pastels

Whoever thought that velvet sherwanis come in common colors like black, navy, maroon or red is totally mistaken! Here, veteran designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee has created velvet sherwanis in pastel tones like aqua green or mustard yellow. These colors are also uncommon and paired with gold Sabyasachi statement buttons, these long traditional sherwanis and churidar bottoms look ethereal. The collars have stone embroidery!

28. Short Bandhgala-Style Sherwani

Though this brownish-maroon velvet jacket worn by the groom may appear like a bandhgala, it is not one! The collars are in the style of sherwani jackets and unlike bandhgalas, this jacket has been paired with a longer inner kurta in black and with tapered trousers. In short, it is a very smart outfit that the groom flaunts!

29. Paired with a Turtle Neck


The velvet sherwani has always been considered as ultimate grooms-wear for winter weddings! So, this quirky combination should not be that shocking! In this case, a black velvet sherwani, with gold thread work on the collar and sleeve hems, has been paired with a turtle neck sweater within!

30. Go Plain in Velvet Sherwani

Go Plain in Velvet Sherwaniurban.lad

Want to dress like that smart groomsman who is actually the most eligible bachelor? Go for an outfit that has depth yet is not complex – just like a velvet sherwani in a dark color, well-tailored, fitted and long. Solid colors have a charm of their own. Pair it with the same color churidar bottoms and leather shoes.

For customized velvet sherwanis, be it for the groom, groomsmen or others, get in touch with GetEthnic.

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