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50 Pakistani Bridal Lehenga that Will Blow Your Mind

Pakistani brides symbolize elegance, glamour, beauty and grace! The Pakistani bridal look means larger-than-life lehengas, lehenga gowns, elaborate jewellery, meticulously done make up etc. The Pakistani bride looks beautiful and ethereal! The outfits for Pakistani brides are at once modest and glamorous.

Apart from traditional lehengas, Pakistani brides wear a lot of lehenga dresses or gowns, longer cholis, kurtas on lehenga skirts etc. Let us today check out 50 Pakistani bridal looks and lehengas that can easily be termed as the ‘poetry of fashion’.

1. Metallic Magenta Lehenga Gown

Metallic Magenta Pakistani Bridal Lehenga GownGet Custom Made Bridal Lehenga

This magenta, gold and green bridal attire can be called a lehenga gown. It has an anarkali-style flowing skirt with an angarakha bodice. The outfit is paired with a stunning rust colored dupatta with gotta work.


2. Embellishment Magic Pakistani Bridal Lehenga

Embellishment Magic Pakistani Bridal Lehengauycollection1

This Pakistani bride is flaunting a heavily embellished lehenga gown in dark pink and gold with a dark green dupatta.


3. The Lehenga and the Jacket

The Lehenga and the Jacket - Pakistani Bridal Lehenga

The bride wears a heavily embellished lehenga. Silver zari, stones, beads, crystals etc have been used on a light orange fabric. The blazer-style jacket is fully embellished and definitely the most eye-catching aspect of the outfit.


4. Gold Toned Glamour Pakistani Bridal Lehenga

Gold Toned Glamour Pakistani Bridal Lehengaprive_lux

This dark gold tissue lehenga is high on the embellishment scale. In fact, the gold zari and sequin work on the tissue fabric creates a surreal and magical look.

5. Out-worldly Maroon-ed

Out-worldly Maroon-ed

Another gorgeous Pakistani bridal lehenga gown! This one comes in a cool maroon tone and is heavily embellished that makes it larger-than-life!

6. Pastel Panache – Pakistani Bridal Lehenga

Pastel Panache Pakistani Bridal Lehengafaizanabidofficial

This Pakistani bride is sporting a subtle yet gorgeous bridal look! She wears a lehenga with a long cape style top wear! The lehenga is in a subtle pastel blue shade. The matte gold embellishments are also kept moderate!


7. Pakistani Bride in Green

Pakistani Bride in Green

This stunning emerald green and gold Pakistani bridal lehenga comes with a kurta instead of a choli. There is zari work, gotta work and even gold sequin and stone embroidery.


8. Subtle Colors

Subtle Colors

This Pakistani bride wears a peachy pink pastel lehenga with exquisite embroidery but that too in subtle tones. The veil-like net dupatta adds to the grace of the outfit. Checkout more of Pink Bridal Lehengas.


9. Rust and Gold Pakistani Bridal Lehenga

Rust and Gold Pakistani Bridal Lehengasanamemon

This Pakistani bride wears a rusty red and gold toned lehenga with a long jacket. The whole look has a prominent gold undertone. The zari and sequin work is immaculate!


10. Yellow for the Bride

Yellow for the Bridebridesandbrides

A unique color for a Pakistani bridal lehenga but impressive nonetheless! The golden yellow hue along with the golden embellishments warm up the complexion of the bride, who looks ravishing in this bridal outfit. Checkout more of Yellow Bridal Lehengas.


11. The Embellished Kurta

The Embellished Kurta - Pakistani Bridal Lehengairfanahson

This Pakistani bride wears a lehenga in a warm tone of red topped with a peachy red embellished kurta! The heavy embellishments are in a matte metallic shade!


12. Yellow Glow Pakistani Lehenga

Yellow Glow Pakistani Lehengaweddingsbyuzair

This bride wears a true yellow tone lehenga with a full-sleeve long choli. The golden zari work goes really well with the yellow color. The pink blossoms on the lehenga form a beautiful contrast!


13. Subtle Colors

Subtle Colorspakbridals

This pastel mint green lehenga with baby pink border and sleeveless choli looks really different – mainly because of the embellishments! This lehenga does not have bright gold and silver zari work but matte metallic sequin work and the use of beads, stones, pearls and crystals. It is heavily embellished but not blingy!


14. Velvets and Zari

Velvets and Zariambreenmakeup

This Pakistani bridal lehenga uses dark maroon velvet, glossy metallic fabrics, zari embroidery and exotic patterns to create this ethereal bridal look!


15. Contrasting with White

Contrasting with White


This dark navy Pakistani bridal lehenga comes with a kurta instead of a choli and flaunts exotic floral embroidery in zardozi work! What also stands out is the white dupatta that forms a contrast!


