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Go Neo-Ethnic with these 35 Sleeveless Blouse Designs

Nothing can beat the gracefulness of ethnic looks. But sometimes you might get bored with them! Especially at times when you need to choose multiple ethnic outfits for an event like a wedding. But there are ways to do away with this monotony! Adding some new elements to ethnic looks transforms them and adds dimension! Such an element is a sleeveless blouse!

Well-fitted, customized sleeveless blouses go a long way in making you look graceful, beautiful and sensuous! It is a simple addition that impacts in a big way! Check out these 35 sleeveless blouse designs to understand the style!

35 Sleeveless Blouse Designs

1. The Bold Bride Look

The Bold Bride Lookshyamalandbhumika | Get Custom Made Wedding Wear

You want to sport the ‘bold bride’ look on your wedding day? This red, green and gold lehenga comes with a skimpy spaghetti strap embellished blouse! If you love it, go for it!

2. Halter Neck White Blouse

Halter Neck White Blouse

Handloom sarees with kalamkari motifs, ajrakh work, indigo prints etc are hugely popular these days with young saree wearers. While you always have the option of going for a blouse to match the print or pattern on the saree, a contrast blouse in a unique cut can also give that touch or aesthetic style. Get hold of a halter neck white or off-white blouse and it would go with all your bohemian prints. The look this created is modern, contemporary and artistic.


3. Red Cotton Top

Red Cotton Top

The ‘tops with sarees’ style is being embraced by most fashion influencers. This is a simple red cotton sleeveless top which has been paired with a blue and grey cotton saree!


4. Try the Belt Style

Try the Belt Style

While we have introduced you to sleeveless blouses with belts, there is another way to grace a similar look! Use a single color well-fitted sleeveless blouse with a rich silk saree and fasten the entire look as well as the neatly pleated pallu with a designer blouse.


5. Sequin Love in Sleeveless blouse

Sequin Love in Sleeveless blouse

Sequin blouses in gold or silver look good with chiffon sarees with simple sequin borders. The look created is classy and fit for the red carpet!


6. The Lacy Bralette

The Lacy Bralette

Pair a simple printed saree with a lacy bralette in a single color and add loads of dimension with lots of chunky silver junk jewellery! Go for a boho hairstyle and nothing can stop you from becoming the style diva you always wanted to be!


7. Self Color Tube Top

Self Color Tube Top

The ‘tube top and saree’ look can be aced easily! Cut away a fragment of your single color saree and ask your tailor to just add an ornate border to make it into a beautiful tube top that matches your saree like a dream!


8. With Hand Woven Jamdanis

With Hand Woven Jamdanis

There are some sarees that inevitably look more sleek, sophisticated and glamorous with sleeveless blouses. Hand woven jamdanis are one such type of saree that look great with sleeveless blouses in the same color! The look created speaks of glamour and class!


9. With Kasavu Sarees

With Kasavu Sarees

Like the royal hand woven Jamdanis, Kasavu sarees from Kerala look exceptionally well with the sleeveless blouse style! While pairing golden blouses with Kasavu sarees is a cult favourite, using contrast shades like green or red work very well too!


10. Sleeveless Blouses for the Pre Wedding Look

Sleeveless Blouses for the Pre Wedding Lookmaharaniweddings

Pair an ornate skirt with an embellished sleeveless blouse in a contrast shade for all those pre-wedding functions or photo shoots for which you need to click great pictures! The look is ethnic and also has a contemporary appeal.

11. With a Straight Lehenga Skirt

With a Straight Lehenga Skirt

A chalice lehenga or a lehenga skirt with a straight cut is a better companion to a sleeveless blouse or choli, compared to traditional flared and pleated legends skirts. The look thus creates is sleek!

12. With Mermaid or Fishtail Lehenga Skirts

With Mermaid or Fishtail Lehenga Skirts

If you want to pair a sleeveless blouse with your lehenga skirt, go for a lehenga skirt in a unique cut! Mermaid cuts, fishtail cuts, fit-and-flare lehenga skirts etc complement sleeveless blouses better than traditional round or flared lehenga skirts.

