Indian wedding dress ideas for groom getting married in Summers

Summer Weddings: Groom’s Fashion Decoded


So you are soon going to become a groom! Is the summer heat leaving you half as excited as you should have been? The scorching heat of the summer months is a real concern for all those getting hitched this wedding season! But brides have an advantage over grooms when it comes to different types of wedding wear. For women’s wedding wear, one can play around with fabrics too. But men just can’t wear their typical office linens at any of their wedding functions. Now, don’t get disheartened! Today we will give you ideas on wedding outfits that will keep you cool and comfortable during your summer wedding days. So what to wear for your wedding in summer? Read on to find out more!

Tips to Stay Cool

Did you think that you could escape your wedding planning? That isn’t happening! Like your bride, you too need to sit down with your friends and relatives or a design expert so that you can come out with the best outfits for your summer wedding and related functions. Here are some points to consider while you are at it!

Indian Wedding Dress Ideas for Mens in Summer

Stay traditional: It is always a better option to go for traditional Indian clothing than semi-western or western clothing in summer. This is because Indian fashion allows you to wear loose fits and cuts. If loose fits are incorporated in indo-western or western outfits they tend to give out the “casual” vibe – something that you would like to avoid at your wedding.

Play with Colours: A good thing about a summer wedding is that it allows you to play around with colours – bright hues and pastel shades. A combination of a pastel blue dupatta or sea green waistcoat on a pair of white kurta pajama will not only keep you comfy but will also be a soothing sight for your friends and relatives at a morning function of the wedding.

The Bottom-wear is Crucial: Another great thing about Indian outfits is that you get the chance to choose bottom wear that allow air circulation, keeping you cool. For instance, trousers with western outfits have to fit perfectly. This keeps your legs in a stiff position. On the other hand, with Indian outfits like kurtas and sherwanis, you necessarily do not have to wear a tight churidar. You will look equally good in a pair of wide bottomed pajamas or a salwar. Nowadays men also love to flaunt patialas with their kurtas. So get creative and think of bottom wear that will make you feel super-comfy and make you look like the most handsome groom in town!  

The Waistcoat: A waistcoat has a lot of functions at a summer wedding. First of all in amps up your kurta-pajama look. In other words, it makes you ready for your wedding function without your having to put on heavy jackets and coats. Secondly, you can hide a comfortable cotton kurta underneath a gorgeous waistcoat and look and feel cool – all at the same time. 

The Fabric: No, you can’t wear your plain cotton or linen clothes for your wedding day. But you can use a little bit of wisdom while choosing the fabric of your outfits. Make a mental note of all fabrics that are apt for wedding functions but do not contain blended or synthetic fibres. If you choose hand-woven, unblended, natural fabrics like pure silk, tussar, raw silk, chanderi, jamdani etc you will feel cooler without looking plain.     

The Work: Some of our grooms may not be too happy with poky zaree or sequin work on their outfits. Such work makes the outfit heavier adding to the summer discomfort. So we suggest you choose the work on your outfit accordingly. Some intricate designs that will make you look and feel cool and classy at the same time are Lucknow chikankari work or pure silk Benarasi brocades.

Some Wedding Dress Ideas You Can Choose From For Your Summer Marriage

We thought if we could work out some outfit ideas for you, it will be easier for you to decide what kind of wedding attires you want to flaunt. Also, you can take inspiration from these ideas and create your own customized outfits. Don’t trust your tailor with that? Keep reading until we reveal in the end how you can get your own customized wedding wardrobe in the easiest way possible.

We will be dividing these looks function-wise so that it is easier for you to compile outfits for each function.

Engagement Day

         Love your western clothing? This is the day to flaunt it. Engagement parties are usually held indoors in air-conditioned surroundings. Hence you do not need to worry about the heat. Wear a wedding suit in classic colours like brown, grey or navy and make sure to set a perfect first impression.

         A long bandhgala suit or a pathani kurta in a cotton based fabric is also a great option. Do not go for much glitter and zari on this day. Such kurtas in solid colours will work wonders making the outfit much lighter and putting across an impression of seriousness. Remember that an engagement party is a formal occasion.

         A rajwadi kurta suit is a lightweight outfit but also very apt for the engagement day.

         If you just want to quit a heavy outfit for your engagement day, create a statement by going for the ‘print on print’ style of fashion which has been in vogue for a few months now. In this case, you need to pair a printed kurta with another printed jacket. However, the bottom-wear should be in solid colour. If you can carry this style well, even in lightweight fabrics like cotton, linen, rayon or raw silk, you will be the talk of the party. However, compiling such an outfit is a tricky job and you should expert seek advice for the same.