16. Flared and Gorgeous

Flared and Gorgeous

This maroon Pakistani bridal lehenga dress is fit for the queens. The flare of the skirt is eye-catching along with the exceptional craftsmanship showcased through the gold zari embroidery all over the dress. Checkout more of Maroon Bridal Lehengas.


17. Elegant in Grey

Elegant in Greybridalphotography_

It is a rule that not-so-bright colors always end up looking more elegant. This Pakistani bridal lehenga dress is in a shade of grey. The exquisite and dense floral embroidery in metallic threads gives a textured look to the outfit.


18. The White Lehenga

The White Lehengakhadijabatoolofficial

White Bridal lehenga with silver is a heaven-made match! And this Pakistani bridal ensemble uses this fact to its full advantage! The bodice has a traditional cut inspired from Mughal kurtas and the skirt has exquisite silver patchwork near the hemline!


19. The Beauty of Black and Gold

The Beauty of Black and Goldhamzacouture

A black velvet embellished tunic has been paired with a matte gold skirt with gold sequin and zari work. The dupatta is also black in color with a gold ornate border.


20. Cream Wedding Pakistani Bridal Lehenga

Cream Wedding Pakistani Bridal Lehengathe.photoneers

This cream color Pakistani bridal lehenga is low on embellishments but high on grace. Gold zari embroidery has been used appropriately!


21. Jacket Style Lehenga

Jacket Style Lehengaraniazarastudio

Neutral tones are a hit with Pakistani brides. This light beige, almost cream toned lehenga also flaunts detailed embroidery and a fusion cut. It comes with a long line embellished jacket. Checkout more of Jacketed Lehengas.


22. The Flare of Beauty

The Flare of Beautydulhan_dressess

Putting it simply, this Pakistani bridal lehenga dress is ‘larger-than-life’. The light peach fabric is extensively embroidered in silver sequin and zari work. The embroidery also uses stones and pearls.


23. Celestial in White

Celestial in Whitezahakhalid_

This Pakistani bride wears an off-white anarkali style dress over a lehenga skirt. The outfit flaunts gold zari embroidery with crystals and sequins.


24. Light Beige Bridal Dress

Light Beige - Pakistani Bridal Lehenga


This bridal lehenga comes in the lightest shade of beige. Silver sequin and stone embroidery is showcased. The bodice flaunts embroidery on net.

25. Jacket Style Bridal Dress

Jacket Style Bridal Dress


Dark midnight blue and lavender bridal dress comes with a heavily embellished jacket. Dense sequin and stone embroidery is also showcased.


26. Vintage Love

Vintage Love


This off-white and gold vintage-style Pakistani bridal lehenga personifies elegance. Gold sequins and pearls have been used to adorn the lehenga. The use of fresh roses as accessories enhance the whole look.


27. Light Blue Net Lehenga

Light Blue Net Lehenga

Gold sequin and pearl embroidery on this light powder blue fabric makes this Pakistani bridal lehenga exceptionally elegant. If that was not enough, its unique style sets it apart. A flared net extension with gold embroidery is attached to the bodice that flows over the flared lehenga skirt.


28. Red with Silver Pakistani Bridal Lehenga

Red with Silver Pakistani Bridal Lehenga


This Pakistani bridal lehenga dress combines a cool toned red fabric with silver zari work, sequin, stone and crystal embroidery. Checkout more of Red Bridal Lehengas.


29. Color Contrast

Color Contrast Pakistani Lehenga


This Pakistani bridal lehenga is beautifully color contrasted. A gold, fully embellished full-sleeve choli has been paired with a pleated A-line lehenga skirt in rust orange. The skirt has tiny sequin bootis all over and an embellished hemline. This has been grouped with a dark green dupatta embroidered in gold.


30. Of Gold and Rust

Of Gold and Rust


This gorgeous combination of rust orange tissue and gold zari embroidery is exceptional. The tissue fabric is as glossy as the gold zari. This bridal lehenga showcases thread work, tila and mirror work. Checkout more of Gold Lehengas.


31. Lavender Bliss

Lavender Bliss


Another stunning neutral Pakistani bridal lehenga! This one also comes in tissue fabric which has a lavender undertone. It is hand embroidered in silver threads, zari and sequins.


32. Beige Splendour

Beige Splendour


With Indian or Hindu brides, neutral shades in bridal wear have still not come into the mainstream. But Pakistani brides seem to love shades like beige. This bride wears a heavily and fully embellished lehenga in beige. You can get this gorgeous bridal lehenga matched with Sherwani which is of similar color and embroidery.


33. Ash-Toned Pakistani Lehenga Gown

Ash-Toned Pakistani Lehenga Gown


This ash-toned white lehenga dress is reminiscent of Christian bridal gowns! Pears, stones, crystals, fur and silver sequins have been used to adorn this dress.