13. With the Brocade Lehenga in Sleeveless blouse

With the Brocade Lehenga in Sleeveless blouse

Want to sport the ’sleeveless blouse and lehenga’ look on a wedding? No need to panic! While sleeveless blouses look great in not-so-formal occasions, they can be styled with equal grace in fully ethnic silhouettes as well! This brocade lehenga skirt with an embellished border has been paired with an embellished sleeveless blouse and the dupatta has been pleated and draped in a unique way!

14. Sleeveless Blouse with Lehenga Saree Look

Sleeveless Blouse with Lehenga Saree Look

shyamalandbhumika | Get Started with your Outfit

The useful tip when pairing sleeveless blouses with lehenga skirts is to play around with the draping style of the dupatta. This gold lehenga skirt and blouse comes with a black and gold dupatta that has been draped like a saree pallu. Though this is not a lehenga saree but gives this illusion!

15. Dark Red Back Open Sleeveless Blouse

Dark Red Back Open Sleeveless Blouse

A sleeveless blouse needs to be well tailored. A little bit of bad tailoring can take away from the elegance of the look. By putting the closure mechanism at the back one can achieve a clean and well-fitted look in the front part. Moreover, the closure at the back gives a proper shape to the round cut back design.

16. Adding the Belt Detail

Adding the Belt Detail to sleeveless blouse

This one is a simple white blouse that you can pair with any saree. Tiny bootas are placed all over the blouse. What sets this sleeveless blouse apart is the tie-up belt-like mechanism below. It can simply be used as a style statement. You can also use it to keep your pleated palla in place.

17. Latkan Details in Sleeveless blouse

Latkan Details in Sleeveless blouse

When we think of sleeveless blouses, we run short of ideas for embellishments. Since there are no sleeves, it’s difficult to include detailed or heavy work. In such a scenario, addition of a single element can make a lot of difference. Like adding a latkan detail at the back of your simple sleeveless blouse can make a lot of difference.

18. The Magic of Red & Gold

The Magic of Red & Gold

Though sleeveless blouses don’t much make it to the Indian wedding fashion scenario, you can definitely go for one like this on any of your pre wedding occasions. Pair your heavy saree with a red and gold sleeveless blouse like this one. The gold zardozi and zari work along the neckline is exquisite. The tiny latkan detail at the top of the round slit at the back adds all that glamour.

19. Black and Gold Floral Blouse

Black and Gold Floral Blouse

A single design detail can transform a look. You can dazzle any cocktail party or evening party in a jet black silk saree paired with a blouse like this one. The blouse is plain and simple with just a single line of round floral motifs running all around the neckline – back and front – and on the shoulder straps.

20. The Bow Detail in Sleeveless blouse

The Bow Detail in Sleeveless blouse

A sleeveless blouse with a boat neck and a round opening at the back has been made exquisite by the inclusion of a large bow detail. It not only hides the closure line, it also makes the blouse glamorous enough to be worn with all kinds of heavy sarees.

21. Your Favorite Quote in Sleeveless blouse

Your Favourite Quote in Sleeveless blouse

Team up your favorite contemporary sarees, handlooms and boho print sarees with these new age blouses. Made from handloom cotton, they are perfect for humid and hot weathers. Plus you can add any personal detail like a favourite quote, a dialogue from your favourite film, a proverb etc on the back of these types of sleeveless blouses.

22. The Black Crop Top

The Black Crop Top

thebohobaalika | Get Plus Size Lehenga

If you are apprehensive about getting a sleeveless blouse tailored, then don’t! Yes you read that right. Just fish out the crop tops from your wardrobe and team them with your favourite contemporary sarees. This black sleeveless crop top would go just about with anything.

23. Mashru Halter Blouse

Mashru Halter Blouse

Let’s talk about pairing sleeveless blouses with chiffon, satin and georgette sarees. These sarees give out a sleek and classy vibe and the blouse thus needs to be sleek and stylish as well. Too much of fabric on the blouse can destroy the whole look. This mashru halter back-less blouse with a long time tie-up detail at the back looks great with this printed satin saree.

