How to personalize your Bridal Lehenga? Wedding Lehenga De-coded!!

The phrase goes – “marriages are made in heaven”.  Marriages connect the deepest chords between two families who associate with love and affection through this beautiful institution of our society. Especially as Indians, we are all very emotional and religious when it comes to marriages. It not only connects two individuals but also their respective families who were somewhere strangers to each other before the occasion. So, we always try to make the occasion extra special through rituals and customs. The current generation also wants to try some different things to make their marriage memorable for their families and friends. In this process choosing the best bridal outfit and jewellery is very important to all ‘would-be’ brides.

“Every person has their own sense of style when it comes to fashion for the wedding season. Brides should always choose their wedding dress carefully so that it reflects their personality and style; some spunk should also be added to make it stand out. The bridal lehenga is one of the most crucial parts that need to be chosen very wisely. We live in a time of personalization! Every need of ours is getting ‘tailor-made’ according to our choices. The days when the brides used to wear the same old type of lehenga are gone! ”


So all the dear brides-to-be, if you are still unsure of what you should wear or are trying out too many options to find the perfect wedding lehenga – we are here to provide some useful tips to personalize it, which will surely make any woman green with envy and help you look really stunning. Remember, your wedding lehenga speaks about your journey of love on your D-day.

Recognize your body type

While choosing the lehenga, all brides must follow some basic steps. The primary point is to identify and think about the body type you have. It is a known fact that outfits can be customised based on body types. Most of the lehengas you will find in the market today are tailored based on the predominant assumption that Indian women have curvy body-type. This is not the truth! So it is important that you consult a designer, a tailor or a store to be able to know which lehenga will flaunt your figure the best. As today most of the wedding designers are coming up with new and innovative collections which suit different body type as well like tall, skinny, athletic, petite, plump, rounded etc, it would be a wise decision to study those and identify a prototype while planning. Then only contact your designer to customize the outfit to suit your figure as well as comfort levels.

Identify your colours

Indian skin displays a variety of colours – you may be light, very light, dark, olive, yellow, cool toned, warm-toned etc. That is the beauty of Indian women. To be able to flaunt this beauty, you not only have to choose the correct shade of foundation for your wedding functions but also the correct colour or combination of colours for your bridal lehenga. Skin colour is something that you should always embrace and never think about it as a negative point. Every colour is beautiful and the modern bride should not allow traditional colours like red, orange etc to rule her bridal wardrobe. Pastel shades with a combination of silver and gold are in vogue today. Women today prefer to carry unconventional shades like mauve and olive green on their wedding days. Remembers the grey bridal Sabyasachi sharara-lehenga Kareena Kapoor walked the ramp in? So choose a colour that makes you glow and look happiest.

Choose the right length for your height

Most Indian women come is petite power-packed forms. But bridal lehengas available in the market usually are designed keeping in mind tall frames. While choosing the bridal lehenga, pick the right length because it can make or break the overall look. Though we use the word ‘length’, we refer both to length & shape. Good bridal designers play around with fabrics, materials, textures, cuts etc to add or deduct those extra inches to your frame as and when required. So, the struggle to find the right lehenga for your height is not that difficult a task. Just follow the current trends, go through the Instagram profiles of some fashion influencers and you will know just what to tell your designer or your tailor to do.

Choose your jewellery with care

The look of your lehenga depends a lot on the jewellery. Thus your jewellery should compliment your lehenga. Figuring out the right set of jewellery is an unavoidable move. Many brides make one mistake – they buy their jewellery before they select their lehenga. This would pose a problem because if not coordinated, the jewellery may outshine the lehenga or the lehenga may fail to flaunt the intricacy of the jewellery. If you are planning to wear ancestral jewellery then you must sit down with your designer and decide upon the design and fabric for the lehenga so that your whole look does not seem dated. If you choose to keep the jewellery minimal, then look for a lehenga with details that are intricate though not overpowering. Heavier jewellery should be worn with a simplistic lehenga in rich colour and fabric.

Ensure exclusivity

This tip requires no explanation. While personalizing your bridal lehenga you can always include an element that will make it stand out from others. You need to decide on that exclusive element with your designer. This additional factor can make your outfit extra special and make it worth remembering. But you have to be careful. Adding this element should look natural to you. You have to carry it with full confidence and grace. It should not look forced or imposed. Thinking what it should be? Simple things like a latkan or a potli or even a beautiful dupatta in a contrasting shade can do the job.