34. Peach Net Pakistani Bridal lehenga

Peach Net Lehenga


This bride wears a peach skirt embellished in stones, crystals and sequins in neutral tones. It is topped with a long net kurta which is heavily embellished.


35. White Zari Lehenga

White Zari Pakistani Lehenga


This beautiful white Pakistani bridal lehenga is in a celestial shade of white. Zari and mirror work add a glamorous yet subtle look.


36. The Lightest of Lilacs Pakistani Bridal Lehenga

The Lightest of Lilacs Pakistani Bridal Lehenga


If colors could be described as tender, this one is the tops them all! This Pakistani bridal lehenga comes in the lightest shade of lilac and is adorned with sequin and thread and zari embroidery.


37. Blues for the Wedding

Blues for the Wedding


The lightest of powder blues – a unique but beautiful color choice for brides. This lehenga style dress is adorned in exquisite embroidery using zari in gold, pearls, stones and beads in neutral tones and a bright shade of red!


38. White & Red Pakistani Bridal Lehenga

White & Red Pakistani Bridal Lehenga


This one is unique! The white peplum or half anarkali style kurta is in white with zari and thread embroidery. The skirt is in a bright red shade and flaunts matte gold thread embroidery.


39. Dull Grey Glamour

Dull Grey Glamour


As Pakistani bridal lehengas are usually heavily embellished, they look exceptionally beautiful when in neutral or dull tones. For instance, this dull grey lehenga dress flaunts all-over embellishments in delicate silver zari and sequin embroidery.


40. Of Reds and Golds

Of Reds and Golds


The most outstanding aspect of this Pakistani bridal attire is the fact that the age-gold combination of red and white has been used in a unique way! A neutral tone of gold is used in excess while the use of red is balanced.


41. Lilac Undertones

Lilac Undertones


This Pakistani bridal lehenga dress may look like one in a neutral tone but the net fabric has lilac undertones. The sequin, stone and bead embroidery in a neutral shade makes it look beautiful in an Elysian way!


42. Light Brown with Neutral Tones

Light Brown with Neutral Tones


Another spectacular Pakistani bridal lehenga dress! This one comes in the lightest shade of brown, almost beige topped with embellishments in neutral tones with white, silver etc.


43. Warm Reds Pakistani Bridal Lehenga

Warm Reds Pakistani Bridal Lehenga


This warm red lehenga dress is adorned in zari embroidery and thread work.


44. Red and Gold Lehenga Dress

Red and Gold Lehenga Dress


In India, the red bridal attire is very common! Though not so common in Pakistan, red is still a loved color when it comes to the Pakistani bridal attire. This one is a traditional red and gold lehenga dress!


45. Exquisite Zari Work in Pakistani Bridal lehenga

Exquisite Zari Work


Inspired from the lehengas worn by Mughal princesses, this dark red and gold Pakistani bridal lehenga is exceptionally beautiful! The choli is modestly cut and slightly longer. The whole attire boasts exquisite gold zari embroidery.


46. Pastel Red Perfection

Pastel Red Perfection


Zari embroidery, mirror work, gotta work and sequin embroidery adorns the lower part of this lenenga skirt. The choli is embellished too!


47. Romantic Reds

Romantic Reds


This Pakistani bridal lehenga is in a warm and deep tone of red. Coupled with that the intricately embroidered floral motifs in gold zari, the boat neck and full sleeves of the blouse make the outfit really classy and beautiful!


48. Floral Zardozi – Pakistani Bridal Lehenga

Floral Zardozi - Pakistani Bridal Lehenga

This cool toned red Pakistani bridal lehenga showcases zardozi embroidery in gold. The floral patterns look heavenly!


49. Bridal Skirt with Kurta

Bridal Skirt with Kurta


The bridal red lehenga skirt comes with big gold motifs all over. It is topped with a red heavily embellished kurta with a long slit down the centre from the waist level.


50. The Trailing Dupatta

The Trailing Dupatta


In the most unique shade of light mossy green, this Pakistani bridal lehenga dress is adorned with silver sequins, stones, beads, crystals and glossy thread work! The most arresting aspect is the dupatta, draped over the head of the bride, designed to form an elegant trail behind her! The dupatta is elegantly crafted with lace and net at the hemline.

Muslim weddings in Pakistan is as grand as Indian wedding. If you are inspired by these larger-than-life, heavily embellished lehengas and lehenga dresses, get in touch with us! The main factor that makes these bridal ensembles exceptionally beautiful is the elegance of the cut and the unique colors used! So, suiting your body type, skin tone and preference we will create the Pakistani bridal lehenga specially customized for you!

Checkout Sample File which has sketches, embroidery and swatch samples.


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