24. The Chequered Sleeveless Blouse

The Chequered Sleeveless Blouse

This one is a must-have in your wardrobe. You can pair all your single color sarees or your sarees with one tone and ornate borders, with this kind of a blouse. They look extremely modern because of the chequered pattern and may have shoulder bands or just straps. Either way they look very contemporary and classy!

25. Airing With Organza Sarees

Airing With Organza Sarees

Since organza sarees are sheer and almost see-through, it is important that you choose a blouse which looks well-fitted, wrinkle-free and clean. Organza tends to have a ruffled look and does not cling to the body. With such a saree, a well-fitted sleeveless blouse in self color looks extremely beautiful!

26. Single Shade Boat Neck Blouses

Single Shade Boat Neck Blouses

The boat neck cut goes very well the sleeveless style. These blouses usually come is single solid colors that accentuate the cut of the blouse. The back side may be plain without any slit or may flaunt a round or oval cut in the middle. The closure mechanism is usually at the back to give the front a well-tailored, clean and wrinkle-free look. You might pair any of your semi-sheer or see-through sarees with such a sleeveless blouse.

27. The Spaghetti Straps Look in Sleeveless blouse

The Spaghetti Straps Look in Sleeveless blouse


If you have a spaghetti top or a bralette with spaghetti straps, try pairing it with a saree in a contrast shade! Want inspiration? Fashion influencer and Youtuber Komal Pandey nails the look!

28. The Belt in Sleeveless blouse

The Belt in Sleeveless blouse

Contemporary saree styling is all about being “hatke”! This animal print saree has been paired with a black sleeveless blouse flaunting the belt detail. This is no tie-up belt but a proper one with even a metallic buckle detail.

29. The Lacy Detail in Sleeveless blouse

The Lacy Detail in Sleeveless blouse

This one is basically a black elastane crop top with a lacy detail at the back which has been cleverly paired with a grey handloom cotton saree. The thing with crop tops is that they can be mixed and matched with a number of styles. The crop top also flaunts a net detail in the front and would also go well with chiffon or georgette sarees.

30. The Tube Top

The Tube Top

An embellished tube top complements a plain saree really well! With them you can add that tad bit of sensuousness to your look which other simple sleeveless blouse designs lack!

31. Sleeveless Blouse with Lehenga Skirt

Sleeveless Blouse with Lehenga Skirt

If you thought that the sleeveless blouse was only meant for the sarees, think again! Adding a sleeveless blouse with your lehenga skirt adds immense dimension to the otherwise completely ethnic outfit. Such a combination works well for bridesmaids, bride’s friends, wedding guests and even the bride in case of pre-wedding functions.

32. Trunk Tops with Cotton Sarees

Trunk Tops with Cotton Sarees

This is the perfect look for the summer season! Use a cotton trunk top in kalamkari, ajrakh, vegetable dye or bandhni and pair it with a handloom cotton saree. It creates an immensely ethnic, boho and contemporary kind of look!

33. White High Neck Crop Top

White High Neck Crop Top

A high neck, sleeveless white crop top has been used as a blouse with a black and green Bandhani saree! Now that’s called sheer genius!

34. Camisole Style Blouse

Camisole Style Blouse

If you are attending a cocktail party or a corporate event, a chiffon saree is a great choice. Instead of a typical blouse, pair it with a sleeveless camisole-cut blouse. It looks sleek and graceful plus it’s very comfortable!

35. The Simple White Sleeveless Blouse

The Simple White Sleeveless Blouse

If you had to own a single sleeveless blouse, blindly go for a white or off-white one! Make sure it fits well and the straps sit well on your shoulder. A simple white sleeveless blouse goes with just about any kind of saree!


If you still need help with styling sleeveless blouses or if you have set your mind on a particular sleeveless blouse design, look no further! Our designer and team of stylists can help you out! A piece of outfit like a blouse or choli needs to be well-tailored, if not customized uniquely for your body type. GetEthnic does exactly that for you!

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