Ensure Your True Taste

Apart from choosing that factor which will add exclusivity to your bridal lehenga it is also important for brides to reflect their distant style. So, when the time comes, personalizing your bridal lehenga to reflect your taste and choice is the true meaning of personalizing it. We suggest you pick the lehenga which dictates your nature and personality. If you are a free-spirited woman choose a flowing one with abstract or non-traditional designs and if you love being delicate and classy then choose a warm tone of colours like maroon, golden pastels, pure white or may be a classy red. The reason for being true to your inner style and taste is to stay away from copying the styles of the pages of the wedding magazine. So, whatever you choose or pick it must depict your own taste.

Text it up

A great and modern way to personalize your bridal lehenga is to stitch some textual element into it. This trend has become extremely popular with brides nowadays. Adding a quote or some text representing your journey of love will render your bridal outfit timeless.

Though there are several ways of depicting your feelings or expressions, doing it on your bridal lehenga will make it stand out. The matter that you embroider on your outfit must carry some significance to your wedding or the journey you and your partner have undergone or have even decided to undertake.

Remember one thing – you should not get carried away by the want of including irrelevant information. This might get unnoticed or even look over the top. Also, you need to think about putting some unique detail about your journey. Please do not Google a quote and put it on your lehenga.

[bigletter custom_class=””]In addition to this, we take the opportunity to suggest some of the innovative ways to ink your unique details on your bridal lehenga to make it extra special and worth preserving for the rest of your life.[/bigletter]

  • Get your proposal etched on your lehenga. Ask your designer to embroider those special lines which you want to remember forever.
  • Engrave your names on your lehenga. If you can write the name of your partner in the mehndi on your palms then why the wedding outfit should be left out? This will be both unique and special. Such a lehenga has the capability of bringing back the memories of various things.
  • Get your wedding date engraved on your lehenga. In the life of any person, his or her wedding date is of utmost importance – it is at once very emotional and special.
  • Though it is a meticulous and time-consuming task, etching your journey of love through designs and figures on your lehenga will take it to a whole new level and give it a class and timelessness that can’t be described in words. This obviously involves a much higher cost. You may also choose one or a few incidents with your partner that is worth the attention!
  • If both of you make up the poetic type of couple, get some of your creations written on your wedding outfit. You may even include your partner’s love notes or proposals on your bridal lehenga.

Trust Aesthetics

Adding a textual element or otherwise may be a bold step. You may not be very comfortable with the same but that does not mean that your lehenga will be more or less, a version of the same thing most brides wear. So what is the solution? Trust the expertise, knowledge and skills of a designer, a stylist, or a tailor who knows how to use sheer aesthetics or art to turn simple fabric into an exquisite lehenga. You always don’t have to be bold in order to look beautiful! Art is what plays the most important role. A good designer or bridal store – online or otherwise – constantly researches the prevalent trends, the timeless styles and the fashion needs of the hour. Using this knowledge and experience, these styles should be utilised to suit your figure, complexion etc to give you a bridal lehenga that would look as if it was made only for you.

So, spending time on deciding a customized design would be a wise thing to do and it should be taken into consideration from the beginning of the planning process. Though you may find local expertise or talent who can help you decide on the perfect bridal outfit, it will be very rare. Besides, in these busy hours when you have to engage in a thousand things, plan your wedding, along with managing your job and running daily errands, you will not get to spend such a lot of time on your lehenga.

So, what do you think what is the most important aspect for you when it comes to your Bridal Lehenga ?

Though the above factors are important to personalize your bridal lehenga sometimes finding the right designer or stylist becomes a Herculean task. The budget is also a factor to consider. To have your exact requirement the budget can go up or out of your planning. Not everyone can afford to employ the famous bridal designers for their wedding outfit. So while choosing your dream bridal lehenga you must think about the cost factor in the beginning. The kind of design or elements that you need or want and on what type of material should be picked wisely according to your budget. We suggest that you look for a store, preferably online and you can get endless customisation options. Besides you must consult an expert to take their opinion and especially when it comes for free!! and their elite designers who offer not only free consultation but also free sample file which contains fabric swatches, embroideries and sketches. You can make your choices, sitting at home, using your laptop or phone. Hard to believe? Trust us! In this way, you not only get your hands on that personalized lehenga you always wanted but also save up on a lot of time and energy.

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