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22 Gorgeous Brides in Sarees – Bridal Saree Styles

If you thought that a bride in a lehenga looked more glamorous than a bride in saree, think again! Lehenga might be the most popular bridal attire for Indians, but brides in some Indian cultures like the South Indian, the Bengali or the Maharashtrian community are expected to wear a saree on their wedding day as well most other wedding-related functions.

While the Indian textile and handloom industry boasts thousands of different varieties of sarees, those most commonly used for bridal purposes are gorgeous Kanchipuram or Kanjivaram pattu sarees, heavy Banarasi brocade silk sarees, colourful Maharashtrian Paithani sarees, Kerala kasavu sarees and Gujarati Gharchola, Panetar and Patola sarees. These traditional options look great on the wedding day while on the reception you can opt for more contemporary options. Tussar sarees, georgette or chiffon sarees with aari and zardozi work, velvet work sarees etc look great on the night of the reception. While most of these options are heavy, you can go for lighter weaves like jamdanis, ikkats, south cottons etc for pre-wedding or wedding morning functions.

If you are struggling with ideas to glamorize your bridal saree-look, you can easily get inspired by these 22 brides on Instagram, who have simply rocked the saree look!

Stunning ‘Bride in Saree’ Look

  1. Maroon and Gold Kanjivaram Saree

Bride in Saree look with Maroon and Gold Kanjivaram Saree

Nothing can beat the glamour-factor of a Kanjivaram saree. It is not the saree in itself, but the whole attire inclusive of the poola jada hairdo and long plait, the heavy temple-style gold jewellery, the dark lips and heavily done eyes that make South Indian brides as beautiful and goddesses. This bride wears a simple Kanjivaram saree with a uniform gold embossed design and a gold border. The simplicity of the design makes the saree a great option for lots of jewellery and a heavily ornate blouse.

  1. The Beautiful Bengali Bride

The Beautiful Bengali Bride in Saree

The bride wears a typical red Banarasi brocade saree! A Bengali bride in saree needs to wear a lot of heavy gold jewellery, which makes it imperative for her to choose an attire that complements the jewellery. The tiny gold bootis all over the saree complement the jewellery and bring out the intricacy of the designs. All this glamour is balanced out with the clean and simple eye make-up, red lips and the white chandan designs on the forehead of the bride.

  1. Pink and Gold Kanjivaram Saree

Pink and Gold Kanjivaram Bridal Saree

Bright pink silks look really bridal! Since Kanjivaram sarees are made from premium silk yarns, bright colors can’t fail to look good on brides. This bride wears a vibrant pink Kanjivaram saree with a contrast green and gold blouse. The saree is heavy with big gold bootis all over. Heavy gold jewellery is complementing the look.

  1. A Flaming Orange Kanjivaram

A Flaming Orange Kanjivaram Bridal Saree look

Most Indian women have beautiful gold and yellow undertones to their complexions. This is why warm and bright colors like orange and red look very good against Indian skin tones. This Kanchipuram saree has minimal gold embossed designs and a gold border. But what makes this one a great choice for a bride in saree is the color palette. The Kanchipuram saree has been interwoven with warm orange and gold silk threads creating a flaming orange hue. It looks utterly gorgeous!

  1. The Bride in White

The Bride in White Saree

Kerala brides look simply heavenly in their white Kasavu sarees. You can easily replicate the look by opting of a white silk saree. Kasavu sarees are usually made of cotton yarns. If you feel that a bridal look will appear too simple in a cotton saree, go for a saree like this bride’s. This matte gold and cream white saree looks beautiful with heavy gold jewellery. It is perfect for an early morning wedding. The bride also sports a solid gold kamarbandh like a pro! Plus, this white saree doesn’t look at all unconventional or out-of-place in a bridal frame. So, if you can sport it, go for white!

  1. A Colorful Nauvari Saree

A Colorful Nauvari Saree Look

Did you ever think that a bluish-purple hue would go so well with orange and red? This Maharashtrian bride in saree looks simply gorgeous in this colourful Nauvari saree! The purple silk saree with orange border has been paired with a red and gold brocade dupatta, as per custom. The beauty of the look comes from minimal accessories and make up. The bride wears a simple choker, green and gold bangles and pearl malas. The makeup is simple with well-done eyebrows and a bright lipstick.

  1. A Rustic Banarasi Saree

A Rustic Banarasi Saree

Banarasi sarees have been used for decades for bridal looks. The old school style of Banarasi saree with intricate silver and gold designs on thin smooth katan silks are making a comeback. This bride in a Banarasi saree looks exotic as she has completely gone for the old world look. The saree has been draped like the way it used to be done in the colonial era. The jewellery is minimal and the makeup is also pretty old school – heavily kohl-laden eyes and a kumkum bindi. Checkout Half Saree or Langa voni for a non contemporary look.

  1. A Kerala Silk Saree

If you are planning to highlight your bridal jewellery go for a saree with a plain body. Usually sarees with heavy brocade work on the body tend to not complement the jewellery. This is because the designs on the fabric clash with those on the jewellery. Like this bride in saree, wear a Kerala silk saree. These sarees have plain silk bodies and bright gold borders. See, how beautiful her temple style diamond and emerald necklaces and kamarbandh look with this saree.

  1. Kanchipuram Sarees in Shades of Yellow


Yellow is a bridal color, not only for the haldi ceremony but also for the wedding! South Indian weddings usually take place in the morning and these sarees would look amazing! One of the sarees is in a combination of lemon yellow and light blue while the other one is in mustard and maroon. Both combinations would look very good with gold jewellery.

  1. A Blood Red Banarasi Saree


Can we ever get over our fascination for the red Banarasi saree? And this dark red bridal saree is just too exquisite to miss. The diamond shaped gold motifs make it even more beautiful. Though this bride in saree has paired it with minimal jewellery and makeup, you can go for heavy necklaces, large chandbalis and mangtika to give this saree a complete bridal look.