         This is a day for dance. Therefore, you need to extra careful while choosing your outfit for a summer sangeet. We suggest go for a sherwani cut solid colour kurta in a lighter fabric like a mix of linen and silk threads and pair it with a pair of dhoti pants of the same colour. To glamorize the look wear a benarasi brocade jacket in a contrast colour.

         Sangeet is such a function where you can go a bit overboard with your fashion. If you are someone who likes to try out new things, we suggest you go for a Mughal inspired flared kurta-churidar with a gown style embroidered jacket on top with cuts in front and on the sides. You do not have to go for heavy fabrics for this look.

         Owing to the unique cut of the angrakha style kurtas, they end up creating a statement even if they are worn in less glossy fabrics like cotton. Go for one in embroidery and pair a set of dhoti pants with it.

  Haldi Ceremony

         It is a day function. Hence, the sun is another guest. Keeping yourself cool is, therefore, the first priority. So on this day, you can reach out for all your cotton or linen kurtas. Go for bright pastel shades as these look great in summer. If it is not too hot, you can even pair your kurta pajama with an ethnic jacket.

         Patterned kurta-pajama sets look great during the haldi ceremony. It sends out the message that you have put some thought into your outfit. Go for a lighter shade as the base colour. You may keep the patterns simple by even going for something as plain as a textured fabric. Summer is a season for colours. Thus some grooms even like to wear bright floral patterns on their light coloured kurtas for the haldi ceremony.

         Want to flaunt that effortless look that speaks class – choose a chikankari kurta with intricate hand embroidered details. Only traditional outfits such as these make you feel cool and look hot at the same time. Chikankari kurtas are available in numerous light pastel shades like blue, peach, yellow etc which will also be a welcome break from the white ones.

Wedding Night or Reception

         If you are north Indian you just can’t ditch the sherwani on your wedding or reception night. It will be outright blasphemy to do so. Instead, you can do a few things that will make you feel a little light. Choose a lighter, light-reflecting colour like beige, gold etc. Get rid of the dupatta! Get your sherwani made in pure silk material as it will make you feel much cooler than fabrics made up of fibres that have synthetic blends. Experiment with the bottom-wear and get your sherwani paired with a pair of dhoti-style pants or a pair of jodhpurs pants instead of the tight churidar.

         If you are a south Indian groom, you are sorted as you will be wearing a mundu for your wedding. Even if you are not from the south, you can emulate this look. Get a mundu made in silk as the fabric gives more structure to the outfit. Pair it with a shirt-style kurta of some rich pure fabric. Mundus are traditionally white. You can also wear them in beige, cream or off-white.  

         East Indian grooms have an advantage as traditionally they are expected to appear in dhotis. Dhotis are lightweight, made with pure tussar fabric and allow the passage of air. You too can try wearing a tussar dhoti and pair it with a lightweight embroidered tussar kurta. Probably this is the best wedding outfit for summer.

Post-wedding functions

         It is after the wedding that you can really relax and go back to being yourself. You can now reach out for your linen shirts and trousers. Make sure that they are well-tailored and fit you smartly. To add that extra dose of glamour, you can pair it with a colourful waistcoat.

         Ombre kurtas with jackets and trousers are currently in vogue. Owing to the fact that they are available in light colours and cotton or linen fabrics, they are appropriate for those days when you have visited your relatives with your partner.

         An achkan is an Indo-Persian style of the kurta. It is basically a knee-length coat-style kurta usually paired with a churidar. An achkan in a piece of light fabric is the classiest way to dress up for a post-wedding function.


Though we have listed out numerous styles for men who will be becoming grooms this summer, there are numerous other ways in which they can dress up too. Men’s fashion may seem simple but in reality, that is not the case. Men’s fashion needs to be designed keeping various restrictions in mind. Moreover, compared to women’s fashion, men’s fashion suffers from a dearth of types of outfits. Thus it is highly recommended that if you are about to become a groom this summer, instead of taking the responsibility of choosing your outfits on your shoulders, take help of an expert. At Get Ethnic, we have a group of in-house stylists and fashion experts who can help you out. Moreover, we have a huge collection of readymade menswear for the wedding season. We procure our fabrics from original sources thus you can trust us with their purity. So think no further and get in touch with us for an apt, gorgeous and customized wedding wardrobe for your upcoming summer wedding.


With rising temperatures, summer Indian weddings are synonymous with the lack of fashion. But there are ways in which you can dress up to look your coolest and beat the heat at the same time. Though brides too need expert advice to plan summer wedding outfits, today we will concentrate on the groom. Men’s fashion is trickier than women’s fashion and needs more attention. First, we will talk about all the factors that need to be checked in order to design and create outfits that are summer friendly. Then we will give you function-wise outfit ideas so that you can get inspiration from them to create your own outfits. You may also seek our customized expert advice for the best wedding outfits for you.

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