Checkout different Saree Draping Styles.

  1. The Gorgeous Blue Paithani Saree

How beautiful this Maharashtrian bride looks in this vibrant blue and orange Paithani silk saree. The best part about sporting a handloom silk saree on the wedding day is the unbeatable lustre of the silk! No other fabric, when it comes to bridal sarees, can match up to silks! The matching floral hairdo and the heavy gold necklaces on the bride accompanied by her dazzling smile make this bridal look heavenly!

  1. Orange Jangla Banarasi

Reminiscent of the bygone days, this vintage jangla Banarasi saree in a matte orange and gold combination is in short, classy! “Jangla” refers to the exquisite, detailed and intricate brocade design on the thin silk fabric. Such a saree is an heirloom and can be passed on from generation to generation.

  1. Beige Kanjivaram Saree

Beige can also be a bridal color is cleverly styled, like this bride in saree has! This beige silk saree has a gold border and a purple pallu. Paired with matching bangles, a gold kamarbandh and similar gold necklace, this saree creates a classy, subdued yet striking bridal look.

  1. Jamoon Colored Nauvari Saree

Bright vibrant hues and handloom silks are a match made in heaven! This bride from Maharashtra sports a unique combination of deep jamoon color and banana-leaf green hue on her bridal Nauvari saree. The saree has minimal gold bootis and the bride has paired it with a green and gold dupatta. Such sarees not only look wonderful on bridal frames but also, owning to their contemporary or unique color combinations, can be flaunted later on too!

  1. A Light Blue Kanjivaram Saree

A Light Blue Kanjivaram Saree

What an exquisitely unique look this bride in saree sports! The bride is blessed with a warm dusky skin tone which is being complemented by the light blue and gold Kanjivaram saree she wears. The saree has embossed gold motifs on the blue body. It has been paired with a heavily ornate gold and pink blouse which forms a striking contrast. The embellishments on the blouse somehow seem to match with her bridal jewellery and she wears plenty of intricately designed necklaces, bangles as well as a kamarbandh and maangtika. The makeup look is simple with heavily kohl laden eyes and contoured cheeks.

  1. Light Blue and Red Nauvari Saree

Light Blue and Red Nauvari Saree

A great combination for a day-time wedding, this Maharashtrian bride sports a light blue, gold, and red saree with minimal designs! Such sarees do not need embellishments as the shiny texture of the pure silk does the job of adding glamour to the look. The orange dupatta the bride carries with her saree also compliments the color combination.

3 Bridal Sarees for Day-time Functions

If you are going to have a morning wedding and want to keep it simple, not too heavy and yet want to wear a saree, you can go for any of the following options. You can also get inspired from these looks if you are dressing up for a pre-wedding morning function.

  1. A Red & Gold Dhakai Jamdani

A Red & Gold Dhakai Jamdani

A long time back, dhakai jamdani sarees were made from muslin and resham zari threads. Today, that has been replaced with fine quality cotton and even silk threads to form an extremely light, net like fabric on which zari motifs stand out. A Bengali bride is often seen in a dhakai jamdani for the morning wedding functions. You can also opt for this look! Though a dhakai jamdani saree is made up of cotton threads, the bling factor is no less!

  1. A Light Banarasi Saree

A Light Banarasi Saree - casual Saree look

The re-birth of the Banarasi weave has seen numerous unique and innovative styles. One of them is a light Banarasi silk saree with the brocade work only on the pallu and the area of the pleats. This combination in bright red, gold and mustard is timeless. For morning weddings, you can opt for a simple look, like this bride in saree.

  1. A South Cotton Saree

A South Cotton Saree - Bride in a cotton saree

A Kerala bride looks extremely glamorous in a white cotton saree. You can follow a similar style by wearing a white, off-white or cream color saree with a vibrant border and pallu. Gold jewellery also stands out on such a combination. South Indian brides who are going have an early morning wedding and a greand reception later, can go for such a simple, light yet elegant look in the morning.

3 Bridal Sarees for the Reception

The reception day is as important as the wedding day! You can easily sport a saree on the evening of the reception, if you have sported a lehenga on your wedding day! Receptions looks are supposed to be simple, elegant and contemporary or you can go for Lehenga Style Saree.

  1. An elegant Banarasi Saree

An elegant Banarasi Saree - Bridal Saree

This bride in saree wears a cool-toned purple and gold Banarasi brocade saree! Such a saree would look really elegant on the night of the reception. She has paired it with a contrast teal color blouse and heavy jewellery. Checkout more of Saree Blouse designs.

  1. A Light Silk Saree

A Light Silk Saree

Does this bride in saree not remind you of Anushka Sharma’s look on her reception day? This look is much more subdued but equally elegant! The bride wears a light gold and warm red silk saree with minimal jewellery. She has gone for the natural makeup look and adorned her hair in a white gajra.

  1. A Contemporary Saree Look

A Contemporary bridal Saree Look

A saree does not mean heavy makeup and jewellery! Like this bride, you can also sport a contemporary look in a saree. The color combination of this silk saree – peach and maroon – adds a dash of elegance to the look. The bride has paired her saree with a sleeveless blouse, minimal jewellery, minimal makeup and an exquisite yet simple floral hairdo.

Sarees are great for bridal and wedding wear, since you would never grow out of them! If kept with care, bridal sarees can be passed on from generation to generation. A bride in saree represents class, tradition and elegance. For such traditional as well as contemporary sarees, do check out our website. GetEthnic boasts a team of the finest craftsmen, designers and stylists who will deliver the best bridal outfits, be it a saree or a lehenga, for you at your doorstep!



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